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I can't believe this! Rachel is clearly only there because she's beautiful. She has nothing like the experience or knowledge of Toby. As for Monty? well it'll be veg veg and more veg. If there has to be a change, why go backwards and not forwards with brand new presenters? There are lots of people with a good horticultural background who should be given a chance.
Brilliant news! Great getting Monty back, and now we have Carol, Joe and Rachel. I'm also pleased Gardeners' World will now be coming from a real garden. This will make such a difference. Of course it has been nice seeing Carol in her garden, but I've always thought that the home of Gardeners' World should be in the lead presenters garden. Can't wait for the new series to start in the spring!
We had grown to like Toby's approach and always felt that it was an uphill struggle with Monty Don. You would have a job to beat Alan in the job, I could watch him potting up plants forever, it was so relaxing. Shame he did not want the job. Not sure how I feel about the new series, Rachel is more eye candy and roses than much else and Carol bangs on about free plants all the time and not much else, she has got to be good for more than that.
I loved Toby Buckland's style - he was so normal and friendly> He reminded me of Alan Titchmarsh when I first started gardening and watching GW in the second half of the 90s. Now Alan is a more of a celebrity and so is Monty Don which somehow doesn't feel right to me for Gardeners World. I do love Monty Don's other programmes though and I will certainly be very interested to see more of his garden.


cant wait! my friday nights' guilty pleasure will have all my favourites again! well done gardener's world, and thank you! :)
Will we get to see the results of all the work that has been done at Greenacre? When watching this past series I always want to know what it will look like next year. Such a shame... will miss Toby too!
I liked Toby Buckland And Alys Fowler style and im sad thats theres no room for them in the new line up and why Rachel De Theme poor replacement however its nice that Monty is comming back But whats to become of Whiteacers
Hurray, welcome back Monty :) I too would be interested to know what is to become of Greenacers too??? I'm looking for a new greenhouse BBC!
I hope its not a return to veg veg and more veg. GW was just starting to get better again with a wider range of plants.
Do The BBC just not understand that continuity is everything with GW? It was at it's best with Geoff and then Alan in their gardens. This chopping and changing approach both with presenter and garden isn't welcome. I felt Toby was just getting into his stride and just as with Berryfields, Greenacre becomes nothing more than a set! As much as I admire Monty - why go backwards? Perhaps Chris Beardshaw, Matthew Wilson or Keith Wiley could have taken the show to a new level? Disappointed :-(
Really disappointed that there is a step back in the presenting team. Not sure if I will watch the show from now on. Really like the line up as it is now- why change it? Much prefer Toby as lead presenter than Monty. What will happen to Greenacres? We have spent the whole year watching the new projects being set up and its just being dropped because Monty wants the job back. Very dissapointed at the gross waste of money setting up Greenacres was for just a short term series.
Disappointing news. Toby and Alys were very down to earth. Rachel de Thame couldn't be more opposite. And for Greenacres, will we get to see its development?


Reading people believe this is a step back..........I have not watched GW since Monty finished. Toby didn't inspire me at all. Neither did the 'garden from scratch' idea. My garden is established and the idea of watching more basic gardening bored me!! Seeing an established garden on screen again, as well as Monty as lead presenter, will return me as a GW viewer. Good choice of presenters too. Well Done!!
Its a step backwards by the BBC, Toby was a good down to earth presenter.. I was also looking forward to seeing the results at Green acres. Monty's a good bloke and should have just replaced Alys or Rachel as they are the weak links.
Sorry we are losing Toby and Alys felt he was just beginning to make his mark. I don't have much time for Rachel - no offence ! Will be glad to see Monty back though, what will the Beeb do with Grenacre ?
I also may reconsider my Friday evening viewing - just started to warm to Toby and the others - if I do continue to view I am pleased to see Carl Klein will still be around. One definite put off will be if Monty reruns to his previous presenting style of Organic Gardening to the exclusion of any other approach. What a waste of money Greenacres has been.