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We are,as a gardening family, very pleased to see Monty back heading the team on Gardners World. Having been avid viewers through Alan Tichmarsh's tenancy, we were so pleased when Monty took over, and the programme just got better & better. When Monty had to leave, we all thought that the format change was a disaster and Toby and his team had been told how to present the programme by what seemed to be a non-gardening production team. It's sad that things didn't work out for him, but we're all overjoyed to see Monty back at the helm. We think that Gardener's World just jumped back to the top of our viewing list, and we all wish Monty and the team good luck for the new series
February is the month I renew my television licence. Sometimes I begrudge the expense, but this year it will be worth every penny because of the return of Monty to GW and also his long awaited programme on Italian gardens. So good to have you back, Monty.
I'm really looking forward to Monty's return on Gardeners World. I never missed an episode when he presented the show before and when my own efforts in the garden went wrong, I was always inspired to keep on 'trying' after watching Monty Don's enthusiasm on Gardeners World. Welcome back, Monty.
Gardeners world in the past, always presented a well balanced, practical,down to earth approach to gardening especially with Geoff and Alan. Although there were teething troubles getting the format right when Toby took over, it was getting there.Now with the prog.moving to Monty's garden I feel that we are only going to get the one aspect of gardening, ORGANIC, as that is how he gardens,passsionately. I do not mind being educated on the organic side of gardening, being shown the advantages it may have, and too try them out, but we need un-bias fact giving details, therefore giving us the option to choose in which way we garden. I do not want to be preached at by a 'holier than thou' presenter. As for his comment on not going to a garden centre for 10 years, well not everyone is lucky enough to have gardens large enough to grow everything from stratch, or the time. comments like that can suggest that only lesser beings visit these places. The BBC needs to get this programme back to its roots, giving us an informative, educational, interesting, and inspiring gardening prog. with an un-bias presenting. Also basing all projects on a bugdet the ordinary person can afford, in the recent past the cost of these has been well out of the reach of peoples pockets. Remember most of us garden as a hobby, not as a way of life with unlimited funds. As for bring back Rachael de Theme, WHY, shes not a gardener in the real sense of the word,shes a presenter, showing up at Chelsea, to TALK about gardens,(never seen her get her hands dirty) and thats about it. Unlike Carol, now there is someone who has a wealth of knowledge, an abundance of enthusisum,which is catching, and not afraid to get down and dirty. So come on BBC, get your act togeather, otherwise you will be finding the viewers voting with the OFF button on their T.Vs.
Having read most of the comments on Monty Don's return, I'm not sure I envy either him or Toby Buckland their position as (former) presenter to such a critical-minded audience. It's disheartening to see people being condemned for their preferences and personal style. I will enjoy seeing Monty Don back on screen. His approach to gardening suits me very well. Does that mean I think less of Toby Buckland as a presenter or gardener? Certainly not; and furthermore, I don't feel qualified to judge in either respect. And does my preference for Monty over Toby make me intellectual, posh or rich? Ha, I wish. Well, the rich part, anyway. I'd quit my job and garden all day in my stamp-sized piece of this planet :). So am I then an old woman with a thing for corduroy and veg? Nah. I'll take woollies and aquilegia's any day of the week. And I'm not even middle-aged, thank you very much. But, you know, even if I were all those terrible things - old, corduroy-loving, rich and looking down my nose at hoi polloi -, would I deserve a tongue-lashing such as some writers here have been giving Toby or Monty? I think not. So here's wishing for some more mild-minded comments!


I have looked through these passionate pleas and come to one conclusion. As with The Old Grey Whistle and Top of the Pops the BBC have decided to get rid of GW as it has run it's course. It is no longer fit for purpose and they are giving it one last gasp by retreating to an old presenter. They do this all the time with tired lold programmes. Time this was long gone. I think this is the death knell of GW. I just hope that Toby gets the new programme.
Think you got a good point there Greenboots. Putting a presenter on that is going to insult the viewers with his condesending 'my way is the only way' to garden is a good way to get the ratings down, so they can give it the axe with a clear concious. Shame on them. I really used to enjoy the prog. Good job I still got Beechgrove to watch.
