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Oh joy - Toby on Chelsea and no Monty. Well done BBC - more Toby please and much, much less Monty. Can you not just give Monty his pension and let Toby have his proper job back.Then I could watch GW again instead of going out to play in my potting shed.
Audience figures for last night's show down to 1.66 million, a series low. For all the difference Monty's made to the ratings, they might as well have kept Toby & Alys. Looking forward to Alan's new show next week!
So pleased to see Toby on Chelsea last week. I really miss his approach and am desperately disappointed not to see the garden develop. Monty Don is just so pompous and boring. His garden is so huge I can't even begin to imagine how to incorporate the information into my tiny 10m x 10m garden. When are we going to see Alys again? I have tried to watch Monty but I don't think I will be tuning in any more it is just a waste of my time. Looking forward to Alan on 3 instead.
Groan....Alan Titchmarsh on Love Your garden...the biggest disappointment of the year so far. What was it all about? For someone watching as a novice to the gardening world they came away none the wiser. Let's move some rocks around a pond and ....yep, replace them with some more rocks! GW on the other hand, was full of information and solid advice. Come on Alan, l hold you right up there with the greats but this was appalling. Filled in with a tacky quiz and sponsored by some thing or another, l couldn't believe what l was watching. Typical ITV. Its not like it has all been done on a shoestring either. He has been paid £11,000,000 for this and two more years of his afternoon shows! It was painful watching him move the rocks that should really have stayed and just planted up a bit. Next week we have a 1 hour Gardeners World special that will clash with Alan's. Great, l know what l will be watching!
I agree it was full of product placement, and offered little for the beginner. Garden eye candy really. But GW is still uneven and rocky. Carol's garden is looking fabulous, yet we get another cutting masterclass/plants for free session.


I find Monty Don an inspiration The minuet the program has finnih I want to get out and garden he tackles the sort of promblems I can relate to havening a garden of an acre is a bit different from a small area . Carol Keine the same enthusiastic. I garden an acre on my own and I am 72 and getting to all the jobs at the right time is not always possible and mistakes happen and Monty deals with this and he is not afraid to show his mistakes.A small perfect garden is no good for me.And i to was disapointed with the Alan Titchmarsh show.
Gardener's World hosted by Monty Don from his garden, has to be one of the best gardening programmes to be shown on TV. He is a 'hands on' gardener and his enthusiasm for the subject is a delight.The different subjects that he covers each week are well thought out and presented. The addition of Carol Klien is the cherry on the cake. My only criticism is that thirty minutes does not allow enough time for in-depth coverage. Surely with the number of people interested in the subject, the BBC could allocate one hour. However, many congratulations to Monty and the team.
I didn't enjoy Alan's programme much either. I was hoping for gardening advice! What a disappointment! Not much to offer on Gardener's World either. Sorry & all that jazz, but Monty is boring & so is his garden. I hate the way he lectures! He's too pompous. And please, no more talk about the bloody Jewel Garden. Just face up to it, Monty, it's NAFF!!! Think I will stick to the re runs of Toby's GW on Blighty. Informative, fun, inspirational & enjoyabe.
It'll be interesting to see which show proves most popular when they go head to head tonight.
I can answer that. According to the ratings roundup on Digital Spy, Gardeners World got 2.1 million and Alan's show 3.17 million. Not good news for Gardeners World maybe, but it did mean over 5 million people enjoying gardening shows
At a rough count Monty mentioned " jewel garden" about 16 times. I wouldn't mind if it was a jewel, but it's clearly NOT. Although , on balance, I think Alan's show is trying too hard to be " all things to all men" and ends up something and nothing. I hope both programmes learn from feedback and improve.
I am always looking forward to the Friday evening - I have two allotments and a typical London garden - the show is really quite relevant to my gardening - the music begins and I listen to the smiles of Carol and Monty - get reminded to foliar feed - and my Saturday in the garden has been fed by your inspiration. Thanks.
As an ex-pat I wonder what Britain is coming to. Is criticism of King Alan allowed. Have trevorhunt, pinkfooted woman, Wellingtons and chrissie been sent to the tower for such blasphemy? I can't watch Alan (can't access ITV that is ;-}, he's still good on the Chelsea Flower Show). although his past programs for the BBC have tended more toward coffee table book type production that GW. For the record I still enjoy the current GW production fronted by my ideal presenter Monty Don. The one hour show was great. It kept moving along at a pace and without the need for the jerky TV cops style of camera work that was so annoyingly prevalent a few years back.
Not a fan of Monty as a presenter on Gardeners World as he clearly doesn't have a clue about gardening. However, I notice Beechgrove Garden is now available on iPlayer. Last week the front man Jim told you how to look after tomatoes, very informative I will be watching again. I also think the Alan Titchmarsh is worth watching at least you know the advice is correct and you are not going to murder your plants!
It's ok, Martin, was given a reprieve & my head is still firmly on my shoulders. Must admit, was a tad worried about my head during those days spent in the Tower. :) Am persevering with Alan's show. Think it has improved a bit, (thought I'd better add that, don't want to end up back in the Tower- too many ravens). Didn't really enjoy the one hour GW the other week, but will stick with it for the time being simply because I have to have my 'gardening show fix.' Still think we need more than one hour a week- there are loads of shows devoted to cookery, antiques & property. I'm sure there is room in the schedule for more gardening shows. That way we could have a show presented Monty style & a show presentd Toby style. Something for everyone. Hope the powers that be take note. Think I'll sit & watch a Toby re-run now- can't get out in my garden- the heavens have opened & the thunder storm has begun!!!!!!!!! (Actually, might sit on the garden step & watch the thunder storm as I love them!)


Alys Fowler co presents Hampton Court Flower Show on BBC2 on Thursday evening!!!!! Have "the powers that be" been reading our postings? Let's hope so.
I wouldn't bet on it hostafan1. In a recent Guardian article about Gardeners World and Love Your Garden the BBC said that Monty Don had 'been a big hit with viewers' since his return. So if failing to increase your audience over the supposed failure that was Toby's tenure is deemed a hit, then I fear we're stuck with Monty for a while yet. Be interesting to see what the ratings were when he went head to head with Alan last night.
Beechgrove Garden viewing figures are up 17 percent since it went on i-player, most coming from England. It made the Scottish red tops as news! Monty's garden continues to look empty, and Alan continues to punt products and be more like a problem corner than real gardening. Great to see Alys on Hampton court show though her interview with Monty was excrutiating and she looked uncomfortable. Come north to Beechgrove, they know how to garden...