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Just found out that Monty's on his way back.I don't mind this but not at the expense of toby. I found him very enthusiastic and enjoyed his style of presenting.I must admit that I won't really miss Alys as she did'nt really bring anything to the programme.(did'nt like her own show about the vegi's because of the "ARTY" style.) I'm not surprised monty is glad to be presenting from his own garden, hey who would'nt, all that gardening done at the license payers expense.Does this mean that Greenacres is now to be scrapped after all the money that was spent.NOW FOR SOME ADVICE FOR THE BBC... If you really care for the viewers opinions, prune out half of those stupid cookery shows and give us much more garding programes through out the year
As a youngish gardener, I used to watch Monty, before I even had a garden to garden in, back in the days when I would borrow a border from my parents. But I didn't like the the style of the programme when Toby took over. So used to Sky + and skim through the progamme to find anything of relevance to my new garden. I now own yet another new garden, but will be watching the programmes all the way through now that Monty is back. So just because you are young and inexperienced doesn't mean the Toby style of programme catered for us!
So sorry Toby is going, wasnt too pleased when he first joined GW but he has definitely grown on me. He is a bit like Geoff Hamilton, who I thought was great, a down to earth gardener for the normal person. Have never taken to Monty Don, dont like his manner of gardening. I prefer a Toby or Carol Klein type who is passionate about their craft. Cant they have an alternative program?? Wont be bothered about watching GW in future. How about a few more gardening programs we only seem to have the one at the moment.
Having watched GW since the days of Geoff Hamilton I have to say I've taken time to get used to any of the new presenters including Alan and Monty. Each have their own styles and charm and I eventually warmed to them. I guess it's more because I'm a GW fan. The same could be said for Toby who I thought had more of a Geoff style (back to basics) who after the initial production changes started to bed in nicely (pardon the pun ) I just don't understand the thinking behind this current change? OK viewing figures had gone down but they had been declining anyway, people were over exposed to garden makeover programmes and eventually switched off (yes and that includes the likes of Alan - Ground Force anyone? He saw the end coming and got out ) Monty no doubt will do what he does best, be Monty. Whether viewers will come back in their droves is debatable. Looking at previous posts many of the younger gardeners who related to Toby and Alys will be lost. Anyway I know I'll continue to watch no doubt, but I do feel sorry for two young and talented gardeners who have been cast aside because their faces didn't appear to fit, but in my view weren't given enough time to prove themselves. Good luck to the pair of them and hope to see them on our tv screens soon.
I agree with the comments that toby is like the great geof hamilton,(easily the best presenter ever) with his back to basics approach.I have been watching GW for many many years and am not what you would call one of the young brigade being 49 but would rather have have toby and pals over monty any day.Don't get me wrong I like monty but he just doesn't fill you with the same inspiration.


absolutly thrilled that monty is returning to gw. the last series was really boring, sky+ it so could fastforwards most of it. because there was a lot of short films/docs, i felt that they didn't have enough content for the presenters to get through the show so they filled it with other things. boring boring boring. "BRING IT ON MONTY (AND KEEP WELL)" XX
funny this is...last year Monty stated in an interview that he would never return to GW, even if asked to go back. And it has also come to light that the Greenacre plot is on a 10 year lease, even the University that leased the land did not know the TV series was being moved. So, again the BBC wastes our money like its going out of fashion, the site should have been able to mature, unlike the programmes producers. Do they not realise that Percy Thrower did the show from a stage garden, and so did Geoff Hamilton whom many did not like when he started his ground from scratch. My TV license should be split with the other channels as it shows the BBC has no respect for TV fee payers. Too much money, not enough brains or passion to stick with an idea..sack the show's producers and lets have GW on twice a week, instead on Eastenders (which is a braindead progamme) and show Toby on one show and Monty on the other. I wonder if Alan says he'll come back will they drop Monty like a hot potato (sorry for veg joke,lol). A very frustrated viewer (and hopefully one day lead presenter on GW) Ken ;)
I am extremely disappointed that Monty Don will be returning to Gardener's World. I do not like his style of presenting which I find slightly condescending. What the BBC have done is reinstated a presenter that generally (though not exclusively) appeals to the over 50's. I am 32. I love gardening and like to think I have a reasonable level of knowledge about it. I spend the vast majority of my spare time gardening yet I live on a new housing estate so do not have the room for a greenhouse so am unable to do a great deal of propogation. The fact that there are comments on here about Toby spending too much on expensive plants at garden centres rather than propagating is ridiculous - it is the only option available to some gardeners. What I want to see is a gardening programme that I can relate to, one that is based in a SMALL garden or at least works within a small garden for a percentage of the time. Oh wait. You did have that but now you have got rid of Alys too so that will no longer happen. In short BBC, you have ruined any chance of my continuing to watch the programme and I suspect many other 'young' gardeners (who to be fair will be the future viewers of your shows when the older generation are no longer around). I have removed the show from my series link and will rely on the old fashioned method of books to increase my knowledge in the future!!!
why can't we have a program that deals with gardeners problems in their own garden eg i have problems getting beetroot to root up no one seems to know why i am sure many gardeners have similar problems that they would like to overcome with a little help
Welcome back Monty, fabulous news. BBC take note please less camera on the face and more on the hands. Often you actually miss a whole process as the camera focuses on the person's face and not the action! Monty's comment on if it broke I'll mend it and not buy a new one - great - these hard times we need to all be growing our own cheaply. Cant wait for his return in his own garden. best chrismas present ever - and I'm not an old codger !!
the low point for me was when the 'whats hot and whats not' wall was introduced, that was a really bad idea! But after that i did enjoy the show, i really like joe and carol and toby, i wasn't keen on alys but i trusted her skills. I have only ever seen Rachel do show gardens and talk about roses, but i find her presenting boring so not keen on her, but i have always loved monty so im happy he is back to full health again as he is like a wise man who teaches you slowly.
