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Have just treated myself to Toby's new book on flowers, an excellent read as we are currently replanting a very shady border and it's full of useful ideas. What is so terribly sad is that it's a GW special, based on the planting schemes at Greenacre, and must have been planned before the decision was made to axe Toby and in anticipation of a 2011 series based at Greenacre. What a dreadful shame!
I watched Friday's GW as I thought I'd give it another go & was hoping that now Monty has had time to settle back in, the programme format would have changed & would be more informative. Well, I'm certainly not going to mow my compost heap!! And just how many compost heaps does one person require? And where is the colour in the infamous Jewel garden? In fact, where is the colour in any part of the garden? Surely there should be something by now? I mean, it's nearly the end of April! My little garden had more interest in it in December & January! I agree with the comments that say the programme was strange. It really was bizarre. Is Monty ok? I found him very erratic. Seeing as the BBC won't give us back Toby & Alys I think Monty's dog should be made lead presenter. He's the only good thing in the programme. (Plus he's a nice shade of gold adding some colour to the place). I'm sure he'd make much more sense & give much better advice.
If it wasn't for Carol's slots on GW I'd have given up watching this series. I agree with the previous posts. Is Monty ok? He seemed very erratic on Friday night. Can Toby and Alys please have their own series giving friendly, clear advice on seasonal gardening?
I think that something should be done about this series and poor Monty. He not only does not look right he clearly is not. Last Fridays hour long special programme was the strangest presentation of gardening i have ever witnessed. Clearly Carol & Joe/Rachel are distanced from it,they must be relieved. It is odd that they are not actually ever in his garden i have to say. In Alans Barleywood garden and indeed also in Tobys Greenacre it was a team effort. I can't even remember the name of this/Montys garden.There's nothing in it to inspire at all & it all comes over as very bleak. All very strange. I was really looking forward to it on out new H.D. tele but it's just not worth bothering with it truly isn't. So i record it & then fast forward to Carols slots. I used to love G.World, now i would not bother if it wasn't for Carol being on it. Could we not have G.World from Carols' garden with her as Head Gardener? I really enjoyed her series from her garden Glebe Cottage. Isn't it an odd thing to do-mow your compost heap? not very wildlife user friendly surely? He does ramble on also, bless him.
Mad as a hatter! Mowing your compost heaps, and each one looked the same too! Odd way to plant roses as well. In fact all just very odd. Cannot believe that it's on air. Really miss Toby & his team. I would never search out anything Monty for advice. I also find his Italian Gardens tour thing odd too. I watch it with the sound off as he drives me potty with his comments. Facts are fine but some of the things he comes out with are just sorry again-but odd. Gardeners World what have you done?


Went to a local garden centre on Easter Saturday, and had a chat with a garden advisor there who has worked with Monty. Very interesting. Monty is the same to work with as he appears on the box, apparently. Likes his own way, is difficult and also petulant! Why is this not too surprising to be told. He is also not keen on actual gardening instruction facts apparently, preferring to muddle through and learn accordingly. Well that's fine for yourself & i would probably go with that one but not within the bounds of a gardening t.v. series such as Gardeners World. It's somthing that surely comes with experience. Only Monty does not come across as experienced, just someone bumbling along.
Where has the informative and interesting Gardeners World gone? Its dreadful now and not at all like a Gardeners World programme. Wonder what Geoff Hamilton would say? I'm sure Alan & Toby cringe. Their hard worked on programme all gone to pot - potty too actually!! :(
Just popped in from my gardening out of a heavy spring shower, to have a cuppa & see what's happening on here. I've been reading this blog for a few weeks now and am suprised that this thread is still alive & kicking. The viewing public are clearly very upset regarding what has happened to their beloved Gardeners World, i include myself. It is upsetting to see such a great programme reduced to what it is now. It used to be packed with seasonal gardening instruction and was inspiring. Gardeners World is now a shadow of its former self. Not sure what Monty is about but feel that he needs to be replaced accordingly. I look forwards to Alan Titchmarshes new series and will keep an ear out for anthing Toby,Carol or Chris Beardshaw.
Rain rain go away-can't garden, can't visit open gardens and worst of all can't watch it on t.v. anymore because it's rubbish now. Rant over! Need a new gardeners world head presenter/team though. We would like to keep Carol please, but sorry Monty has to go or we go.
Went to a certain open garden in North Wales on Good Friday. Fantastic day all round. Perfect weather, perfect lunch onsite and perfect tour of the grounds & gardens which culminated in afternoon tea & an hour long debate between us fellow visitors regarding the current Gardeners World. It was unanimous-Monty has to go please asap. Without getting personal here he is not liked or felt to be suitable for Gardeners World lead man. We all felt that Carol would be an excellent choice for lead gardener or maybe Toby. But not Monty. He is contradictory & incorrect at times with his advice and a wee bit strange also.
Yes Monty is not suitable, but i have to say that it is interesting watching Gardeners World mess up more & more each week. Last Fridays easter special effort was hilarious, i haven't enjoyed it so much in ages. Mowing compost heaps, planting roses in veritable lagoons, losing all manner of stuff repeatedly-better than Blue Peter any day!! Me & mine laughed our socks off all the way through Montys' bits. How Toby must have laughed at it if he watched it too. Have no fear Toby, you were only doing as you were told re presentation etc., but it is obvious that Monty is master of all he presents and what a mess it is. What next paper- mache wheelbarrows? no i know, plasticne apple trees-now they will never need pruning.
