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I can't believe Alys and Toby are leaving! Defiantly will not be watching gardeners world if they do bring monty back, I'm 20 in my opinion they should be wanting to persuade new, younger viewers like me to tune in. Having young presenters not presenters like monty who have had their time, will attract a younger audience. Personally I relate much more to presenters like Alys who are closer to my age and gardening style. My nan likes Monty, I think that says it al!
Well I am sad to hear that Toby is going. I've never forgotton Monty's hugely expensive obelisks and being preached at about planting food and going green. I like my flowers and though I've been gardening for many years there are always new things to learn. Let's have Toby in his own programme so I have something to watch because Monty always sent me to sleep!
I think that looking at the responses from both blogs on this topic it's pretty obvious that we need at least two gardening programmes, which still won't please all of the people all of the time. Anyway over 600 comments from the two blogs and as posted earlier no response from Adam and co. If you weren't prepared to respond Adam why start another blog on the topic?
Deeply disappointed to read Monty and Rachel are returning, Toby and Alys have been a pleasure to watch and I hope they will present other programmes. Not sure whether I shall bother to watch the next series or go to Gardeners' World Live at the NEC next year.


Why cant you make GW an hour long, half with Toby at greenacre and half with Monty at his home,that way you please everyone.There seems to be alot more people in favor of Toby me included so your viewer numbers are going to drop even more,but i will gladly watch a hour long show with both presenters.
Love the idea from Deemac about a Saturday or Sunday morning gardening prog like Saturday Morning Kitchen. Think that would work really well then we could see all the old gardening progs as well as up to date information and ideas. Good one!
I was just getting used to Toby, and will miss Alys. I had thought the next presenter might be Carol. With her enthusiasm she always leaves me smiling and wishing I could see more of her. It would be nice to see a woman after all the male presenters we have had.
Oh, what a shame. I suppose I am classed as one of the 'core audience' being in my mid 50's (female).I have been an avid watcher of Gardeners World since Geoff fronted the program. Not expecting to always learn new things but just to be entertained. Yes, I know that this is a very personal opinion, but I will NOT be entertained by Monty and Rachel. I liked Toby's style and,like other comments, found him a little like Geoff Hamilton. So, after all these years I think I will be saying goodbye to Gardeners World on a friday evening.I think I might try the Beechgrove Garden on Iplayer!!!
I am fed up with the ice and snow and even more fed up that the BBC have robbed me of looking forward to GW next year. I agree with the call for a programme at Greenacre - BRING BACK TOBY AND ALYS. I do not care when it is on I will record it and watch it instead of GW. I do not want to waste time watching MD. That way we could all be happy.
Im so pleased that Monty is back, and from his oun garden!!!. looking forward to the new series. Ive got a bit of experience but am by no means an expert and with Carol and Montys help Im sure my knowledge will grow. Well done BBC.
so pleased monty is back i stopped watching two years ago i would like to see a one hour show half on veg the other half flowers big mitsake letting alys go
Alys leaving? Nooooooo! She was wonderful, the story of her time in New York was brilliant, guerilla gardening almost. Toby was always a bit patronising towards Alys I thought.
Why oh why get rid of the next best gardening presenter on telly after Alan Titchmarsh. Toby was warm, friendly and explained things in simple terms that an amateur gardener like myself could understand and made me start watching Gardener's World again. Monty don is not a professional gardener and he's just plain dull and boring, so while he's presenting it i will NOT be watching it!!...All the best Toby, here's hoping some other tv channel get's you to present your own gardening programme soon.


great to have monty fronting the show once again, sorry but the show had gone downhill fast for me since monty's ill health, the first series especially, it was better last year, but still false somehow, monty is a more natural presenter and similar to toby a likeable presenter, i welcome the return of monty don, very much looking forward to the coming growing year
Got up early to watch the eclipse over my frosted covered garden.Watching the moon disappear was a bit of an analogy for Toby and Alys being made to disappear by MD.Can't do anything about the moon but BBC please give us Toby and Alys back. It just will not be right without them. I would rather stand and wait for the next eclipse than watch MD.At least the moon doesn't bore me.
Glad Monty is coming back, but keep Alys and please ditch Rachel De Thame, she is too 'posh' to be a real gardener, she doesnt even like getting her hands dirty !
Oh no! Not Monty again. What a disaster and what a waste of money spent on creating a new garden for the last series. If this is an example of the BBC's waste of money, then they do not deserve my licence money.
Talk about prejudiced, you know, we wouldn't dream of saying, 'oh no, not a woman', or 'they're too black', or 'too gay', or 'too disabled', or 'too short' to be a ‘real’ gardener (whatever the hell is real anyhow), in fact of you did you’d probably be breaking the terms of using this site! So can people just give over slagging someone off simply because they're deemed 'too posh'. The fact that someone may have a different social background to yours is no basis for dismissing them – whether they’re ‘posh’ or ‘common’ or whatever other prejudiced epithet you’d care to label them with, not that anyone would conceive of saying so-and-so’s “far too poor to present this programme”. IF someone is genuinely incapable or incompetent in their role, then criticise them on those grounds (though I seriously doubt wearing gloves qualifies you as either of them, it seems sensible to me if she really is so pre-occupied with roses)! I for one actually welcome listening to someone who isn't on TV simply because they happen to have some exaggerated regional accent, with little else to recommend them. I like listening to someone who speaks clearly. I’m fed up of wall to wall poorly spoken and pronounced English, and if there’s room enough for that on TV, and there is, then there’s room for a bit of so-called ‘posh’ too, it’s no more or less worthy. P.S. I'm glad Monty is back, anyone who can carry off wearing chunky corduroy can't be all bad. P.P.S. as the second most popular past-time on here to slagging people off because they speak ‘posh’, is slagging them off because they are supposedly representative of someone’s perceived stereotype of an age or class, I may as well say I'm 39, not 93, and at best lower middle class - if you can be lower middle class in rented accommodation?!