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You might aswell of got Ronald Macdonald to do the show, Good luck Toby you will be missed.
What a shame Toby is going. The last series was much better and I thought Toby and Alys were good together. Monty Don is ok but I hope we wont be hearing about veggies all the time, thats all he seems interested in. I agree the programme should be an hour, 30 minutes is not long enough. Good luck Toby.
Sorry Monty Don doesn't work for me either (in common with the majority of postings I note, I've counted them!)I prefer to be informed by someone like Toby, Alys, Chris, Carol, Alan and the late, great Geoff. I could faithfully rely on what they told me as they are well-trained, well-informed, up-to-date with the latest news, reliable presenters. Monty has shot himself in the foot with his own misguided comments once too often to be reliable in his knowledge.
Just checked Wikapeadia site for Monty Don and he contradicts himself by stating he has had a LIFELONG passion for gardening when he stated on a Gardener's World programme that he hated gardening when he was younger and didn't grow into it until he was older. Can he never make his mind up?


This is great, just recently wrote on a survey that Monty should be back to host Gardeners World, even better at his own place, good luck to him by the way Jane manure is good for the garden !
While its good news - did anybody think of Carol Klein instead of Toby in the first place?
I'm sure the next series of GW will be fine, but I find this pandering to the vocal and whinging "core" audience a bit pathetic. I am happy to make sweeping generalisations in assuming this core audience are mainly middle aged, daily mail reading, change fearing and because they are the loudest moaners their demands are met. And now I've resorted to moaning as well, I almost feel sorry for the production team.
As the show will be coming from Monty's own garden does that mean we are going to be limited to what Monty likes? After all would he want a border at home that was not to his taste? I for one find his style very irritating and would prefer to be educated and entertained by a 'proper' gardener who has done his/her time at college and earned a living in the real i am middle aged so supposedly his target audience.
How many people tune into the show every week? How can the producers keep everyone happy? At least they are trying new things and trying to make everyone happy. If you learn anything from the show, no matter who presents it, then job done. Now get out in that garden of yours and quit bickering on a forum!
I'm looking forward to the new series. Monty Don has always come across as a passionate gardener. Even though I don't share some of his tastes (it would be a boring world if we all liked the same plants) I respect him for his literate and emotional views on gardening and the natural world. His writings are a joy to read and I'd recommend his books to everyone. Why not two gardening programmes a week? There are umpteen cookery programmes PER DAY!! Perhaps Carol could present a more in-depth programme, say, on specific plants. She has proved to be more than capable as evidenced in her previous one hour specials.
Great news, maybe back to basics without the fancy talk, from a real garden. NOT from some big field that none of us has got
So we're all agreed - more gardening shows needed. There are four channels on the BBC and we only get a regular 30 minutes a week. As a newer gardener I liked Toby's advice and enthusiam and felt the team together worked well to cover skills from different areas. Is there a possibility of Toby being given a show tailored to amateur gardeners? It would work well with Alys and Joe able to give advice in their areas. Biffy, agreed about the cooking shows. BBC have just had a rap on the knuckles about not having enough variety. They could also replace one of the housing shows.
To keep everybody happy why doesn't the BBC produce annually the Gardener's World series as a BBC dvd? That way everybody can keep their own favourite presenter and programmes. Everything else is on dvd and to have a set of dvds covering the past ten/twenty years would be a fantastic asset to any gardener, especially during the dark months of winter. Come on BBC, let us have them!
I agree there should be more gardening programs. After all, even schools have gardens for the children to learn gardening nowadays. It will not be possible to please all of the people all of the time but there is so much to learn and so much beauty to see that a daily dose of gardening on the box would not be too much, provided it is shown after dark. The B.B.C. must remember we gardeners are outside in all weathers during daylight hours.


I've been a fan of Gardener's World since the days of Percy Thrower. Of all the presenters, Monty is the one I liked least and found him to be of little use in the garden so I was not happy to hear of his return. I am also sorry that Alys is leaving. Another thought is to bring back Pippa Greenwood. Her advice on pest & diseases is now even more important as all the useful chemicals are now banned!
I agree we need more gardening programmes,and i also agree that they need to be shown after dark,one with Toby at the healm,and also stop having the two week breaks in GW,for other programmes.Come on BBC wake up and give us what we want.
Thrilled to have Monty back - his pace and delivery perfect for the programme. I have stopped watching since Toby et al took over - sorry, but it's true. Thank goodness the Beeb have seen sense.
I am really sorry that Toby Buckland is leaving Gardeners' World. I have so enjoyed the ways he presents the programme and usually follow his common sense advice. I think it takes time for people to adapt to change and I don't think the BBC gave him enough time.
I've just seen that Alys is leaving too. What are you thinking of BBC? Both Toby and Lays have been great and such fun.