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Is Monty still inviting feedback on growing grafted tomatoes? If so, happy to oblige.
In reply to Agapanthus: Actually, the viewing figures aren't wrong. They're the overnight ratings which do not include people watching on catch up, i player etc. The overnight figure for last nights show, should anyone be interested, were 1.85 million. The equivalent for last year's show was 1.78 million - perhaps the extra viewers were watching to see Monty's dog as that's about the only interesting thing on the show these days.
Well, I'm glad to see Mon back. Having him back will be so much better but I am sorry that Toby is going. They did a wonderful job. I will certainly miss Toby and Alys.
Enjoyed Toby's style and it's a shame as perhaps he was just beginning to get into his stride. I trust I will get to see the fruits of his labour and my licence fee at Greenacre? Contented to see Monty's return even if sometimes he does give the impression he'd be happier wearing a kaftan, eating tofu and selling his jewellry at a craft fair. More from Joe's allotment would be nice. Ah, as for the faded and fading Rachel de Thame - I have one question only - pourquoi?

Monty is an enthusiastic amateur who has broad appeal, if you want definitive advice you ask a professional; Carol, Titchmarsh etc. Allotments are even more popular and a regular or more frequent slot perhaps following an allotment site through the season would be good. Jo and his allotment experience was fine showing how an allotment sceptic could be converted to the joys allotmentiering. Have a slot with an allotment veteran to take viewers through the season will I am sure prove very popular.         


I am glad monty is back ,I think he is a lot better in his own garden, than berryfields, there isnt enough gardening on, i love carol  her programe at her own garden was brilliant. Only one complaint it should be on for a least one hour.Looking forward to fridays again.

My cherry blossom has brown rot blight but can't find treatment and wondered if it would affect my other trees such as apple plum etc. Do I need to chop the cherry tree down or can I salvage it, the brown rot started last year. It thought it was cherry blackly and still not sure but pice on Internet look like blight? Help

You need to start a new thread to ask this question cos the fruit tree experts aren't so likely to read  a Monty Don or GW thread.

hello monty myself and my best freind next door are having trouble with our beg we have brought some from a internet surplyer.we have looked after them with the ut most care 0f 320 help what can we do yours faithfullly lynn and wendy


You need to post your question on a seperate thread as was indicated in the post above yours-I think you will find that monty will not answer your question on here-and you will need to give more details.

I tend to agree with a reply submitted by 'Anonymous' at the beginning of this thread....continuity is everything.  I've never got over Geoff Hamilton dying ( although I'm sure he didn't do it to spite us, bless him ) and Gardener's World has never been the same since.  I didn't much appreciate Alan Titchmarsh, although he's an excellent presenter with a sound background in horticulture and knows his stuff; but there was always a bit too much 'titillation' for the ladies and that Yorkshire charm doesn't do anything for me.  Rachel de Thame is a pretty lass, Sarah Raven lives at Sissinghurst and bosses plants into growing, Alys was a passing fancy and Toby likewise.  It seems that we, the viewers, must be constantly stimulated by 'new' or 'fresh' presenters wearing weirder and more eccentric 'costumes' in order to keep the viewing figures up - maybe it's a case of touting for new viewers rather than giving the loyal gardening public a reliable and familiar programme they can continue to appreciate?

Monty Don drives me mad with his manic digging and every time I see him wielding a trowel I cringe; but he's back, so can we keep him, please, and not have to put up with this constant stream of unfamiliar faces? Keep Joe, keep Carol, ditch the rest and maybe introduce one newcomer with whom we can familiarise ourselves and who will, perhaps, one day, provide the programme with it's 'new' front man or woman.

Paul N

I've just made the mistake of dipping into this thread and the doom & gloom here is enough to make many of us weep. I'd hoped after leaving 'the other place' this would be nice and fresh, and in fact much of it is. I am absolutely delighted with GW as it is and with Monty. Easily pleased? I don't think so. I'm easily one of the grumpiest and hard to please people I know. Friday's half hour with a glass or two of Cab Sauv sets me up for the weekend.

PS I shalln't return to this thread. It's too depressing for words.


You are definitely glitched!

hi Monty can you please tell me,am i right, i can put my abutilon megapolamicum outside in my garden