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Sadly i do fall asleep watching it and can hardly recall anything from it either really, only what seems a bit odd or else I find myself thinking-”surely that’s not right,is it?” It used to be such a pleasure but now it's just a trial to watch. Monty rambles on & contradicts his own advice e.g. only hold seedlings by their leaves & then holds them by their stalks!And all those wall hanging trowels & other tools, so many of which are new & shiny, does he collect them maybe? there seems to be so many and all similarly displayed, surely a contradiction in terms regarding his constant referrals to recycling? Plus it's distracting. Why do it anyway and so repeatedly? Carols' close-ups on her series, were of seed heads,perrenial instruction dividing & her garden Robin. Her garden also looked wonderful all through the seasons. Montys' garden looks bleak i'm afraid, where is all the spring colour etc? If it wasn't for Carol, well i'm not sure what would be left. Such a shame :(
We have cancelled our Gardeners World mag subscription,removed the t.v. recording link and will no longer be watching G.World. Monty is a disaster, apols but it has to be said. When i think of the comparison between Carol Kleins garden series, Alys's garden series,Chris Beardshaws Flying Gardener series and Tobys Greenacres and of course Christine Walkendons wonderful series with the late dear Reg her neighbour - well i am actually speechless.... there simply is no comparison. This series is awful. I watched it for the last time last Friday, i was prepared to give it a go as all new presenters deserve time to settle in etc., but i have had enough now. Contradictory advice,gloomy garden presentation,lecture presenting style (why?),endless closeups of tools & strange camera angles,Rachel wandering aimlessly around gardens that we don't actually get to see as it's mostly close-ups of her! yes she's lovely but this a gardening programme or supposed to be - i'll stop for fear of going on now, Monty style. It is all so very disappointing. We will wait and look forward to Alan on his new programme in June.
Abysmal- nothing else to be added really,just abysmal. What a waste of time & effort. I cringe at the messed up theme tune. Groan at the strange garden tool close- ups and find myself shouting at the tele regarding Mr D's incorrect advice- yet again!!!! I have done 4 gardening courses now plus a design qualificaton & feel that Mr D should also take a course or two, as his advice is very often quite wrong. I was actually asking myself last Friday, does Rachel wear mascara or not? during yet another of her closeup camera shots. I am supposed to be watching for the gardening for heavens sake! But then again what gardening? Plonking into the ground un-watered perennials ino a Jewel Garden?.... oh yes we all have those don't we? & i would never get out into my garden by the time i had made up my mind just which trowel to use for the day from his collecton. What on earth is it all about eh? and don't get me started on his pruning and seedling handling. I open my garden to the public every year during the summer and it takes a lot of effort & sheer hard work to keep it looking nice and yes it is large,1 1/2 acres, but even i don't have that many trowels! I have 2- 1 normal size & 1 narrow for er narrow trowel work. Sieves- i have 1,Compost Heaps -oh i mustn't start on compost- Monty & his compost, oh please! It will be very interesting to see what happens with this series. Don't think there will be many viewers left to be interested any way actually.
I have to agree with the last 2 comments on here. Gardeners World is abysmal now whereas i used to adore it. I have met Rachel a couple of times now at the NEC and yes she is beautiful and really very nice, but i think she is misplaced currently. Monty has had his day & the BBC need to realise this. I have also met him and he is a nice man also but just does not come across as fit for purpose(Gardeners World lead man)on camera-some people just don't. It's just the way it is. Charlie Dimmock was fab as part of a garden make-over team with Alan & Tommy but it didn't work when she was lead lady in Charlies Army as she struggled presenting also. It's that X-Factor thing i guess. Alans new show will steal the limelight that's for sure. I for one will be with that show not Montys. He is not for me.
I agree, Monty is not suitable as Gardeners World lead man. It's as simple as that. I wathced it just the once and that was enough, terrible really terrible. I felt depressed after watching and def not inspired. if it wasn't for his dogs occasional image pottering about, dunno what i would have thought, i fell asleep as well! much to the missus'(apols spelling!) amusement. Those poor apple trees & chitting in the sunlight! my dear old dad would have had something to say about that. Such a shame. Used to be a damned fine programme.


Just having my afternoon break cuppa & popped on to here for a nosy & oh dear! Have to agree though with the overall majority of comments, Monty is not right for this programme.
