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We all made mock vomiting when it was mentioned at college( i'm doing horticulture) and the comments from the lecturers were dire. They have no respect for him and we were warned not to pay attention to any of his advice. Perhaps GW is just for old women who fancy old men in cords now. The BBC is mad and should bring back TOBY. What is going to happen to Greenacres now ?
Yuck Monty don.WHY? Toby was great why go back to the past? Is GW a nostalgia thing now?
Excellent news, he is truly inspiring and I have transformed our garden as a result, welcome back Monty.
Can't help thinking there is something 'employment law' related about this re-appointment. If he was replaced for medical reasons originally, is he not reclaiming his original contract if he is now fit for work? I can't believe the producers would bring back someone who clearly polarised opinion when he was originally presenting. There has to be something more to it. You say you're responding to the core viewers? I have watched Gardeners World for 20 years and find Monty the least enjoyable presenter of all. Clearly, i'm not the core then? This appears to be the last death throws of GW. You don't go forward by going back to something which was unconvincing previously.
I am delighted that Monty is back gardeners world has been totally boring with Toby and Alys. Infact I had stopped watching it and I am now really looking forward to watching it again on Fridays with Monty carol and Joe. Well done BBC and welcome to Monty Carol and Joe and good luck with the new series.Monty it will be great to see you back.


great news that monty is back but in his absence Toby and the team have done a fantastic job
having just read some of the Blogs i do find some comments a little harsh.i first started watching Gardeners world when the Great Geoff Hamilton presented and in my eyes there is no one better but all the presenters since have done an equally sterling job but we all have our own favourite and our own ideals and the the presenters fit in with that-come on Gardners of Britain your sounding like the Politicians of this country--lets agree to disagree but lets not forget we all love to garden , whovever presents the programme !
With Monty back and no news of Toby and Alys getting their own gardening programme I'll be watching Alan Titchmarsh on ITV.
We amy all enjoy gardening but we do not all want to watch Monty.My partner and I have decided that this is the end of our watching GW. Neither of us watched much when he was on before as he was so uninspiring. We began again with Toby and Alys and we both loved it. But no more as we do not think the show should go back to the old style. Shame as we did enjoy it. Silly move BBC.
Absolutely delighted that Monty Don is to return to GW. I too will be returning to watch. Unfortunately, for the last couple of years it has been total rubbish! Great to have you back Monty!
I hadn't spotted that, bry_1 (249). It'll be good to have a garden programme fronted by a gardener. Why didn't the BBC think of that?
A garden programme with a real gardener presenting is exactly what was there with Toby and Alys. Why any sensible person would bother to watch Monty - he is not a trained gardener merely an amateur like the rest of us, is beyond reason. It is a very retrograde move and I do not see why gardeners should be fobbed off with 3rd rate information from a non expert. Toby should have been allowed to develope the programme in a more mature style. I expect that the powers in GW were trying to dumb him down knowing they were going to reduce us to Monty.
Why on earth have the BBC given the job of gardeners world to Monty Don - he has no sense of humour and is too up himself to relate to the average gardener. Still I suppose he will get his garden done at the licence payers expense. Toby and Alys were down to earth and not frightened to get their hands dirty unlike Rachael De Tame and I think it is a shame they have been shafted by the BBC - they didnt deserve it. I would also like to know what is happening with Greenacres after spending to much money on it.
Whoa what madness from the BBC this time.Monty don was just about up to that craft programme he did. He should never be let loose on the nations gardeners again.Toby and Alys were brill - just right at every level. They could show beginners and they had all the right qualifications to teach the more expert so why swop them for a bloke who is a right poser and just wants to get his garden redone at our cost? I was really mad when I read his article and told the newspaper shop not to deliver it again. I will not watch until we get real folk back and that should be Toby and Alys. Mind you if I were them I would not trust the BBC GW team further than I could throw a welly.


Seems Monty is writing his own comments now 'truly inspiring' 'Absolutely delighted' 'comments a little harsh'. No they are not a little harsh we don't want you back because we can't learn from you. It's similar to a few weeks ago when the BBC introduced Dara O Briain and Jonathan Ross on Star Gazing Live which interrupted one of the best natural presenters on TV Professor Brian Cox. Keep the comedy acts on comedy programs and leave the educational programs to people who understand their subject.
I am a 27-year-old female gardener with two allotments and a small garden of my own and I think that HAVING MONTY BACK IS MOST EXCELLENT!!! Toby and Alys were great but having Monty back is not a step back for the sake of the old-timers...I want to see real gardeners in real gardens that I can aspire to...I can get the basics from any good book, its the tried and tested practical hands on stuff that (mostly) inexperienced gardeners like me need to see. I accidentally came across Monty chitting potatoes whilst channel-flipping one friday night and he inspired me to get out into the garden. I haven't looked back since. I think he's an awe-inspring man and well done to the BBC for admitting they got it wrong and making the change, just brilliant!
While the BBC screws up again with a retrograde step, ITV is introducing a gardening program hosted by a real gardener Alan Titchmarsh with Alys Fowler. I am not that keen on the adverts but anything is better than Monty.
BBC messes it all up. How untrustworthy they are these days. Once upon a time we could rely on the BBC to put on proper experts but now it is all froth and bling. I expect to learn from a programme not to be droned at by some bloke who knows very little more than the average gardener. I expect expert advice not just pretty pictures and some twerp who the BBC quite like because middle aged women fancy him. Toby was just the right man for the job - if they had not made him do those silly 30 minute fixes. He is properly qualified and I could learn a lot from him. The BBC are degenerating in to a bunch of disorganised populist bling chasers and I will not watch as they ruin what was a good programme.
Thank goodness Montys back..I for one will begin to enjoy GW again instead of feeling I out to be out buying monstrously expensive exotic ferns and once a lifetime flowering something or others !!