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Delighted with news. There seem to be many pro-Toby comments written but, if he'd been any good, the viewing numbers of GW wouldn't have declined so enormously!
I'm disappointed too that Toby will not be presenting GW. I really liked his knowledgeable and down to earth approach!
Good news - but where is the facebook share button? I want to share this on my profile page.


Well well well the 'Gardening Mafia' have finally had their way. Toby Buckland is to be replaced by Lord Leominster himself, the ever so smug and wanting in charm Monty Don, Farcical, when will this man make up his mind about what he really wants to be, how many more feathers does he want in his cap, here's one family who won't be tuning in to the new series. I liked Toby Buckland, he is a REAL gardener who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, his knowledge style and friendly approach is second to none. We shall miss him, the only thing I won't miss is Carol Klein's Glebe Cottage we must have seen everything there except the outside loo and the pointing on the chimney. Very best wishes to Toby and the very best of luck, who knows, you might be offered a talk show less likeable people have. Goodbye BBC's GW this family will not bother you again.
delighted we are getting a real horticulturalist with presenting skills back for 2011. Welcome back, Monty!
Iam disgusted to hear Toby and Alice are no longer on Gardners World thisn a great loss.The only good thing is Rachel joining the programme.Thanks for ruining a good programme.
I shall not watch the next series of Gardeners' World - very disappointed to be losing Toby and Alys, and Greenacre. The main presenter should be chosen on merit, not whether they are rich enough to have a large garden.
I was so shocked to hear Toby is leaving GW! Unbelievable. Just because Monty wants his job back, how unfair.
can't believe they are bringing Monty back, his style of presenting is boring and far from "down to earth". Once Toby had relaxed into the job he was fantastic to watch and makes up for Joe "ooh I must not get my hands dirty" Swift. Toby is no Alan Titchmarsh (who I could watch all day) but he certainly comes a good second to those of us who enjoy gardening instead of just playing at it like Monty - I wont be watching anymore and I know others who feel the same as me! Bad move BBC!
I cannot stand Monty's manic approach and the way he throws his arms and hands about and gushes to the camera, that is not what gardening is about! I do not care for Alys Fowlers' new age approach to gardening and I like Rachel but to replace Toby is a huge mistake. Toby Buckland took a while to settle in and it seemed after Chelsea he relaxed and has been a joy to watch. I hope ITV snap Toby up for a gardening show of their own and we can all boycott gardeners world and take the viewing ratings to another channel. Stupid mistake by the BBC - who is Monty friends with I wonder?
Hooray!!! Welcome back Monty, we've missed you. I'm going to dust off my spade and look forward to preparing the garden for an exciting new year. Thanks too to Toby for the last couple of years. Nick
The news of Monty's return made my day. Toby has lost three million viewers! Glad Carol will be brought back from the sidelines - the lead presenting should have been hers. Will very much miss Alys though - please can she have a slot? What is the point of Joe Swift - there's nothing there? And the eye patronising decision to give us the eye candy of Rachel? PS 'Hello - Welcome to Gardener's World' :0)
What a delight to have Monty Don back leading Gardeners' World again. I have really missed his down to earth style and useful gardening tips. Such a joy to watch someone so committed to passing on his knowledge and someone who truly loves his garden. Having gone from a committed Friday night viewer to someone who tapes the programme so she can just watch Carol and Joe's bits, I am really looking forward to watching it in full again. So, hopefully no more silly gimmicks, toe-curling flirting and inane comments; back to an informative programme for dedicated gardeners.


Glad the programme's going to change as it had become very basic. I like both Toby and Monty - I don't think the presenters are the problem. I hope that's an end of the pre-recorded fillers of gardens around the country. These were soooo boring.
I think the producers rather than the presenters have the most to answer for, although I too would rate Toby ahead of Monty. By trying to please the entire spectrum of gardeners with very different respective interests and ages, the programme fails to really engage anyone. I would like to have seen the shows alternating between veg and flower content so that at least most of the viewers stood a chance of being satisfied for at least half of the time!
A big welcome back to Monty he has been greatly missed. There has been something missing on the program,and i hope his return is the answer.
The BBC had to do something when Monty had his stroke so to say they're going backwards is a bit unfair to Monty. I felt the GW content went rather 'low rent' with Toby and Alys and the garden (field) was just plain boring. I stopped watching but now I can't wait for the new series.
Very sad to hear Toby and Alys leaving. Toby is so down to earth, every week it felt like a good friend coming round to help with your garden. Not everyone is a seasoned gardener and Toby made it enjoyable to get out in the garden. Never mind ITV or Sky will probably snap them up if they have any sense, I will be waiting. There is not just the BBC. Thankyou Toby and Alys for all the green fingered help!