Bought my copy of May's Grow Your Own today as I love to grow my own veg, (well, as much as my tiny garden will allow), and to my delight I read that Alys Fowler is joining the team. Am really looking forward to reading her articles each month. Let's hope she's back on our screens soon too. Blighty showed the first Toby Buckland Gardener's World show the other day. Really enjoyed watching it. His enthusiasm was really infectious. Just hope they show the rest of his time on GW. Would be lovely to see him back on our screens again in a show. Maybe he could team up with Alan Tichmarsh on his new show? By the way, when does it go on air? I for one will be tuning in, as I'm sure most people on this blog will be. Sorry, BBC, but that is one choice you cannot make for us viewers- we will be switching over in our droves. BRING BACK THE GARDENER'S WORLD TWO!!!!
For all interested Alan Titchmarshs' new show will be starting on Friday June 10th at 8pm, it will be a 12 show series and each will be 30 minutes long. It is going to be different to Gardeners World apparently-should be interesting and definitely better than what we have now. If googled as - Alan Titchmarsh on t.v in June, the above info + more info regarding the programmes content, is what comes up. Can't wait!! :)
I have become depressed by Monty and his umpteen-acre spread, even Rachel can't cheer me up - it has all become rather precious and elitist. Back to Greenacre, please.....thank heavens we have Beechgrove up here !
I wonder if Monty and his ilk had not been so dogmatically wedded to 100% organic gardening his " jewel garden" would have " become overrun with bindweed" A little sensitively applied Glyphosate would have sorted it out and, as it leaves no residues in the soil, would have had no lasting damage either.
Ratings for last night's show were 2.1 million, down from 2.2 the previous week and 2.4 at the start of the series. No doubt the BBC will deem Monty's return a success as the viewing figures are slightly up on last year, but it doesn't feel right. I tuned in last night, having not bothered the previous week, and it was just so depressing. I have no problem with Monty, but his garden doesn't inspire me and he doesn't inspire me. When Carol came on to wander round yet another garden I switched over. She is so much better giving out her knowledge and experience from her own garden, like last year. Please, BBC, bring back Greenacre and BRING BACK TOBY & ALYS!!!!
Oh no, a presenter who doesn't know how to garden, in a garden the size of which most of us only see when we go to NT houses, plus an ex model who isn't a gardener either. How is that supposed to help amateurs looking for inspiration. A gardening programme should have trained gardeners, like Chris Beardshaw, Toby, Carol Klein, Alys etc. I won't watch it now Monty and Rachel are back. Sorry BBC you've ruined what used to be a lovely and informative programme. Roll on June, when we can all tune in to Alan T's new gardening programme on ITV.


Have really enjoyed the last two years with Toby and Alys. Back to the boring drudgery that is Monty Don. Sorry Monty but you just put me to sleep. There was obviously a lot of support for the "top gear" version of gardeners world so come on BBC, why not have two versions of GW. One for the seasoned gardeners with Monty at the helm and one for those of us who want a fun programme to show us what to do. Chin up Toby, I think you were fantastic!
Toby and Alys were a delight and an inspiration. Their straightforward can-do attitude and personal authenticity has been a joy ... so much so that, rather than watch Monty Don (yawn), I will be out in my garden smelling the roses, enjoying the tomatoes, and drinking a toast to A & T for sharing with us their knowledge, expertise and approach.
just tried catching up with the new series of GW, it's abysmal, how many people have a garden of this size, it's just an ego trip for Monty, won't be bothering again unless they find another programme for Toby and Alys
GW with Toby Buckland and team was always enjoyable,informative and inspiring and was eagerly looked forward to every Friday night.Beginning with nothing more than an empty field,Toby and co. transformed it into a beautiful, colourful and fertile oasis. Everything Toby touched blossomed and grew throughout the seasons,and when you think of Greenacres you think of colour and growth and vitality. Unfortunately, Monty's garden seems to be devoid of colour and life. He is on our screens for less than 10 mins per episode where he actually does very little gardening. As a decent person, I feel the BBC treated Tobey and team in a shockingly bad manner and should make amends by offering them a new show. There is clearly a demand for this as Toby has an enormous fan base - a good knowledgeable gardener, green- fingered and is an all round good bloke.
I have given up GW as Monty is so silly. He is a classic case of intelligent bloke devoid of all commonsense. I will watch again when they put the real gardener back. I do hope Toby is OK and that we will see him again soon.