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Love Your Garden,love the programme, love Alan, love having something to watch about gardening and gardening ideas for real gardens at long long last.
Wow what a difference eh? No contest really is there, stands out a mile. Behold the professional at work Alan Titchmarsh.
I watched Love Your Garden then flipped over to Montys show god what a difference.It was really rather depressing after watching Alans professional programme it has to be said.Sorry BBC but i know which gardening programme i will be sticking with from now on.
Guess where the U.K.'s Summer 2011 garden inspiration ideas will be hailing from then? Not a hard one to work out. Certainly won't be Montys place (apols can't remember his places name) that's for sure. What a difference between the programmes. Alans was classic himself at his best doing what he does best, presenting immaculately, instructing correctly and so amiable with it all. Can't wait for the next programme.
Just finished watching the second programme on the ITV Player of Alan's "Love your Garden". Although it's a breath of fresh air during these gloomy days of not having Gardeners World to watch, since the reintroduction of the untrained, untalented and boring Monty Don, I feel Alans programme is a little weak in content. To rearrange some stones around a garden pond and erect two wicker fence panels is somewhat less than constructive, educational gardening. I believe ITV are missing out on a great opportunity to completely overshadow BBC's GW and make them understand once and for all, the error they have made in bringing back Monty Don. I feel sure that with a top class, trained presenter fronting a real gardening programme, ITV could have a long running winner on their hands. Alan's half hour, weekly slot is scheduled for about eight episodes as far as I know, so now is the time to be thinking of a permanent follow up.


Not a fan of Monty as a presenter on Gardeners World as he clearly doesn't have a clue about gardening. However, I notice Beechgrove Garden is now available on iPlayer. Last week the front man Jim told you how to look after tomatoes, very informative I will be watching again. I also think the Alan Titchmarsh is worth watching at least you know the advice is correct and you are not going to murder your plants!
I tend not to watch ITV as a dedicated BBC viewer but I am tempted. i resent having to give up GW but without a proper informed presenter such as Toby I stopped watching. Monty just hasn't a clue and the BBC blundered putting him back.
I prefer to watch alan titchmarsh and also the old garders world on blighty. Monty Don sometimes seems to just waffle on sometimes that has nothing to do with what he is doing. sorry gardeners world.
Well! Just found all these comments. What a pity Alan clashes with Monty - except if you have Freeview you can see Alan an hour later and see both... I love Monty and Alan. I'm afraid I felt Toby was for novice gardeners rather than Gardener's World regulars who tend to know how to plant seeds but there's no reason why the BBC couldn't give Toby another slot on a different evening. I don't feel old but I originally watched Percy Thrower who, also, was lovely.
Monty Don is boring and pompous, watching Gardeners World has become a chore, an amazing achievment for the BBC to turn enthusiastic gardeners away from one of the only gardening programmes around. If the problem was that the information was too basic, then change the content, not the presenter. Monty comes across as superior and distant and far too flowery. He would be better suited to writing a book of odes to a buttercup or comfrey etc. Monty my compost!
can anyone tell me where Monty Don got that flat rake he used on Gardeners world on 29th July 2011? It seems to be the ideal rake for preparing a new lawn area. Thanks. mikep
Well I have defected to Alan - Monty is dull and appears to know absolutely nothing about real gardening. The Alan prog on ITV is basic but at least accurate. I just want Toby and Alys back.All this stuff about Toby being basic is just what gardeners want - if you already know it all then just watch Monty for a laugh. I still need to learn stuff and the tutors at college tell us to disbelieve everything Monty says as it will be wrong. He just waffles and spends money. Give us a proper prog. Too much cookery on TV and no real gardening - that is just not fair.
I'm pleased that Monty is back; I couldn't stand Alys always munching and that awful crop of red hair. No, I'm not jealous, mine was red too!
I can't understand why there are so many negative comments about Monty, I think he is a natural and he makes mistakes like most of us, so what if he isn't trained most gardeners aren't, keep up the good work Monty, I look forward to Friday evenings and much prefer to have Monty in a real garden, which has real problems.
In Holland everyone loves Monty Don. we love him. hes a great teacher and expresses everything clearly Thanks Monty never leave us we need you


My garden is not a brown field site, it has been there for many years but is still not the way I would like to see it. So to go back to the idea of presenting GW from an established garden and showing how to change and improve it is just what I want from a gardening programme. Also, for me, gardening is all about growing plants myself, not filling my borders with nursery grown plants. When I want a new (to my garden) plant I will buy one from the garden centre then propogate lots more from that single plant. So to go back to a programme that teaches me the best methods of pruning, propogation and plant maintenance will be a welcome change. And as for Monty, I've met him several times at GW Live and found him to be a very charming, friendly gentleman and certainly not pompous and I have always enjoyed his style of presentation. Monty, welcome back, I shall look forward to watching you, Carol, Rachel and Joe next spring.
Hi i have three Camelias and one sheds its leaves and before blooming loses its buds,the leaves go a light green where the other plants are thriving can you give me some ideas on what i can do?i have tried feeding but to no avail.

Monty is lovely.  A real pleasure to watch and excellent to learn from. 

In the series before last (when Monty wasn't presenting) I found myself turning off...largely due to the content and the style of presentation.  I seem to recall a race to make a hanging basket out of some old metal?!!

 I was sooo glad when Monty returned and the content reverted back to being relevant and interesting. 

Just my thoughts, I watched Alan Titchmarsh I love my garden & thought it was dreadful, a sort of make over programme, which was false, contrived & full of advertising to make you spend money! I watched it once & that was enough

I will be looking forward to the Gardeners World starting including Monty.


thing is about alan thought he was a true gardener, but its like he.l do any thing for money these days its like is tv shows and its a bit tv ,well we got monty don whos be ill ,but hes back also lets not forget about carol who i adore for her hard work so my thoughts hear are who do we listen to for advice (MONTY) (CAROL) (ALAN) me Monty & Carol