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I don't mind who presents the program,but I do particularly enjoy watching Carol Klein.


I just wish if they were going to change presenters that they'd have picked Carol Klein! But the downfall of GW came, as far as I'm concerned, when it went from an hour to 30 minutes.  Whoever they trundle out as the 'front man now', it aint as good as it used to be, blink and you miss it. 

I agree with you Botticelliwoman, I wish it had an hour slot

I'm another one who agrees with a hour long programme, after all what is one hour out of a whole weeks TV... if we were lucky enough ever to get an hour back it would be a great idea to have 2 main presenters, then those that are not to keen on Monty (I'm one), would be satisfied as well. Carol would defo be my choice, her sheer enthusiasm and the way she uses the English language to describe things is wonderful and makes me want to get out there in my garden no matter how horrid the weather is. Luckily where I live I get Beechgrove too, so in a way I do get an hour, but still, went compared how much air time is given to other interests us gardeners are grossly undercatered for...

An hour slot of gardening on the beeb a week please! The subject is SO vast even an hour wouldn't do it justice. Also what happens to GW when the winter comes? I always think there is much that could be covered in the winter months that would enable us gardeners to be better prepared for the year ahead. Proper design instruction - measuring up etc.., analysing your soil, interviews with well known horticultural greats of this country, interviews with ordinary gardeners, plant collections, seed growers, tool makers, landscape artists, etc....etc...The argument about which presenters the public 'like' in my opinion is a waste of time. They ALL bring something different to the programme and that is extremely valuable. If there were more presenters NOT less than maybe the pressure would be off the main 3, AND the winter months could be covered very successfully. Wake up BBC gardening is going to be even MORE significant than ever in the future,-  growing food, wildlife, and education. Our grandchildren won't thank us if we neglect this area. 


I am delighted that Monty is back. He has an easy appealing way and I learn a lot from him. I dont agree with the comments about his knowledge levels. There is so much contradiction between the experts once you get tcuked into books and shows. You'll never get consensus.

Carol drives me to distraction. her enthusiasm is just a bit over the top.

My problem with all of these shows is that they dont deal with reality. I humbly invite GW to come to my garden which has been carved from pencil covered wih about 2 inches of rubbish. Watching Monty plant something makes me sick. 3 goes with a spade and viola ther's the hole. I have to carve holes and actually use an arc welder's pick and/or a mallet. I have no decent soil and have to buy and bring in endless compost and manure.

in fact if ever there was something GW could do, iy would be to discuss soil conditioning and how to improve it. I am sick of statements like "add lime". How much? What is lime? what does it do?
Avs0020, shall I ask Monty to come around? I share your views bout Carol....too over the top but she knows her stuff. If she "calmed" down a bit I think she would be brilliant.
Gardening Grandma

I certainly agree that GW does not always deal with reality. I'd love to see more from small gardens with real gardeners who do not have a degree in horticulture or lots of money to spend and who have carved out a beautiful, productive plot. I'd like to see how they over came problems like a poor view or being overlooked, how they maximised their space and how they deal with poor soil and builders rubble, etc. I'd still like the other features, just grounded by seeing the kind of gardens that most of us actually have.

Hi Monty'
I am currently staying in cantoria in Spain and have just returned from this mornings local market with a selection on runner bean & tomato plants they will be packed in the case on my return to England!


Hi Glenn

Hi I know it's not GW truly, but where do I get a list of the gardens Monty visited in the French series. We have watched it several times and our French is not that good with names!


'He who digs the holes'

Monty has mentioned or named a weed used for fertilizer
Farmers grow it and it it he fields and plough it in. I cannot think of the name and wonder if some one can tell me

Hi Antonia - I think you're referring to green manures.  There are several different types of plant used for this purpose, depending on the time of year and for how long it is to remain growing in the plot. 

There's lots of information here 

I hope that's helpful 

Hiya I have rust on my lavatera bushes , how do i get rid of it ?


Hiya Jane

wrong thread really but who cares?  

Cut lavatera back hard now and remove every leaf from the soil.  Mulch with compost to create a clean surface 


A Half-hour of GW? Pity us Woodworkers. We get absolutely zilch, unless it's a by-product of another programme, like Monty did a while back. Cookery? Awash with it, making celebrities of pretty average cooks! Sickening.!


If you are a Kitchen Artist Fairygirl, then I apologise, but you must admit there are quite a number of chefs and cookery shows  (ad nauseum) on British TV... And I won't even go near the antiques subject!


Wobbly.   :)


No need to apologise wcogs. 

I'd agree with you about cookery shows though