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Too bad - no Toby. Byebye beeb. I am surprised that any presenter would trust you with your retro swaps and over desperate measures to please the greedy middleaged.
I feel i must reply to the post by "an avid gardener"post no. 143, (in response to earthmummy). How dare you say that anyone who wears gloves while gardening is only playing at it.I have been gardening for many years and have designed and landscaped 4 gardens of my own from "green field sites in the last 30 years.I have worn gloves for most of this time after a bad experience I suffered when working in my mothers garden.I was laying a path when after a few weeks I became seriously ill.Doctors later told me that I had pick up germs from the soil, probibly from rats urine which caused me to develop severe jundice. I was very ill for several months(and in very severe pain)to this day I suffer with liver problems. So if you think you are a real gardener because you do not wear gloves then let me tell you that you are just a fool.Yes its fine to work in "clean"compost but if any of you are working in the soil for long periods of time then please try to wear gloves of some sort Sorry that I have strayed from the origonal theme of this blog but it had to be said keep wearing your gloves earthmummy,from 1 REAL gardener to another.
Put it simply; new Gardeners World series...Will not be watching it, Monty Don can't stand the chap!
I wholeheartedly agree with both 163 & 164. Poor deemac having to go through all that and be insulted by some idiot that does not understand the real point of gardening gloves(143 earthmummy). Perhaps she wants to be return to the earth mummy. My mum has nursed people who have suffered similar problems and has always drummed it in to us that gloves are for a reason when working with soil.Also she got pneumonia after turning a compost heap and always ties a scarf round her face if she does it now as they warned her at the hospital that fungal chest complaints are often caused by this. So hurrah for deemac who still gardens despite everything. Also I agree with DaveH - i am so put off by GW with monty that I too will give up watching. I liked Toby and I felt he taught me lots but monty is awful to watch and not that good at gardening.
I always watch Gardeners World and any other gardening programme that comes on, because I am a keen gardener (my son accuses me of being obsessed!). Incidentally, I loved Geoff and Alan and they are responsible for my love of gardening, along with my mother's influence! I grow vegetables and all garden plants, a lot from seed, some I buy from garden centres, some propogated and some given by friends or as gifts. I have a small suburban garden which I have redesigned and developed myself over the last 12 years. I have acquired a fair amount of knowledge and need to acquire much more. I enjoy visiting all kinds of gardens. I work part-time as a gardener and I almost always wear gloves, though sometimes I forget and end up covered in mud to my elbows. I shall continue to watch Gardeners World and expect it to do what it has always done and that is entertain, inform and inspire any number of it's viewers for the most part. I shall enjoy some of the presenters more than others. There will be topics covered which may not appeal to me. I will be told things I already know and will learn much that is new. I don't think I'll get angry about the programme content and make nasty personal remarks about the presenters. There'll be plenty of variety, I am sure. As I told my son when he was little, be nice!! Chill out everyone, and enjoy the gardening!!


I love gardening - always have but I can not tolerate the BBC behaving so badly. You may have told your son to be nice and quite right too - but why did nobody tell the BBC to do the same. I expect you told your son to play nicely and take turns too. Well would you not have been cross if someone came and snatched back something that he was taking his turn on? that is what has happened here and the BBC is supposed to be somewhat more adult than a child.Obviously it was not properly brought up. I will enjoy the gardening, visiting,working and learning I just choose not to do so when something so unjust has been done.I have stacks of books and lots of clever gardening friends I will learn from them and do well without GW.
Might as well pitch in with my two pen'orth as well. Echoing many of the posters above, I think that: a) Monty lacks substance, and his GW Magazine columns are frankly dull b) Carol has again been poorly treated - yet to me always seems comfortably the most expert contributor c) I feel sorry for Toby. Though his personality doesn't come across well on tv, he appears to be carrying the can for the 'GW-Lite' debacle - which I very much doubt was his idea d) Alys should certainly have been retained, as she brought something genuinely different e) Joe's cheeky-chappy cockney faux-banter is absolutely not to my taste, but I can see that some may like it f) it seems clear that a single 30 minute lowest-common-denominator programme can please no single viewer, so why hasn't the BBC recognised that? g) there must surely be a continuing rationale for developing an existing garden AND starting a new one, as there are a lot of new houses built & sold each year. Further, as new starter-houses will presumably be typically bought by younger people, might it be worth creating an additional programme format for developing small bare-ground plots into gardens which are suitable for young families - with appropriate presenters? Still and all, I expect that I'll bump along with New and Improved GW2011 and only the odd exasperated sigh - after all, I always have.