Whatever happens this year, this debate has shown us that gardening is in essence a very personal thing, and, as with everything close to your hart, it is very difficult to discuss it without emotion. I think the BBC made a huge mistake letting Alys go, so Alys, if you're reading this: keep up the good work, so the BBC has to come crawling back to you with a big sack of money in a couple of years time. And Toby: thank you for being you, please don't let this get you down, I truly think you were ahead of your time.
Shame on you BBC. Toby & Alys were a breath of fresh air and the nearest thing to Alan you could find. Monty is boring and arrogant, I for one will not be watching!!!!
I agree - the BBC and Gw in particular have really made a mess of this. Green boots is probably right that this it a downward slide to terminating GW. After what the producers have done it is now well past its use by date.Putting back a previous presenter smacks of desparation and is doomed to failure. Monty dragged it down before and divided passionate gardeners then and even more so now. Toby was a distinct improvement but without him it will sink into the abyss of very dull and due to end programmes. End it now before we all regret it sinking so low. Give us a real programme and give us Toby back in charge.
We are delighted to hear of Monty's return to GW and are counting down the days to Friday, 11 March. Spring has even more of a special meaning this year!!
Oh BBC how can you let us down like this? It is probably true that this is the last series - it will not be worth watching. Toby was so badly let down by the inane simplification of the format by the editorial/production team. A great guy unable to do his job because of other people being in charge. The solution was to let him do it his way not to replace him with the hackneyed old format that Monty will do. Time to finish it before we all die of boredom. I will not be joining the retro GW - I prefer to remember better times and hope this is all over soon. It will probably be in the next round of financial cut backs. How the BBC can afford to pay for Greenacres and then to do up Montys garden is a puzzle to me.
Quite barmy letting Toby go and putting back Monty. I'm going to ditch the programme and may be the BBC should too if they sink so low as to do this. Toby is a great guy and a good gardener. I hope we see him soon.
No NO NO! Just heard that Toby's gone and Montys back. What a shame, Monty is unatural on screen and I find difficult to watch. I always got the impression that he felt he was superior to the rest of the team previously, why go backwards?
We can't believe you've changed the presenter back to Monty Don. Toby and the team work fantastically together and are the reason why we started to watch GW again. Sadly, neither of us can stand to watch Monty Don and his forced enthusiasm and hence, we won't be tuning in for this series.


Welcome back Monty. A brilliant presenter, gardener and totally decent all round bloke. Who cares about those who won't be tuning in any more. There will be plenty who will.
Miaow catmint - the BBC should care for all the viewers not just the celebratory few who are so needy that they have to have a so called celebrity allegedly gardening on screen. Apart from that I just wanted to add my voice to the many who feel that the BBC have treated Toby in a mean ans shabby way. I think he was so good and I hope we will see him again soon.Also tend to agree with those that reckon that the programme is due for the chop.
It's not the presenter its the content. There are experienced gardeners out here so how about moving the programme on a bit from sowing seeds, propogation, planting a shrub which have all been done to death. We could have stuff on the science of gardening, botany etc. A five minute slot covering things like 'how does the water get to the top of the tree', what happens at fertilisation/pollination, what's happening when you take a cutting - the list is endless. Go on Monty - give us a more indepth programme for goodness sake.
Thank goodness there is still a GW to lift our spirits on a Friday night. Why are we so obsessed with personality when the real inspiration comes from growing your own garden and learning from others more able than yourself. Lets see some more viewers' gardens in GW who share what they have learned - how they overcame specific problems, such as improving their soil and planting in the right place. Our gardens are precious places for all time, not fleeting fancies subject to the whims of celebrity
I am So pleased to be returning to Monty in his own garden.BEST MOVE EVER. Can't wait. For me there is just not enough gardening programmes on tv. We need seperate Veg one for sure. . So I don't have to plough thru stuff I'm not into. MORE GARDENING PLEASE. .