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Having read through almost 600 posts, by far the majority of the gardeners posting on both of these blogs about the return of Monty Don are of the opinion that this is a huge mistake and desperately want Toby Buckland to continue as presenter. He appeals to both young and old, new gardeners and those with many years' of experience. It has also been interesting to read the views of some of the professional, qualified horticulturalists who have posted, pointing out the many mistakes MD made in the programs, giving viewers toalling incorrect information. MD is enthusiastic but so are hundreds of thousands of other amateur gardeners - it doesn't mean though that they are sufficiently knowledgeable to be giving advice to the media. IS ANYBODY FROM THE BBC READING THESE POSTS? IS ANYBODY WITH ANY AUTHORITY THERE TAKING ANY NOTICE AT ALL?? PS: PLEASE DON'T BE CONCERNED THAT A REVERSAL OF YOUR DECISION WOULD BE TOO EMBARRASSING AT THIS STAGE - YOUR VIEWERS WOULD SEE IT MORE THAT YOU WERE SENSIBLE ENOUGH TO TO ACCEPT THAT YOU HAD MADE A MISTAKE AND WERE WILLING TO RECTIFY IT FOR THE GREATER GOOD. IN FACT, THEY WILL BE SO ECSTATIC THAT THEY WILL HAVE FORGIVEN YOU BY SPRING, ASSUMING THAT TOBY RETURNS HOSTING THE NEW SERIES!
iam very sad to see toby and co go.loved the show .good luck to monty he was brill last time round
I am staggered by this retrograde step, Gardener's world has been very helpful to me in recent years but I cannot relate to Montague Don as I can to Toby Buckland. Please give him his own programme.
I am sorry that Toby and Co have been given the boot in favour of Monty Don - the most patronising gardener ever
Almost everybody: you do realise that since Toby took over presenting Gardeners' World that the programme has lost something like a third of its audience, don't you? That's 1 MILLION viewers. How can the BBC ignore that? You're all whinging that the BBC doesn't pay any attention to its audience, yet when it takes decisive action, you're all up in arms. The BBC can't win, can it? It is supposed to deliver 'value for money' (whatever that means), but as soon it responds to 'user demand' (and this decision is a clear attempt to do so) you all want things to return to the way they were! Toby Buckland fans are suddenly crawling out of the woodwork, but you were all strangely silent during his tenure on the programme. Anybody who has written a rude, ungenerous and rather cowardly attack on Monty should consider: a) whether they would have the courage to speak to anybody like that in person b) whether they would care to read anything so unkind about themselves c) whether they have posted similarly vitriolic messages on the internet about anything that actually matters, such as the erosion of public services or closing off the option of further education to anybody from a working class background


You say we were quiet when Toby was on the telly - thats coz we were busy listening to him. I will not listen to Monty as I think he is very boring. And you ask if we protest about public services as yes I do.It is not cowardly to speak out when you feel strongly.Were you at the student protests then? I am working class and i have the right to tell you I like Toby and not Monty. The BBC is wasting a lot of money on his garden and that is something to protest about.
Hello Arji. In answer to your question, yes I was at the student protests. Of course you have the right the say you prefer Toby to Monty. There is a difference between expressing a preference and being unpleasant and insulting. What proof do the people who claim that Monty has no gardening knowledge have? He has been gardening for decades, has a beautiful garden to show for it, and has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm with millions of people. I don't understand your claim that the BBC is wasting a lot of money on a garden that Monty built, developed and paid for himself. The BBC made a mistake in buying Greenacre. It didn't work - it looked like a garden centre, not a real garden, and they've wisely backed away from it.
I'm so very happy and pleased about Monty's return, I've always watched Gardeners World, loved Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh but stopped watching as I didn't like Toby, I would have liked Alys still to be part of the Team.
My husband and I will miss Toby, his top tips every episode never failed to amaze us. Hope to see him back soon.
I think filmimg in the presenters's own garden could make the programme more true to life and more relevant to many gardeners' experience. I do not like the obsession with personality - a reflection perhaps of our celebrity-ridden society - and pleasing everyone is impossible. No such thing as the average gardener. Two different weekly programmes sounds a great idea - any chance?
Gardener's World is not as good as it used to be but I believe it is more to do with the content rather than the presenter. The plants are the stars - not the presenter. I think it is a backward step asking Monty Don to come back - surely there is a trained horticulturist who could do the job?
