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I stopped watching monty and gw but when toby and alys presented I started watching again, I loved the hands on approach and their enthusiasm and enjoyment of gardening. will not be waatching it now monty is back, I find it hard to believe this change has been made and many of my friends have said the same.
I am very pleased indeed to see the reurn of Monty Don. He brings both passion and down to earth gardening tips. The previous series with Toby, was basically boring and lacked innovation. Carol is an essential - bringing energy and joy. The only disappointment is not having Alys back. Her more youthful approach and more wacky ideas were very refreshing. However, all in all, I feel that GW is back in safe hands. My parents are in their late 80s - they still manage their own large garden and they are also delighted to see Monty's return. Thank you BBC for the right decision.
Hello Monty, I'm not sure this is the way I should go to do this, but here goes. I saw your programme re Italian gardens last evening and would like to congratulate you on your presentation. I was just enthralled and watched every moment. I felt you were just superb but then I am rather biased as I've aways been a fan of yours. I wish you continued success - though I'm sure its not needed. Well done indeed! Sincerely, Barbara Glover
Feel I must write in reply to do what I can to redress the balance, which is clearly not in Monty's favour. Have been watching GW since Geoff Hamilton had me entranced whilst I was living in a flat and hadn't even got a garden. I was delighted to have Monty back, but clearly I'm in the minority and it seems the nations' gardeners must be heard. Life these days is all about choices. One size no longer fits all. Please BBC think about ways of meeting all the viewers needs, with your range of talented presented there should be room for everyone and with the range of possibilites there should a wider range of programmes. You could start by considering Young Gardeners' needs. :)
Calling all Toby fans.. check out this interview with him via iplayer with Judi Spiers..


Hi Monty I wonder if you can help. My father inlaw is in a mental home for the elderly. With cuts at a high our Elderly unfortunately are not getting a fair deal. There garden needs attention to be adapted to their needs. This unit is home to 24 patients with Dementia. Can you help please Deb
Monty Love your presentation of GW - a breath of fresh air. I garden on an acre of original field (we have been here for 4 years) and am so inspired by what can be achieved. All other gardening programmes cater for the tiny plots of newbuilds and this is sooo needed for those of us with land but limited finances. My favourite part of the garden are a couple of beds made up purely of plants which I have propogated or swapped! I can see the future for my spindly pencil thin limes. Please could someone advise where Monty might have got his beautifully wrapped globe artichokes on the last programme? I would love to buy some as gifts.
Good to see Monty back. Shame Alys and Toby had to go. I feel they were victims of the BBC gimmicks on the last series. It wasn't Toby's fault. He just had to work with the format he was given to work with. Monty would have suffered having to work with that format. This series is definately better but Carol and Rachel don't really seem to do anything, which is a shame as they too are capable of so much more. Carol's segments just seem a waste of space. Get rid and bring back Toby or Alys, actually showing us something useful. Not as bad as some parts of last series but it still seems a little content-lite. Really it's just useful monty stuff and a load of filler in between.
But there isn't any gardening content! It's just Carol Klein & either a Joe or Rachel segment around Montys jewel garden,woody bit & his wheelbarrow/dog trundling along in closeup. There's nothing to be learned & nothing to inspire. I cannot believe that this is it regarding the current Gardeners World programme-this is what we get,end of. I feel like screaming from the rooftops. It's a non-entity of a programme and very very frustrating. Alan Titchmarsh's new programme cannot arrive quickly enough for me. BBC you should be ashamed of yoursleves. Greenacre laid to waste and now this excuse of a gardening series put upon us. I went to buy my amatuer gardening mag today from smiths and could not believe how many G.World mags were still on the shelf. When i asked the till girl how come, she replied it's since Monty took over the programme on the tele unquote. Says it all really :(
Completely agree with Rosielynnes comment here. Just read this blog and i have to say Monty is hopeless all round really, sorry but he is. Gardeners World is going down the pan, as is said, and fast. There is no proper content and it is gruelling to watch-pleasant enough but so lacking in substance and correct gardening instruction. I am a horticultural lecturer and so i do feel qualified to comment here. Such a shame and a waste of time really if i'm honest.
Gw is absolutely rubbish now and I have decided to give it up as I suspect the BBC is trying to get the show to get so bad that we all stop watching . Happily for them they have found the guy for the job. Monty is ignorant on so many points of garden advice and sadly so arrogant that he actually thinks he is right. I also have gardening qualifications and shudder to think what my lecturers would have said if we came out with some of the garbage he does.Toby had the rug pulled from under him and was so badly treated just so the BBC could get Monty the media man on the show again. Shame on the lot of them. I am off to my greenhouse and will only start to watch GW again if they give us a proper gardener again.
Agree entirely with the last two posts. I am a lecturer in horticulture and do find the current Gardeners World dreadful. I enjoyed watching Gardeners World for personal pleasure, but will no longer be doing so as there is no point now, never mind pleaure any more. Monty just drones on with what ever pops into his thoughts. Only proper gardener on this series ( albeit in my opinion) is Carol Klein. How anyone is supposed to learn from Monty, heaven knows. He is simply not suitable for this type of gardening programme. He should be holding workshops in his own grounds, to the paying public who do wish to hear & watch him, but not like this. As an aside, he is also quite incorrect & confusing at times regarding his instruction & advice. How a new gardener copes with this type of gardening instruction i shudder to think. Dreadful waste of time.
Just read this blog & felt compelled to say- i did follow montys advice re seedling handling & they snapped off at the stalks-i now know that that is NOT the way to do it!! Plus i planted my roses his way ( against my grandfathers advice i hasten to add but heyho monty's the expert!) and guess what they are all but the 1 rotting!! So much for expert advice eh? I wil stick with my grandfathers advice in future-which includes "to NOT watch that toff who knows nothing".
Another Friday looming,another Friday that i will not be watching Gardeners World-again.It's not worth it.It's so very sad.Used to love it, now there's nothing to love. So i will settle down with an Alan Titchmarsh Secret Gardens dvd instead as usual & look forward to a garden centre visit on Saturday followed by an afternoon in the garden. I lost my hubby 3 years ago now,how we enjoyed Friday nights G.World. We used to be so inspired. We also enjoyed Toby but now, well there is nothing to inspire & Jon would be shaking his head at the current effort for sure. He was not a Monty fan and neither am i.


Yep another Friday of Monty in his kingdom. Won't be watching it though, had enough.
I've just deleted GW from my "to tape" list. It's sooo boring! Monty Don is probably the most boring presenter I've ever seen on TV! I really miss Toby who was young and dynamic and had a lot of great ideas. I learnt so much from him and Alys and Joe and they all seemed to have fun together - it was fun to watch. Will have to wait til next year - I hope they'll have come to their senses at BBC by then!
Where are the bloody flowers? Not buying plants in? I saw the labels! Bring back Toby!
This is the first week ever that I have purposefully missed watching Gardeners World. It has really gone downhill since the last change of presenters. I will spend next Friday evening doing my own garden
OH MY GOD!!! What on earth was last nights effort all about? Was it just me or was it strange? I sat down looking forward to an hour long special-only it wasn't, not a jot. It was intriguing i'll give it that. Very odd presentation re Monty's segments. If it was wasn't for Carol's segements i would have switched off. I almost forgot it was Gardeners World while her slots were on, but my heart sank as he popped back onto the screen. I really don't get him, no matter how hard i try to. He isn't eloquent in presenting and i find him bizarre at times. I have also tried to watch his Italian series but feel the same way re that as well. He meanders all over the place and it's impossible to follow him after a short while. That was my last attempt last night to keep with Gardeners World.