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I wish we had a gardening show of any ilk or with any presenter here in canada. We were able to get old Gardeners World programs with Geoff Hamilton years ago and i loved them, I have a few of his books that i treasure. I wish we could get some of your GW shows here. lynne
I am so glad that the BBC has bought back Monty.Also it will be a real garden not a made up garden. I use to enjoy HW when it was with Alan and then Monty, but since Monty left I have hardly watched the programme. I will start to wath GW again. And can we have more of Carol Klein. She is brilliant.
IT IS RUDE TO SHOUT ON BLOGS bernie. I will not be welcoming Monty back and think that the BBC editors, producers, assorted lackies are all very stupid to take Toby away for the sake of putting back a tired, old has been instead of encouraging younger gardeners. I even got some of my young pupils watching GW for tips for the school garden. No hope of them watching a stuffy superior c list celeb.
Rude to shout and even ruder of the BBC to get rid of Toby like that. Why?Why?Why have you done this? I adored Toby as he is a brilliant gardener and such a lovely bloke.I love Alys too as she is clever and delightful.You must be mad getting rid of them. Please bring them back. I like this idea of a programme for them. It could be so much better than the formulaic GW which is bound to return to the dreary side now. Please BBC give us Toby and Alys back soon.


Oh no not him. I am so sad that they have taken Toby and Alys away as I really liked them. Please put them back where they belong. I think Monty is dull and he reminds me of a very soppy and creepy bloke from work. I would not want to think about him in my garden.
I understand the BBC charter is to 'Promote education and Learning' how on earth can one learn from an obvious non gardener Monty Don? He doesn't even know how to use a spade properly! I thought the BBC had returned to sanity when they hired Toby, Alys and Carol who are all knowledgeable gardeners. I stopped watching GW because of Monty Dum and will switch off again. Also, why are you giving such a biased view Adam Pasco. In this blog you give two positive comments for Monty and two for Toby a less biased blog would have to give fifty positive comments for Toby and one for Monty, we don't want Monty back because he know nothing about gardening.
Putting Monty back is an act of pure idiocy.Toby, Alys and Greenacres were just perfect.I dont think i'll bother watching until Toby and Alys are back where they belong. Do the BBC even care what the viewers want or do they just do this to flatter monty and to hell with the real gardening fans?
Im with the others. You should never have put Toby by for Monty. Ive grown vegetables with more garden sense than him.He was dull before and will be dull again. You should have left it to Toby who is as bright as anything. Id rather stay in my shed than watch monty dum.
I will not be watching Monty ... miserable and dull, no passion and no sense of humour. Shame on the BBC for bowing to pressure from change averse humbugs! I think Joe Swift, Toby and Alys should defect to another channel and make another gardening programme.
Yea give us Toby, Alys and Joe as I love them all. It would be very rude to say wot I think of Monty but who siad he woz monty Dum is more than right. i will not be able to bare seeing him on Gw so BBc you are all idiots.
Wonderful, wonderful news. At last a proper adult gardening programme to look forward to on a Friday evening. Perhaps the BBC would consider giving Toby a gardening programme on children's TV to satisfy all the adoring fans that have suddenly crept out of the woodwork. Strange how there was no such adulation when he was actually presenting GW!! Welcome back Monty where you belong.
Well 193 you are just so wrong. I can remember letters in Radio Times in praise of Toby a while back. Did you write in and praise monty then? I think Monty is dull and not at all a skilled gardener.Toby is trained in the subject and very capable of putting the gardening across to people at all levels, not just the young that you seem to denegrate. What makes you think Monty is capable of communicating with adults? People were very content with GW and Toby. I imagine that people are complaining on here as they were shocked at what the BBC has done. I have studied gardening at many levels and can assure you that at our College the lecturers were appalled to hear that monty was back to wreck GW and spout garbage.Still if that is what you want you are welcome to him. I will stick to listening to proper gardeners. I do not trust his advice (he is after all a failed jeweller not a trained gardener) and I do not trust the editors or producers of GW , as they are chasing a minor celeb in favour of a real garden expert.
I thought Toby was a great guy on GW. young, intelligent and full of ideas. I would not see the need to let beeb know that any more than I would ring them and tell them that I think the weatherman needs praise. It's not what people do. I would like to let them know that putting back a bloke who was not that good and certainly made the wife and I squirm everytime he said something daft, is a bad move.We stopped watching - that is what people do and we gave it another go when Toby started. It took us a bit to get used to him but in the end we liked him as much as we had Geoff Hamilton. I am disgusted that the beeb has taken him off and we will be giving gw up again with the old bloke being back on.
You are never going to please everybody with a decision like this, but I am VERY much looking forward to seeing Monty back as 'head gardener.' I never warmed to the new style imposed last year despite being a young gardener (which is what the BBC seemed to be aiming at). Carol's new series on her cottage garden is the best gardening show I've enjoyed for a long time (if only it was a little longer) and this decision has just put the icing on the cake. Thank you.


Oh dear not Monty. I am quite at a loss to see what anyone sees in that strange man. He has no great depth of knowledge and can be so impossibly tiresome with his simpering. I did so enjoy Toby with his much easier manner and natural way.I prefer to watch someone younger and brighter in every way. I shall stay in the garden with a glass of wine and not bother to come in and watch when the programme returns. I shall be toasting Toby and fervently hoping that someone in authority will see sense and give him a programme I can enjoy.
I came late to this news which was mentioned in the Scotsman newspaper last week, and am absolutely delighted that Monty Don feels able to take up the reins of GW again. He, like Geoff Hamilton and Carol Klein, comprehends that there is more to a garden than simply filling up spaces with plants. As Anna says, the Carol Klein series is the best for ages with no daft whizz-bang camera work or fake cameraderie of the sort we endured in recent GW series.
Read about this on the beeb news site. Terrible news.Toby et al were just great and I will miss them all. I find monty very difficult and bit waffy so I am going to give it all a miss from now on. What twits did this?
Disaster strikes no more GW for us either.Love Alys, Toby and Carol. Can get the Carol fix on her solo jobs but Toby and Alys I will miss loads. Monty is a prize fool and I was glad when he went.Still spose I can look forward to him going again sometime. Wonder if Gw will survive that long
There is obviously a need for different styles and levels of gardening. Why can't Toby and Alys carry on in the Greenacres garden with big design ideas and back to basics for new gardeners say on BBC3 or BBC4? There are many areas of gardening and even the best of us need to return to basics sometimes or get new ideas. I don't agree with all the arguements going around with the changes. All presenters bring their own ideas and personality into the gardens.