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can we PLEASE have a series of programs based on improving a regular garden ... i have a 101 questions regarding developing our garden ... just spent £3k on basic (boring)structure now need to infill ... plants are expensive ... growing from plugs/seeds. need someone to walk through it and answer my questions. spent £20k on last garden so would like to inject unusual plants in this reconditioned one. a tv prog like Gardener's Question Time on BBC4 is what i need!
Hi Monty (362) might I suggest a really great gardener I know of, and would thoroughly recommend, Toby Buckland. He always had stacks of great, innovative ideas and knew his stuff really well. I think you can find recordings of his programmes on his followers Dvd/ Humax and I am sure they would be delighted to make sure you got some good advice. I agree that you obviously need all the help you can get. Oh Nedbeau I think you will find Montys rake on www.really expensive garden tools you can buy with bbc
I am delighted to see Monty Don back at Gardeners World. He has a great garden!It is really inspiring. A pity that the program is only 30 minutes. I do'nt understand all the negative comments of people who think they can do a better job themselves. Keep up the good work Monty and team! Kind regards from the Netherlands!
Just watched program 8 on bbc i player. The planting up of a wet area was a total fabrication of deceit. It was obvious that everything had recently been dug over and bits of plants replanted. Now Monty was digging up some of these already replanted plants and splitting them and replanting them once more. Do the producers think we are stupid. And the comments about why Monty likes to have weeds in his garden REALLY!! Cow parsley is a perennial and must have been there for years showing that this garden has not been cared for in a long time. Weeds produce millions of seeds and this is why you must eradicate them. Bring back a real knowledgable gardener as a presenter PLEASE!!


So shocked that this is still running. monty is dragging GW down to the muddy depths. And Linda from Netherlands - the Dutch are supposed to like gardens. I do hope the Floriade will be better than monty on GW or I will just give up and hide in my shed. Toby was so much better than this rubbish.
I don't understand what all the criticism is about with Monty Don. He's a natural gardener, and a delight as a presenter. He informs, rather than entertains. And that's surely what all gardeners need - the why's, the where's and the how's of gardening. I now genuinely look forward to GW, which I haven't done for a while! After watching MD, I am always inspired to get back into the garden and crack on with the work.Those who do not like his style or approach can get a 30 minute head start on me by working in the garden rather than watching the programme and then complaining.
in reply to Lawson: " he informs". Well so far, we've seen he doesn't prune his apples properly , nor his currants, nor his fig and that he clips box when frost is likely and that his " jewel garden " ( pretentious?? ) was " over-run with bindweed" and had to be dug out. I'd rather be "informed" by someone who knows what he's / she's talking about. Clearly Monty Don does what he likes regardless of good gardening practice.
What a treat it's been this week watching all the programmes from RHS Chelsea. Gardening programmes for my wife and I to view are rare these days since we stopped watching Gardeners World or should I say the Monty Don show. Maybe the BBC have realised what a major blunder they made kicking Toby Buckland unceremoniously into touch. He has done a great job at Chelsea both on the daytime show and the red button link. Alan Tichmarsh obviously gets on well with Toby and possibly had some influence in his return to the BBC. It maybe worth watching this space to see what evolves. The most certain thing is that Monty Don has to go and leave national garden programmes to experts.
Whoo-ooo Alans back on - at long last thank god!! 8pm this Friday 10th June. I cannot wait, at last something to watch regarding gardening. I saw the trailer the other evening and it looks fab it really does. Nothing against Monty, i just choose not to watch him as his style is not for me and he does not inspire me and his voice drones on about - well i can't recall! Alan wears the Crown and Carol wears the Tiara - sorry, moment of over -excitedness there lol.
Halleujah - Alans back on the box doing what he does best, gardening for us the viewers. Can't wait. Sofa's booked along with the tea & biccies. Great stuff.


Thankyou-there is a God then?! Alan back on the t.v. and gardening, what more could we ask for? Perfect simply perfect.
YES it had to be!!!! My son has just found this current thread & informed me about this Fridays'itv new gardening series-wonderful news, i can come back in from my greenhouse & shed again on Friday nights now, it was a bit chilly in them.
At last a gardening programme to enjoy- last nights Love Your garden c/o Mr Titchmarsh. Love, loved every second of it, brilliant stuff, even my hubby sat down to watch it with me and thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Inspirational, understandable, professionally presented, watchable & all round excellent. Will def be watching the whole series as will all of my gardening friends after discussing it with them this morning. I also watched Mr Dons show afterwards and there simply is no comparison. Yes they are are different entities but they are miles apart re the important stuff i.e the presentation, content and instruction. Sorry but there simply is no contest-Alan still very obviously wears the T.V. gardeners crown.
Yep couldn't agree more, just made a coffee after watching my last nights recording of the new Alan T programme, and my future recording link for gardening programme will now be itv's Love Your Garden. Wonderful programme which was highly watcheable and i didn't fall asleep once! 10/10 itv.