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Thank God you are back Monty.I've watched GW for about 15 years non stop but I hardly watched it in your abscence because I'm afraid Toby just didn't have "it" Alan is still my 1st love but..... Welcome Back!
Good grief! Am surprised at Monty's return. Whilst the circumstances of his departure from GW were sad, I had considered we'd both now 'been there & done that' now, & had moved on. I was pleased when GW changed to Toby, a professionally-trained gardener, as the lead presenter. Toby & Alys also comprised a slightly younger team with different perspectives. I wasn't too fond of some of the initial gimmicks, but they subsided, and I have been looking forward to seeing Greenacre develop. What has the BBC done with it - the investment of our licence fees?
Thank god!! I can start watching the programme again, I'm really looking forward to it to inspire my new garden challenges. Shame to loose Alys think she could have made it as part of the team. Will continue to fast forward through carol (her voice just grates on me) and she only seems to have one topic.
Rejoice rejoice - Monty is back and the sterile Toby has gone. Couldn't be more delighted, well done BBC for recognising how brilliant we proper gardeners all think Monty is. How we missed him!


Great news to hear Monty will be back. We'll finally be watching Gardeners World with interest again every friday!
That's a real backward step. The present presenters are absolutely perfect, and do the job so much better than Monty Don ever did. As Peter Seabrook once said, 'The fellow can't garden.' I recall him also saying that Don didn't even know how to hold a spade properly! Why, why, why do we have to give way all the time to the cult of the celebrity, when people like Monty Don are so outclassed by the present team?
best News all day stopped watching after TB took over. love MD and his veg And yess, more JS on his allotment!
I seem to remember that when it first started G.W. came from the roof of the BBC building in london, with a greenhouse with no glass and turf laid on the concrete, I rermember Percy Thrower showing how to use a hollow tine fork to arieate the lawn, and when he went to pull the fork out the turf lifted with it, so he had to put one foot on the turf to hold it diown, it was later that the Programme moved to his garden.
I am gutted that Toby has been sacked from GW I must say I was not firstly impressed when Toby first took over, but have come to like his style. To bring Monty back who in my opinion is very pompous and arrogant is a backward step and why is Rachel there? What a waste of money leaving Greenacres, will we ever see what the outcome is of this years plantings. Its was just the same as Berryfields. I have watched GW for so many years but I think my GW days are over. BBC you should be ashamed of yourselves wasting so much money on these sites that are only ever use for a couple of years.
Really pleased that Monty will be coming back in 2011. Really enjoy watching Gardeners World, never miss an episode. Can't see any reason why Toby and Alys can't join the programme line-up once in a while.
Like many others I am disappointed that the BBC hasn't tried to bring in a popular and experienced gardner. The people AT shared his garden with nearly all were great.We need carisma in our presenters. If we have to have Monty then lets have fair share of material, not a shed load of vegetables!
Monty is so leaden and not at all easy on the eye. The mistakes he made in the script were embarrassing. And remember when he fell in the pond? Is it a new BBC gardening satire?


I cannot see it will make any difference as to who presents the programme as most of the time is spent visiting large estates, which are pointless when you have a small garden, and the rest of the time all you get to see is the presenters face not what they are doing. A change of production would be better.
Can't tell you how glad I am to have Monty back. I was so bored with Toby and Alys. When Monty was on I watched GW every Friday, never missed it, but with Toby I just gave up watching. This is a great Christmas gift. Well done BBC!
How awful - I was so enjoying being able to watch GW since Monty ceased dominating the programme. Toby was excellent - none of the silly waffle only professional, intelligent gardening advice. Alys is superb too. Why has the BBC given in to the popular demand for celebrity rather than letting us have a proper gardener. Oh well I shall be back in my garden rather than watch the ghastly Monty Don twiddle around in his inane and ill informed way. Why can't real gardeners have a programme for themselves with proper presenters? I will give up GW and I will not be renewing my magazine subscription. I will stick to the RHS, HPS and local garden club rather than waste time watching a mere garden fashion programme.
So glad that Monty is to return. I have to admit I have not watched Gardener's World this year - it got so silly with all the giggling etc. Perhaps we'll get back to some real gardening.