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Update. Cats, like foxes, really seem to have polarized opinion. You either love the little cutsie-pies to bits, or would like to blow the little brutes to bits. I'm slightly surprised that the main annoyance is cat dung. I'm much more affected by dog dung on the way to school with the children. My affection for cats is not unqualified though. When we first moved to Nunhead, we bought a half-derelict house to do up. Our neighbours had befriended an un-neutered tom which was always spraying its foul scent on the back door. One day it got in through a half-open window and sprayed the bed, the bath, the television, the walls in several rooms and a pile of freshly laundered woolen jumpers. Yeuch. I spent several hours cursing the bloody thing as I tried to clean up. The final act was discovered the next morning when I put some bread in the toaster for breakfast. As the heating elements warmed up the kitchen filled with an acrid gagging stench of mustard gas.
I have a problem with both cat and foxes using my garden as a litter box - is there any type of plant/swhrub/flower that would assist as a deterrant?
Reply to Balcol We've had some success scattering rose bush clippings onto newly dug earth to keep them off. Another alternative is a high-pressure water pistol.
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I throw stones at them and run at them as fast as possible. I also shovel their mess and throw it into the owners garden. The owner confronted me and I said if it happened again I would send his cat back in a box.


ur on about cat and dogs,well there is a plant on the market,that cats dogs rabbits wont go near,i got mine from bridgemear in staffs the plant comes from africa,i dont know the name of it ,but it works,and u can take good cuttings from it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sarah Although unpleasant when fresh, natural soil organisms will soon break down the cat dung. Anyway, the soil is already alive with microbes, so a bit of cat manure will not make a great deal of difference. As ever though, wash the salad wherever it is from before you eat it.
this kind of takes the mickey. It is high time cats should be registered the same as dogs and owners fined for their defecation. If this were the case then there would be fewer cats. The vast majority of cat owners are utterly irresponsible. They are pests and should be treated as such. Cats get exterminated in my garden.
i love cats,saved my life when a snake tried to attack me,my pet cat mingkay,without fear rescued me from that deadly snake,i was just a teen back then,and mingkay is now dead,from old age.but for my pet cat i would be forever grateful.
In my opinion anyone who gets a cat and doesnt have a garden should at least train the cat to go in a litter tray instead of just letting it out to go wherever it likes.I have about 3- 4 cats coming into mine and depositing their leavings 2 of which their owners dont have a garden.I already clean up after my own 2 dogs and dont expect others to do it for me.Theres many rules and regulations for dog owners yet cat owners get off scott free.No compulsary licencing,microchipping,being kept under control,neutering and not least picking up its poop.Cats are seen by Councils as being wild animals and are allowed to roam the streets and gardens as they please.A bit unfair and irresponsible.I like cats but i dislike the lack of rules pertaining to them.
All animals both wild and domestic deserve to live a happy life (following there natural instincts) without being persecuted by HUMAMS. It is the actions of humans against animals tnat should be controlled!

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