Just give Toby a programme with Alys - they are both great and the BBC are daft to dismiss their talent and obvious intelligent advice. Give a GW lite prog to monty as he is not so well versed in real gardening. Carol is good on her progs and has 6 weeks run on at the moment. Toby has been very badly treated and I think it is time some one at the BBC was made to explain to his loyal viewers why their enjoyment has been wrecked so that old time gardening can return to the screens.
I'm sure this one will rumble on for some time but sorry BBC you've lost me as a Gardeners World viewer. I was an avid viewer for Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh but could never warm to Monty Don. I rediscovered GW under Toby and the team although I always thought Carol Klein should have been given the job! The enthusiasm of Carol and Alys has rejuvenated my interest in gardening and I will continue to follow their articles in Gardens Illustrated. Monty's style however leaves me cold. Has it occurred to BBC that the poor viewing figures recently are also due to terrible scheduling? Why should their one gardening programme a week be pushed aside by sport etc? If the audience is important give them the continuity they deserve. So thank you Toby, Alice, Carol and Joe but unfortunately until you give them their own programmes for gardeners like me I won't be back.
Extremely annoyed that Toby and Alys will not be in the new series. Having Monty Don is turning back the clock and what a lot of drivel about real gardeners will enjoy the new series. Also what a waste of money to us License payers, more money down the drain by the BBC. Comments are made about it not being a real garden, the Beechgrove Garden moved from the BBC studios to ground on the outskirts of Aberdeen and has been very successul. If anyone is to blame for something being wrong, it is the director and the planners of the series not Toby and Alys.
Awful news -you have lost me BBC. You have got rid of my favourite GW presenter and put back monty who made me give it up. Such a dreary man who made me miserable when he was on - so I switched off. And that is just what I will do again. How can you be so cavalier about getting rid of the bright and cheerful Toby and Alys. We need an amateur gardener like we need a hole in the head. Toby is a real gardener and properly trained too. You fools.
I lost interest in a hobby I loved for 30 years when Monty left. My husband has just told me the great news, Im back.
My hobby is gardening , not watching tv, but my hobby was enhanced by the delightful and clever Toby. I have just lost interest in GW. What a shame that the editors of the programme ditched a clever guy in favour of a better known one - smacks of being blinded by stardust and not seeing commonsense. Well you have got rid of Toby and you have lost our family too. At a garden club lunch it provoked much discussion and most of us thought it was an utterly ridiculous thing to do.
i am 42 and gardened all my life. I love the passion of Monty, and his return is a joy. I heard him speak at the Hay Festival and my passion for gardening, and life in general, was ignited a 1000%. However, as with all things, life, love, gardening, it is all about balance. i live in a small town house in Usk, Monmouthshire. I know Monty is friends with my neighbours - they live just up the road from me in a Castle - no seriously a castle - Usk Castle. That castle and Monty have been HUGE inspirations, but, also, it has to be about the next generation. no one person , painter, artist has the full vision. hence life is rich, and out there to be loved. This is a FANTASTIC decision by the BBC and Mpnty. AS a person who has never written on a blog in his life there is only one area where we part company. Alys! Alys! Alys! Monty, have you seen her own programme from HER garden?? True gardening is actually PASSION and you are kindred spirits. Hope the BBC are brave enough to catch the tide. There is a new generation of your gardening souls out there waiting to catch the bug - do the right thing. Go get em, whatever the weather!! garvin jones, monmouthshire. off to plant some bulbs, never too late x

Advertisement more Alis and Toby! That is a real shame. Why can't they do a veg programme of their own. I liked Monty Don, but I also like Toby and Alis. They were more down to earth that Monty.....very important in this day and age of austerity veg gardening!!!! And why can't the BBC release Alis' Edible Garden series on DVD?
So sad I will miss Toby and Alys. I agree that they should have their own programme.I prefer their style and found them far less stuffy than monti.
I love Monty but can't help but feel the BBC have behaved very badly indeed in the way they have treat both Toby and Alys. Beware Monty and watch your back!!
Hearing that Monty Don is returning to the helm of Gardeners World, the BBC's flagship horticultural programme, lifted my spirits after a couple of years of what I (and many others I know) can only describe as unrewarding and dissapointing presentation. It is a pity Alys Fowler is no longer part of the team but the other changes are most welcome. I look forward to the new series renewed enthusiasm - welcome back Monty