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Trevorhunt, (Weds 27th), Monty doesn't 'get on with it;' that's half of the problem! He plants maybe one thing or sows a seed or 2 but that's about it. When Toby was presenting we got to see him & the others actually gardening- digging, planting, sowing; or showing us how to construct window boxes or raised beds. Personally I was enjoying watchingthe 'studio garden' take shape.At least it had colour & interest. Not being horrible to Monty, but his garden is dull. And he doesn't seem to be doing much to make it look any better. And the whole programme has become very obscure. I find Rachael & Joe's bits pointless. Give them some proper projects to work on- I'm sure they'd much prefer it. Show us how Joe's allotment is going. I always enjoyed watching him on his allotment. Sorry, Monty, no offfence meant, but it's time you went & Toby & Alys came back.
How much longer will the BBC tolerate this? Boring...Boring....Boring. Such a boring person in a boring garden. So patronizing, so arrogant. The way he gives advise one is afraid to even get started. My husband already gave up watching it and I must admit I will do the same. No GW anymore for me. RIP GW.
Please, please, please BBC... BRING BACK TOBY & ALYS! No more dull garden, no more mowing the compost heap... the way things are going, no more Gardeners World!
When i think back to how Alan's garden was presented in and around Easter time and the glorious inspiring feeling that it invoked-well there is absolutely nothing remotely similar with this gardeners world series. Gardeners World is no longer the programme it used to be or for that matter surely how it was meant to be? Such a shame.
Ode to Toby and Alys-my guru's. I'm seriously displeased. Take Carol and Rachel off and put Toby and Alys back!


I had become quite lost without a proper gardening programme. We've recently moved to a house with a rather large garden (two thirds of an acre) which is basically just a field. Our previous garden was 45' by 100', so still a good gardening size, and all created under Alans advice from his wonderful books & Gardeners World t.v. series'. Passers by knocked on our front door regularly asking for shrub cuttings and to ask if they could "have a little look please?" Now, well i didn't know where to start. I have tried to follow Monty but there isn't actually anything to follow or work with. Yes he has planted the odd perrenial, pruned a bit and talked endlessly about his Jewel Garden etc but i was hoping for new inspiration with proper instruction, only it has not happened. So i enrolled with my local college(at the ripe old age of 55)on a horticulture workshop to enable me to know what's what, so that i can enjoy creating our new garden while being knowledgeable. Already i have learnt so much including that Monty is often rather wrong with his advice and instruction. The lecturer thinks he is misguided and misplaced. Me-i'm just so glad that i made the decision that i did i.e. not to watch Monty any more but to aquire proper gardening instruction. I could never have created a new garden solely on Jewel Garden planting & compost mowing, for example, stuff. And so now as my new garden is growing (quite literally) and i stand back and admire my informed efforts, i think that maybe Monty could do with a gardening course or 2 under his braces. Planting things in holes is one thing but he also created something from nothing didn't he? So where is the inspiration for all us viewers to do that also? Wondering around after his wheelbarrow is not it! Alan actually created things in front of us from garden structures to plant features, that could all be modified accordingly to our own gardens, i did. I fear that without Carol's segments this G.World series would be nothing. I could weep for what once was a great gardening programme.
I agree with post 1167 entirely. Almost the exact thing happended to me when we moved home. I won't repeat what my workshop lecturer said re montys gardening advice though! We now have a lovely, albeit immature, garden in the making and i am also utilising Tobys books for advice. It's all coming along great-now. I don't bother with gardeners world any more as i don't need to now, so if nothing else, i have learnt to get myself properly informed regarding gardening, from the current gardeners world!
So many of us are so fed up with the Monty GW. He is fine for Italian gardens and Craft programmes but as someone to learn from I am afraid he is rubbish. I learnt a lot from Toby, Alys, Alan, Geoff etc so why do we get stuck with Monty spouting drivel and waffling on about his garden. I have now given up GW and when mentioning this at my garden club it seems they have done so too. All except one lady - loves Monty , but agrees that he is not a good source of advice at all. BBC wake up and listen to your viewers/ licence payers. Put Toby back where he belongs.
