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Well i tried to watch it last night-last effort, as it was an hour special. Needn't have bothered. I just felt that it was a strange programme somehow and Monty's presentation is getting odder. Carols slots as usual were wonderful, i got lost in them and loved them. I will not be watching any more as it's not enjoyable for me to do so. I feel very sad as i have always avidly watched gardeners world but the love for it has gone. Bye all.
If anyone had tried to plant one of my roses like monty did on last nights show i would have booted them out of my workshop. Does the man actually know how to garden at all? Utter rubbish from him. I feel sorry for Carol Klein being associated with the show.
I am speechless. Last nights presentation was the strangest gardening presentation i have ever witnessed. I just do not understand why Monty Don is heading Gardeners World. He is not suitable at all. I would never ever instruct in the manner that he uses. He rambles and i have to say appears fuddled at times. Very odd. It should be Toby.
Is Monty ok? He came across last night as erm strange. We will not be watching G.World anymore, maybe it's beyond us or whatever it is, we just no longer enjoy it. It isn't for us now.
Bonkers absolutely bonkers! All we have to say in a nutshell. Complete waste of time & licence payers money. Won't say what we all thought regarding his compost feature as we would be blocked... and as for the poor roses, well good luck with that planting style Mr D, you might need it! Jewel garden oh please, we think he just likes saying it coz there's nothing in it to actually admire that's for sure. Cannot believe that we are actually being subjected to such craziness of a gardening series. And poor Carol along side. Its stuff and nonsense and we have switched it off our t.v. recording facilities. RIP Gardeners World.


Never been on this blog before and I don't usually watch gardening programes as I find them "show-manny" and not much about actuall gardening instruction/information. I used to watch Geoff Hamilton and I confess I did watch while Alan Titchmarsh was Head Gardener, so to speak. But after my son directed me to this blog Thursday evening, I had to watch last nights programme out of sheer intrigue. I found it pretty much as the majority of bloggers here are saying i.e. not correctly instructional and definitely not interesting apart from Carol Kleins spots. I also have to agree regarding some of the above comments in so far as Monty does come accross as rather odd at times. Maybe he is verging on The Eccentric, not sure what it is, but Jewel Gardens & Lime Tree Walks does not a gardener make. All rather lacking in content at the end of the day. I also garden on a large estate (my own) & yes I have gardeners to help (couldn't run it without them) and yes we are open to the public, but this Monty chap has aspirations well beyond him I fear, and it shows. It is very evident that the viewing public want an Alan/Toby head-man for Gardeners World. I agree with them wholeheartedly. I fear that it may be too late however. My own head gardener says he would not have Monty on his team as he is "not a team player or suitable gardener for estate gardening" unquote.
Hear Hear re the above post-perfectly put and by someone who clearly knows what they are on about-unlike Mr D on last nights terrible programme. Mr D is not a team player hence him being on his ownsome. Carol,Joe & Rachel never actually set foot on his garden, unlike when it was all filmed in Alans garden & at Greenacre, where they all mucked intogether as yes a team. Says a lot really. Certainly not blooming that's for sure because there wasn't any thing blooming in Montys garden. Carols was glorious as usual regardless of season. Really enjoyed her 2 segements, can't remember about Rachels' - ooer sorry but can't. Won't be watching again i'm afraid, can't be bothered.
just watched last nights effort on i-player,won't be bothering again, complete non-entity.Carol was brill as per usual but Monty is so weird.
Just watched last nights show from my sky planner. Poor Monty i feel sorry for him. He seems out of his depth and is obviously not good at presenting. He really should not be at the helm. I personally think it should be Carol from her garden. The viewing figures would shoot up then that's for sure and we would all get our beloved Gardeners World feeling back again. I also will not be watching it any more as it is no longer enjoyable for me to do so.
Bring back Toby and quickly, with Alys & Carol BBC, or you may be waving bye bye to what once was a flag ship series. We are all trying to tell you.
Cannot believe what has happened to the once great gardeners world. Monty & his jabberwocky presenting style is awful. Can you imagine him lecturing students? no-one would have a clue never mind understand him. I am a student of horticulture and cannot watch him as i find him contradictory and confusing. How on earth did he get to be on gardeners world and as lead gardener?
I am a french student of horticulture studying here in u.k. for couple years. I cannot get with Monty as he is too hard to follow. I could get with Toby. It is shame as gardens world is good yes but Monty is not.
I want some ideas & advice for my allotment and my small town garden not this nonsense. Jewel garden-oh please.
We were hoping for an informative & instructional series as a follow on from Toby at greenacres but clearly this will not be happening. Our small garden is not applicable regarding Monty Dons ways and so we have cancelled our mag subscription & removed from our tele recording faciltiy. You see we do not have a box avenue, a herb garden or a jewel whatever so what is the point? It has to be said that his vast array of gardening tools on display is strange, most of us only have what we actually use not 3 of this & 5 of that. Is he eccentric maybe?
Dear oh dear. Poor old Monty. He should be pottering about in his own garden yes but not for us to see please. Last nights show was cringeworthy, thank god for Carol Klein for without her i shudder to think what would have been left to watch. I cannot watch it anymore nor do i want to.


What on earth has happened To Gardeners World? First time we have watched it in ages as we have been out of the country with work commitments. My husband burst out laughing when Monty started to plant roses & as for the composting lecture-sorry advice, well my green fingered own garden business, father left the room at that point. Where have Toby and his team gone? What on earth is going on? Green Acre was such an inspiration and for gardeners accross the board. If last nights programme is typical of the current series what will gardeners do who are in search of real instruction etc. The presentation was absolutely awful. I ended up pausing it for 10 mins so that i could fast forward to the Carol Klein parts and just did not bother with rest at all.
I am watching G W again,couldn't stand the 'blue peter' style of Toby Buckland and stopped watching. Monty Don has a stunning garden and the passion and enthusiasm to inspire,and so has carol.
I took a phone call during last week's show without saying " I'm actually watching Gardeners' World, can I call you back? " last night night it happened again. I think that speaks volumes. No more shots of the 10 pairs of Felco secateurs I note!
Have not watched since the 1st April when I thought it was a bad taste April falls joke and I think my comments 1078 have been proved right. However, thought a 1 hour program must have something informative so watched on iPlayer last night. Well Mr Dom surpassed all expectation. In any normal company he would have been sacked by now. It is obvious that his garden has not been tended for years and it is a complete fraud. Rather than pretend that Monty knows anything about gardening why didn't the BBC produce a program where Monty asks experts how to bring the garden up to scratch. When and how to plant bare root roses, how to prune trees, how to bring back Buxus from the dead. Obviously not going to happen now as the good gardeners have either been sacked and are working for other networks and the remainder have distance themselves and will not go anywhere near the Joke garden. On a positive note my garden is the best it's ever been now I have spent more time in it rather than watching Gardeners World.
I'm delighted to see Monty recovered and back on GW. He has style and imagination and he and Carol make a great team. It was, however, alarming to see The Don mowing his compost heap. In fact it drove me to a burst of doggerel: Monty had a compost heap In fact he had a few in one he found a toad asleep ('Twas not a frog, he knew) Monty likes to mow his bins To speed the rotting down. Oh dear, among the stalks and skins (And this will make you frown) Some beetles, worms, some slugs and snails May meet the whizzing blade And possibly our Mr Toad, I'm very much afraid.