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Re:101 Aren't you being a bit accentist? I have lived in various parts of the country for work and it is sad to see local/regional accents go just because other people do not like them. I agree that well spoken English is great but do not condemn all accents just because you think you do not like them. Worst of all speech is the now ubiquitous estuary English - give me a decent local accent any day. As to the chunky cords, they just are too impractical in a real garden. They clog up with mud and then are too stiff to work in.Also fill the washing machine seal with mud which is a devil to clean out. So I would prefer Toby back - accent, plain trousers and good common sense advice. Oh and since we seem to be on a class thing as well (though what that has to do with gardening I have no idea) I am working class but educated.
Joy oh joy oh joy. I have just read the letters in the Radio Times to see that MONTY is returning!!! I only manages to watch a couple of episodes with Toby and found him so uninteresting have not bothered since. Gardeners World used to be the highlight of the week for me and I am sure it will be again. I love the enthusiasm and hands on of Monty who has the flair for design and colour to inspire us to be more adventurous. I have always thought Gardeners world was for the Gardener who already new the basics. Perhaps the time is right now to have another show for the novice gardener. Anyhow my Friday viewing will now return to sheer enjoyment . Cannot wait!!
re another opinion: I did not mean to run down regional accents, I explicitly said that a posh accent is 'no more or less worthy', neither posh or regional, or working class or indeed any accents in my opinion should be a deciding factor in assessing someone’s worth, either positively or negatively. As long as they can be understood and have something to say worth listening to, I couldn't give a flying fig whether they're public school educated from Windsor or comprehensive school educated from Barnsley! And the chunky cords bit was meant as an amusing aside, not another criteria for assessing the worth of a gardening presneter!
I'm pleased that Monty Don is returning because it must indicate he is fully recovered from his 'setback'. I'm disappointed that he is returning as presenter. Toby is a natural. Alys, a little quirky. Both fresh air. I'm disappointed that programmers roll over when criticized and dismiss presenters. The programmers should go. I believe we are poorer. We have lost a richness.
Backward step. Toby was great - is it too late to ask him and Monty to co-host an hour-long programme? Any chance that the BBC might consider a gardeners' online vote? - perhaps Carol Klein might get a shot at being main presenter.


What we really need is for Gardeners' World to be shown in Canada...very relevant since Britain and Canada seem to be exchanging climates these days.
I agree with freeingcanuck - please have Monty with my compliments and leave us Toby! I am sure that MD would love Canada.
Oh March is it - just about time to give up TV and go back into the garden. Will not be watching the awful monty bloke.I will return when Toby does. If they do not give it back to him in any form then I will not be watching BBC gardening. Might even buy another greenhouse just to stay away.
I am glad that Monty Don is coming back to Gardeners World. I used to watch the programme but got fed up with Toby Buckland but I enjoy Carol, Joe and Racheal De Thame, I also enjoyed that very interesting programme on crafts such as thatching and other things. I also find it very useful to have the red button facility for chelsea
I am absolutely thrilled that Monty Don is coming back. He is the only presenter that has made me feel like going out and doing the things on the programme since Geof Hamilton. It will be much better from his own garden. I have completely changed my garden since having an extension and will be delighted to watch again. Hope you keep Carol Klein, she'so enthusiastic.
I got several lovely gardening books for Christmas but the worst present by far was hearing that Toby had been put aside for monty. Glad I have books to read as I really do not want to watch him on my TV - simpering , sycophantic and in dire need of some garden books of his own to get a bit of knowledge. Why is he back?
Well waht a d**n stupid thing to do - get rid of Toby. Strikes me the BBC only want to put on show offs and the like. A dumbing down if ever there was one. It was a good thing with Toby running the show. I could never understand why they ever let Monty do it in the first place. What a waste. I hope some other channel snaps Toby up and I will wait until then - can't waste my time watching that fancy bloke Monty pretending to garden. My wife carried on watching for a bit but in the end said there were better comedies on than him waving his spade about like a right twirp.


Could not believe that Toby is being replaced by Monty - Unless we get the 'basics', as we we were getting with Toby, then I will not be a regular viewer. I know everyone will have their own view, but I feel the BBC have let Toby and many views down with this move.
I've only just read that Monty's coming back - blame Christmas and life in a hole - but I for one am delighted. Lovely, quirky, grumpy, manic, gloomy, opinionated, literate, loving, enthusiastic, contradictory Monty, who, I firmly believe, should be paid so generously he can take off plenty of time to write the novel I am convinced be has in him...
Thank god for that. With Monty back we can look forward to a decent gardening programme once again. That Toby bloke was absolutely dire!!!!
Backwards step in my opion, Monty has had his turn. Good luck Toby and Alys, I'm sure you'll both be back. Alys ( who I think is fantastic ) should have her own show!
I am absolutely thrilled that Monty will be back on Gardeners World! And to see him in his own garden in Herefordshire, that I have read about so much, is even better. I can't wait!