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I am very shocked and disappointed at the departure of Toby Buckland. I will miss him greatly and I doubt I will watch the show with Monty Don at the helm.
This is great news. Without the change Gardeners World would have declined yet further. Lets hope the producers focus on real gardening with plants - not bespoking garden sheds, timing yourself doing jobs etc. Welcome back Monty and team!
Welcome back Monty, how I've missed you. The WOW factor will return to Friday evenings! Keep well, God bless.
I'm absolutely delighted that Monty Don is coming back again. I gave up watching GW when Toby Buckland was presenting, the programme became dreary and uninspiring/ Now I have something to really look forward to next spring.
I think this is great news. This line up consists of truly great gardeners and Monty and has been sadly missed in this programme. With Rachel Joe and Carol I think this will bring life back into a great programme.


This is fantastic. Toby was ok, but Monty and this team are great gardeners and this is a real step forwards.
Sorry to see Toby go. Maybe he was a little to macho with Alys on one occasion. Toby had energy and it inspired. When I am in an old farts mood I prefer Alan. Monty will save me having drinking chocolate at bed time but its Toby that will get my boots on. Harry.
Monty like so many book-taught gardeners camouflages a lack of a wide-ranging gardening knowledge in elegant words and navel-gazing. Toby doesn't need to because he is a true son of the soil. As they say, any idiot can make things look difficult, but it takes a genius to make them simple.
I am thrilled that monty is coming back missed him. have not like the programme since he left will be coming back to watch the programme when he returns. Again thankyou thank you for coming back, just love his style of gardening. Glo
Thrilled that Monty and Rachel are coming back to Gardeners' World. For the first time in years I haven't been able to watch with Toby at the helm as I felt he was just patronising. I did like Alys tho' so hope we see her on our screens again in something else as I enjoyed her own series about growing edible plants in her back garden in amongst her flowers.
WooooooHoooooo! I havent watched gardeners world for over 12 months, Im over the moon that Monty's back - and Rachel too, brilliant!! I will be watching every week now!
I had switched off as I found Toby too boring and Alys too "yuppy", neither really connecting with me as a viewer. Hope Joe is back on his allotment! Monty is natural and watchable with an easy style and I guess the Beeb got wind of the fact that viewing figures had plunged so the time was right for change.
Fabulous news the return of Monty,he is a true gardener,a delight to lsten to and look at.Rachel de Thame is boring..keep Alys,she is in the same vein as Monty...real and passionate gardeners.
I am really sorry that Toby and Alys won't be in the programme any more. I thought they made gardening more appealing to the novice and not so novice gardeners. Monty's a really nice guy but when he did the series 'Around the World in Eighty Gardens' his voice used to send me and my wife off to sleep. So I expect we will not suffer from insomnia on Fridays.
Why Rachel? Alys did a fantastic job as did Toby? Greenacres was looking great and had some really interesting projects. I wish the BBC would just make a decision and stick with it!!!!


I wish the BBC would bring programs like this to BBC America - we have NOTHING in the way of gardening programs in the USA! I have to watch your videos on-line.
I have so missed Monty, so thrilled he is coming back. Though Toby was getting better I ddin't have they same inclination to watch. Carol should have a greater roll as I love her style and immense knowledge. Can't wait for the spring and seeing Monty's own garden.
I am so sorry that Toby and Alys wont be part of the team, I think they both have had a raw deal. They didnt make the changes ti the programe when they started, the producers did. Why not run two programes,one from Monty's garden and keep Toby and Alys working on this garden? after all there has been alot of work done on it. Yes I like Monty, Joe and Carol but its unfair to blame Toby for the poor ratings. Let him carry on! We all love him in this house.
Great news that Monty is coming back. This year I didnt watch much GW. I too hope GW goes back to the original format when Monty fronted it. I love veg! His books has been very helpful since I started my allotment 2 years agoo and Monty was no longer on GW. He was my inspiration to get started with an allotment! Thanks BBC for having Monty back. Monique, the Netherlands
Welcome back Monty. You have been sorely missed, especially by a new gardener (7 years gardening now) as I am. What is more important is your apparent return to health also.