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17/01/2012 at 12:07
Wot? No berberis sawfly?
I await, with great anticipation, to see what effect the mild winter will have on all these 'pests'.
17/01/2012 at 18:36
I am very shocked to see that Gnats (fungus flies) has not made it on to the top ten. Once you have these they are a pain to get rid of, If you can get rid of them that is, these also will feed of the roots of your plants. I have now been battling my problem for 2 years with no luck. :-(
14/10/2014 at 01:06
I'm surprised that no mammals made the list-- some of my top garden pests are gophers, deer, raccoons, and rats.

And as far as insects are concerned, where are thrips on that list? Not only do they eat plants, but they also spread diseases that they carry, specifically tomato wilt & impatiens wilt. Also, the Japanese bark beetle wiped out half the Monterey Pine trees in California.

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3 messages