I have just seen the childhood obesity statistics. You rarely see an obese gardener so is this not a situation where the BBC could help? Monty used to have his children in his program occasionally so perhaps he has grandchildren now who could contribute. Children could grow vegetables for the school kitchen and some would enjoy it better than competitive sport or PE. I can remember when hospitals grew their own veg. in their grounds but that was when the meals were treated as part of the cure and were delicious. Thinking outside the box could get gardening incorporated into other programs as in "Rosemary and Thyme" but not artificial flowers please.
never been a big fan of Monty Don ... extremely irritated that Toby hasn't been given more time and that we won't be seeing Greenacres develop. Agree with all the comments re not enough programmes for gardeners, but countless ones for cooks - no wonder I stopped watching TV years ago, only Sky+ the stuff that might interest me, and that's few and far between. Thank heavens for the Beechgrove Garden, otherwise I'd never switch the tv on! And by the way, I'm 38 and the lead presenter on BG is in his 70s, most of his colleagues are 50+ - so it has hee haw to do with age!
Hi Adam, It is great news indeed that Monty is returning to Gardeners World. I do feel for both Toby and Alys in all of this though. Unlike you, I'm not convinced that Monty working from his own garden is as good a thing as you suggest. I may be wrong but to me Monty is his own man, he has his ideas, his beliefs and his own ways. This is one of his very strong points, especially when it comes to organic gardening. This point could also be the cause of some conflict, not only in terms of viewers but also co-presenters working in his beloved garden. I love my garden too, as Monty does and I sure wouldn't want anyone else coming along working "my garden" with their ideas. I guess it may be a case of compromise for all concerned and hopefully all will be well. Time will tell, but long may Gardeners World continue, I love the programme who-ever presents it (with the right format-hold your hands up production team) and I look forward to it's return in the spring. One other point I might raise, other blogs that I encounter have some kind of interaction with the original author. Is it possible for this to happen here? It would be interesting to see some responses to feedback from various blogs, after all I thought that was the purpose?
I agree with Rose. Why no response? Clearly the camp is pretty evenly divided between Toby and Monty, however one thing shines through. The overwhelming majority of posts indicate a great dissatisfaction with the way, or at least the perception , that Toby and Alys have been dismissed. Those who complain about the format must address the producers, not the presenters. Why no comment from any of them either? For some Monty is authoritative and wise, for some he's pompous and arrogant. For some Toby is down to earth and cheery , for others he's patronising and simplistic. I suppose it's a matter of perspective. I do hope Monty has read and learned from these postings. Be his own man by all means, but don't lecture that his ( the organic way ) is the only way. Tolerance is a great virtue.


I am completely delighted. Sorry Toby and team but the format your production team creatd for you never engaged me and I stopped watching after 20 years viewing. Personaliites asid (no-one will please everyone!) a return to a certain intimacy, and sense of 'realness' of the garden, combined with what I call proper gardening has me smacking my lips in anticpation of the programme's return. Good luck Toby and Alys (Alys - your time will come!) but - oh joy - welcome back Monty, you and your garden have been much missed.
Monty's views and style always made me depressed and eventually I couldn't be bothered with the show anymore. He seems to suck the enjoyment out of every aspect of gardening. Toby was a breath of fresh air in my opinion. He was extremely knowledgeable, with an obvious horticultural training background and I preferred his personality. It felt like having Geoff or Alan back again. Bad show BBC. Your new man doesn't have what it takes.
I completely agree with Barry, you took the words out of my mouth. I've been an avid watcher of GW since the days of Geoff, continued with Alan, but Monty Don killed any pleasure I got from watching, so Fridays were GW-free till Toby took over. Yes, there were some bits of the new format that were not great, but that is par for the course on any programme that has such a varied audience. Toby and Alys were great and should be reinstated immediately. Toby gave a great mix of advice for beginners and more experienced gardeners alike - no-one knows everything - and always with a sensible explanation. I too responded to the Over the Garden Fence questionnaire with strong support for Toby and none for MD. Clearly the whole thing was just a facade meant to ratify a decision that had already been taken. It's a poor show in my opinion, Toby, Alys and the viewers have been badly treated. I for one will not be watching MD pontificate about how 'his way is the only way' to garden.
So, so happy about Monty's return ! What an enthusiastic and positive man he is. I wish I had as much bounding energy and joie de vivre as he has got. I look forward to returning to Gardeners World myself ...
Shame on the BBC! Toby, we felt, was the nearest one could get to Geoff Hamilton, whom we loved...practical, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, entertaining, and not at all stuffy. We have a combined gardening history of 120 years,and have been fans of Gardeners' World since the days of Percy Thrower.If the BBC wishes us to continue watching regularly, there will have to be a lot more colour in Monty Don's programmes this time around!