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It does seem harsh.
Monty Don is a skilled, erudite gardener and, seemingly, a very nice man. Like joe swift recently it seems they are fair game for personal attacks.
I have to say I have enjoyed the last two GW progs and both presenters have been good.
Monty tries tries to encourage and inspire.

Point  taken Verdun.


At least if nothing else I have had the effect of bringining out the  inane humour of some, more intelectually equiped than myself.

I think I have it. Is the word I was looking for Boring??

Will I now get a Gold Star

Good morning Golf whiskey and happy Easter
It's good to stir the pot a bit sometimes but maybe in a more gentle way!

Good morning Verdun and same to you Happy Easter.

I just think stooping to personal attacks concerning some ones interlectual and academic qualifications  is out of order.



Too bad-there is a spell checker-nothing do with academics qualifications at all.

I also think if you go on a forum- expect some ribbing

Humorous Banter is fine. Just do not use it as a weapon. That is all I ask.

Now I have been told by She who must be Obeyed that I have to build a Pagoda. That is something I am qualified to do. Then a sun Arbour. Will have to take her Gardening books off her.

At least the Sun is Shinning.



Golf whiskey
Put your foot down and tell her when you have done those jobs you will protest

"interlectual"? Shinning"? "Very!

SwissSue wrote (see)

"interlectual"? Shinning"? "Very!

I rest my case.

Verdun. I actualy enjoy the construction side of Gardening. I find it quite rewarding. The weather dose seem to be getting slowly better. Such a slow start to the growing season. We have plants and seeds all over. In potting sheds, Green house. Conservatory. I think they are all a month behind.


Honest to god, they are some absolutely stupid people write on this forum who have no  imagination what so ever !

Serious moaners too !

If you don't like something - switch it off and go read a beginners guide in gardening in a square metre or go and watch a GH video or something.

So utterly stupid and quite frankly pointless.


No. In fact go read - Gardening in a Plant Pot, how about that for inspiration.

Gardening Grandma

It must say something for Monty Don that he is still being discussed so long after he returned to GW. I doubt if we would be having the same debate about his predecessor. This may be why he got his old job back - he does interest people.


If that is how Monty Don fans are then maybe I am best out of it. I made a comment and all I have received is childish remarks, bad manners and degrading comments. Is that how real Gardner's are?   It is very insular the world you must lie in.

In defence when Monty Don did his series on French Gardens I found him extremely interesting and full of enthusiasm.



So what exactly are you whinging on about then ? If your complaining about how the BBC uses the TV licence money, which by the way I also contribute. Go and moan to the BBC.

So what if it's filmed in his garden, SO WHAT !! You wouldn't say no if it was filmed in your's, would you ? And I bet you wouldn't say no, if the BBC said, "Oh I know, lets build a wooden framed greenhouse in your garden". No, of course not.

Quit moaning on about utter rubbish.



I am more the capable of building my own greenhouse. I certainly do not want BBC filming in my garden. I just want it to be more like most peoples expectations of a Garden. Plus he dose not always  give the correct information. That is how I see it. I just prefer other presenters.

You will note I have not made any personal attack any one else answering my post. It is only polite I can have the same in return. My garden is a darn site larger than a Pint pot. It is mainly the Paddock from when my daughter kept her horse here. W need inspirational advice not silly comments.

I don't enjoy your contributions so am blocking you. I did this a while back but tried again to see if you have improved.
Perhaps you lack the verbal skills to address others in a reasonable way

Verdun    I salute you. Thank you.


Golfwhisky wrote (see)

Oh no. Another series with Monty Don building his utterly boaring Garden at Licence payers expense.  His garden is nothing like any one elses Garden I know and dose not reflect howweoldbuild our gardens. Unlie past presenters he wallows in self gratification of Long Meadows. If it was not for the likes of Carol or Joe the program would be a black hole in the Gardening caleda. Every time you see his garden many pounds have been spent on Greenhouse, paths and neumerous goodies. He his building his garden at our expense.

" I just want it to be more like most peoples expectations of a garden" - no one on this planet can have the same expectation of what a garden means to me. That's why no one has the "same garden". And why would I want a garden that conforms to what others expectations are, anyway; individual, unique, different springs to mind.


Thanks golfwhiky