Toby should be leading gardeners world as Monty is clearly not suitable. I have watched gardeners world since it began,it is now a shadow of its former self. Alan did a grand job and Toby was following on superbly. Monty is not a gardeners world presenter type person. I personally have nothing against the man but gardeners world is nowhere near what it used to or should be and at the end of the day it is down to the presentation. I cannot get to grips with it and find it all rather confusing to follow plus Montys' advice is often wrong in so far as "not by the book" which i would have thought is exactly as it should be surely bearing in mind how many viewers will be watching for corrct advice and instruction? Very strange.
We feel that last nights gardeners world programme was actually a lot better. Henry didn't fall asleep this time & i quite enjoyed it for the first time with this series. No more strange close-ups of The Wheelbarrow trundling along or product placements. There was plant information re planting aspects,several actual plantings happening and i could feel inspiraton tingling-i really could for the first time. Monty seemed a lot "brighter" with his presentation and the whole presentation was tons better. Carol was great as usual & even Racheals slot was more interesting from a stunning garden which clearly captivated her also. If the series were to continue within this presentation & style we could have a winning recipe for success BBC. As Monty quoted the date we were wondering if maybe some re-recording has happened. A wise move if so and it showed, so much better and enjoyable.
Yep we agree with the posting 1172. A much better presentation all round. We also enjoyed it and if it weren't for the fact that it is currently pouring down where we live, we would have been in our garden replenishing our Rosemary plants as per last nights advice c/o Monty. Keep this style etc up bbc and we will be staying with Montys Gardeners World. A million times better.
Better - much better. At long last a programme that was watchable. It started off with just myself being brave, then wife sat & watched followed by my 81 year old dad who lives with us & then both our 20 somethings sons, who are both very much into gardening, joned us also. We all sat silently (instead of shouting at the tele correcting Monty) & all agreed that it was a good programme - at last!! We then went on to watch Montys Italian North Gardens programme which we also very much enjoyed. A good evenings gardening watching. Thankyou bbc & keep it up.
Wow, so much better. Enjoyed last nights gardeners world-for the first time with Monty. He still rambles on a bit, but oh well that's just Monty i suspect anyway. Much much better though.
Actually had some of my students ringing me this morning praising last nights gardens world prog. It was a lot better. Monty appeared to be informed and came across as being knowledgeable for the first time to date. He was interesting to listen to as what he was doing also was. The whole programme was interesting and so much better. Rachels garden visit was really good and what a garden! Carol as usual is faultless.


Wonderful-at last. This is how it should be. Beautiful garden for beautiful Rachel,packed information segemnent for Carol AND actualy interesting and attention holding advice from Monty! More like a Gardeners World should be. Yes i agree Monty still rambled a bit, but that is his way and this forum should not be about the man personally just his presentation and advice skills. If he rambles a bit-well we may have to offset that against his actuall skills, which last night shone through. He is very likeable but the presentation that he had been landed with was wrong for him and it showed painfully. However what ever has now happened regarding that presentation made it work last last night.
I still don't feel confident with the advice, though. Watched a Spring episode of last year's GW with my wife this evening. Had kept it for advice on prairie planting. Toby and Alys gave so much information. The plants all looked supremely healthy and ready to grow and there were so many flowers shown and beautifully filmed that I can't help feeling cheated. Such a shame.....
Monty is great - don't knock him. Alan was OK - cant say his decking and plastic seaside creations were too hot, lets face it. Mature gardening has now replaced the naff ideas from the gimmick squad! Alys was good though - more of the 'Edible Garden' would be a feast!
How wonderful to see Monty Don back on Gardeners World, I really missed his easy style of presenting and gardening. Monty always makes me want to get out in the garden and do more than before, so super to see him back and looking well. I just wish my garden was big enough to try all the projects he shows us all!!