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Heres a funny story about verbena bonariensis not knowing this variety only the small one which I've used as bedding before, when we move houses the time of year was April and most plants were still under ground and not knowing what was going to show, as they did show and seedlings popped up I collected some up and grew some on for pots and hanging baskets. Have you guessed yet? haveing an abundence of verbena I gave my neighbour some with some other plants I had grown for baskets she took no time at all filling her baskets and adding the plants I had given her to and yes you've guessed after 3 to 4 weeks I realised the verbena was some thing else, before long my neighbour had 2 and 3 ft verbena plants growing in wall and hanging baskets it still makes me laugh now and she saw the funny side of it. and now I love this plant its now one of my favorites I let it seed were ever.
Fully agree with the comments about hastata rosea - a beautiful plant which also self-seeds in my garden. Yippee!

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