I stopped watching after the 2nd show of this series - it just depressed me too much to bother - but after reading the comments about the GW Easter Special I've just watched it back on the iplayer. It was all very bleak wasn't it? Where was the colour in Monty's garden? What was the mowing the compost heap section all about? Very strange.
It must just be me then! I think GW with Monty is great, well, when compared with Toby and Alys. At least Monty gets on with it and we all have a proper garden to look at not some 'studio garden' with two child-like presenters playing games with each other. Eeeek, when l think back to the format with those two l cringe. It has been said already; add another gardening programme with different presenters. Why should we only have one gardening programme on the TV? The TV is saturated with Antique/Home Restoration/Auction/reality/ programmes so why not one more gardening slot. Monty had a great programme a few years back when he travelled the country and helped people with their gardens so why not do something like that again? Leave the fella alone. I met him once in Hay-on-Wye after seeing Paul McCartney and he came across as a really nice chap. Live and let live.
Monty Don is excellent as GW presenter. His hour long Easter programme was a classic, we watched it twice and could happily watch it again. BBC gardening at its best.
Seems my comments have been removed from this blog...strange. I have been watching GW when the late Geoff Hamilton was still presenting after a long break I've started watching it again last season. I found the presenting by Toby, Alys, Carol and Joe very good...their was a balance between the different topics and you could get a lot of inspiration out of all this. I still remember Toby's phrase about "it's a boy's thing"...great how he handled that composting subject. My second wife gave birth to a baby daughter in September 2010...and we called her Alys, because Alys inspired us via GW and her own program. And now we were ready for a new season of GW...and OMG what is that. I didn't knew this Monty, had never seen him. But what an arrogant person you have found there...he is not able to inspire us. My wife who is completely new to gardening can not watch him longer than 5 minutes. He is able to take away all your motivation...he is arrogant and depressing...he should be a good manager at funerals or as an undertaker, BUT PLEASE, bring back some colour, pleasure and joy to Gardeners' World. I still have to watch the two last episodes which we've recorded...but I don't feel up to becoming depressed again by watching this Monty... Regards, Luc


The problem isn't the presenter it's the format. It's the BBC. Monty can be great as can Alys, Toby, Rachael etc. They are just suffering from a bad magazine format. It jumps around from quick segment to quick segment and everyone comes out looking rubbish and nobody really learns anything. Everyone complained it was too dumbed down and aimed at beginners last series so they have tried to change it this series with it all beiing touchy feeling. Monty doesn't seem allowed to give instruction and Carol comes across as a giddy housewife on a jolly jaunt, when we all know they are realy good gardener's. Alan would look rubbish stuck with this series. I fear Monty and Carol are going to get the chop after this, just like the excellent Toby did last series.'s not the presenters, it's the format...please just let the gardener's garden !!
Re 1154 Nobody disputes that Monty might be a nice person, it is just that he is a really rubbish gardener. The format is rubbish but he just makes everything worse. Toby could never succeed with that jumpy format but at least he knew his stuff. I agree live and let live - it's just that I can bear to watch GW anymore. I gave it a go - twice , but it was so ghastly that I prefer to watch old recordings of Toby and Alys. Reading proper garden books is good too, along with visiting gardens. Most folk I have met at open gardens this year have also given up Gw or watch for the comedy value of monty and his bad advice.
Im sorry to hear that Toby wont be in GW. I am a "new" gardner and have found Monty intimidating. Toby was easy to watch and follow his instructions. But to me the real gem was Alys. She inspired me to try to garden in my little end terrace peice of England. Her encouragement to try puting veggies in my excisting flower beds ment that now I can feed my family freash salad. When friends and family said I didnt have enough room for veg or that I shouldnt put it in the front garden I just quoted Alys to them. Shame on you GW we havent all got huge gardens like you!! Sorry Monty but having you back is like having my nosey neighbour leaning over the fence telling me Ive planted my broad beans too close to the rose bush. Ugghhh!!
Toby Buckland on Gardeners’ World, was knowledgeable and delightful to watch and listen to, and equally importantly, he had a totally unpatronising manner. I am an enthusiastic gardener and by no means expert in any way, and I found Toby’s manner absolutely spot on – he is enthusiastic and educational and has a lovely sense of humour. I also found the gardening tips and advice on his GW interesting and valuable for all levels of gardener. I have nothing at all against Monty Don, and am pleased he is now well enough to again present, but I have to say I agree with others’ comments that he is not what most of us want on GQ. (His Italian Garden programmes – perfect). What I also feel aggrieved about, is that in the GW magazine just prior to the new series, and in this new series itself, there has been no mention of Toby – if he was originally covering for Monty whilst he convalesced, there has not been any thanks or acknowledgement. Please, please, can Toby have his own programme?
Just wanted to ask, how does it work when a gardening presenter does the presenting and demonstrations from their own garden? Are they essentially being paid for working on their own garden? And what has happened to all the plants that Toby and Co planted? Presumably paid for by the licence payers...... Will they be dug up and given away at GW Live, or as prizes for little competions on GW? We need to be informed as this affects all UK TV licence payers.