I find Adam Pascoe's blogs so sycophantic. I guess we are going to be stuck with The Monty Don Show. Can't they come and do my garden instead? I'm with Jane.
Have just learnt that Toby and Alys are leaving the show - what a shame! I really enjoyed listening to their advice and have picked up a lot of hints too. I like Monty Don but to go back to him is not the way forward. How about giving Jo Swift a go or even Carol Klein. There are plenty of gardening experts out there to choose from.
Very, very disappointed about this decision. As a context we are in our 50s, have slowly developed some skills (although propagating doesn't seem to be one of them yet) and have a small surburban garden. So we do buy plants sometimes, although I try my best with plugs! We really did not like GW at Berryfields - it was boring, lacked structure and was at times self-indulgent. And we are not interested in long panning shots of the gardens of the wealthy! We really don't want a so-called 'hi-brow' approach, which actually may just mean 'middle-class'? Monty seemed a nice guy but really not dynamic - maybe good in his own series but not the sort of person to tie a team or a programme together. Yes, GW was a mess when it first started, but lessons were learned and it had really come together in the last few months.It really does provide a mix of the basic and the more challenging now. What more can you do in half an hour? Toby is a very strong presenter - he can do plants and he can do practical projects. You do need that mix. I agree that he is a Geoff Hamilton in the making. The team was working well together and had an easy-going dynamic. I have a book full of notes made during programmes. Frankly although Carol is obviously an excellent plantswoman, her presenting style can only be described as 'gushing' (my husband can't stand it) - she's not the person to front a broad programme. I don't think that Greenacres was such a disaster - there was an attempt to show what could be done on difficult soils and different aspects - it at least gave that flexibility, which can be problematic to reproduce in one person's garden. It was looking good by the end of this season. I do agree that the BBC could do with broadening its range of regular gardening programmes - atm it's either GW or some hour-long one off or short specialist series. I really hope that the BBC finds a place for Toby - but if not I hope a rival channel snaps him up. Yes, viewers have been lost, but don't I remember that they plummeted at Berryfields? The BBC IS going to have to draw in the younger viewers and I'm not sure Monty and Rachel are right for that. And lastly - what a way to treat Toby and Alys! They absolutely didn't deserve that. Obviously a complete lack of feeling at the BBC - instead of some short-sighted panic why didn't they work with the programme's presenters and give it some time to work? Just who made that decision? All in all very sad and annoyed when we found out.


Definitely a case for lots more gardening progs on the telly. Different presenters for different styles and we will all be happy. It's the programme itself that matters not the celebrity fronting it, we have the technology to whizz past them! I shall miss Toby (A new Geoff Hamilton in the making) and Alys's modern practical style. I'm still dreading the faff of having to whizz through Monty's boring presentation to get to the reliably informative bits. Joe Swift needs a garden design prog of his own, Carol Klien a scientific, propagation programme. All the best to Toby and Alys and I hope 2011 brings you both the well deserved success you should have. I'll be looking out with interest for your next projects
just to say well done to the bbc for asking monty don to return to gardeners world. his presentation to this show was out standing he made interesting and his own.i am so looking forward to 2011 and the new show.i wish monty good luck in this his new projects
I am really pleased Monty is coming back, but why no Alys, she's wonderful and knows her onions where roses are concerned...bring back Alys!!
I do like Monty, but Toby has the edge for me. Alys is great too. I do hope Toby and Alys go on to present other BBC gardening programmes.
As some of you have already asked where is the response from the bbc to the many questions asked.I think we would all like to hear something. What should happen now is that Toby,Alys,Joe and carol should be given a completly new show which could be called "GREENACRE".This new show could be aired on a saturday morning in place of that saturday kitchen rubbish, or even on a sunday morning.Either of these days would attract a wider audience as many poeple would be relaxing unlike a Friday night when lots of people are heading out for the night.This would then leave GW with it's regular slot for the "monty" faithfull.After all, we, the licence payer have already paid for greenacre so lets use it not waste it. One thing is for sure,Many GW regulars will not be switching on this spring.As for myself I will probably watch if there is nothing else on or I'm not out but I wont be dissapointed if I miss a show Toby if you are reading this blog I think you should be very proud of yourself that many of us are comparing you to geof Hamilton,well done and thanks for all your hard work. PS If the BBC do not see sence and give Toby and Alys and co. a new show then those presenters should approach the rival tv stations to bring a new show to our screens to compete with GW.