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I hate russian vines- they are so invasive and hard to get rid of.My neighbour has one at the bottom of her garden and it has travelled into mine and has choked a tree in my garden.
Camellias are crap. They look like soggy teabags and so artificial. Also hypericum. Any bright yellow flowers apart from daffs. CANNOT handle anything double planted miles away from the house. Big fat vulgar dahlias I love, and I also love pelargoniums. I absolutely hate masses of different trees planted together. Hate the u non-u snobby gardening thing.
Peonies - pointless plants and difficult to get rid of - all that waiting while the bud fattens then it begins to open, you go to work and when you come home all you've got is a pile of petals on the ground - you missed it!
Hate ferns. Seem to be pretty trendy these days but I just loathe them. They find lots of little places to sprout in my garden and are hard to get rid of. There's something primeval about them with the emphasis on evil!
I hate valerian when it seeds all over the place but love how it colonises ugly walls and turns them into things of beauty. Every plant has something lovable about it, just like people really. Have you never admired the pure white, lovely bindweed trumpets clambouring through a hedge?


Nasturtiums - nasty blackflies appear however hard you try to keep them at bay - don't like the smell either - however they always look good in other people's gardens!
Can't stand Elephant's Ears and do not like regimentation but my pet hate is Amaryllis [gross] really cannot stand it and you can bet your sox I get one as a present every year!!!
I hate Euphorbias with a passion.I also hate Leylandii,in small gardens they are a pain! I absolutely love Dicentras,Godetias, But above all,I am addicted to Japanese flowering cherries,and for someone that only has a 60x30 ft garden that could become somewhat of a problem,spacewise! I could do with a bigger garden,about 20 acres would do me fine! Oh well I can dream can't I ?
As with the plants that I listed previously,(anonymous),I also love Alliums,especially christophi,and Hollandicum.I also cannot live without Aquilegias colonising my garden.Some have cross-bred to make more beautiful plants.Also love species geraniniums. Hate Parthenosis quinquefolia..Love Stipa arundinaria.and some of the other species of grass.
I can't abide Leylandii, can't people be more imaginative with their planting of trees. There are so many more varieties which have lovely colours, one doesn't have to plant a line of the same tree to create a screen.
Ceanothus - some are tolerable, but the ones whose flowers are kind of greyish blue are awful! They seem to suck all the light into them, and worse they flower in high spring, when everything should be bright and full of life. Instead of that they give off this dead feeling, like they are the zombies of the plant world. Hideous!
What is wrong with you all!! Start loving these plants and flowers, they all have good points. (You are allowed to love some more than others).
You should see the display on the traffic island as you go into Burton-on-Trent. They are always outstanding, and many times I have been tempted to find out who to congratulate.As the display is near a river,there is the double benefit of swans gling within a short distance. So yes, there are wonderful bedding displays. I only wish I had been able to photo them so you could share the pleasure.
Should we even love pink daffodils BB? By that rationale we must like every type of flower the plant breeder produces, no matter how garish, unaesthetic or far from the original. Surely we can draw the line at pink, double-petalled daffodils? Please?


That pink daffodil looks more like a carnation to me! Speaking of which, can't stand those either, horrible, stiff things.
i hate bedding salvias - when my children were small they called them salivas which gradually morphed into spit plants - just cant bring my self to grow them
Every letter begins with 'I hate...' Why extreme dislike and not love. If you are keen of flowers, it means that you are able to distinguish beauty and love from hate. Every plant is created by God! Nature dictates everything. So we must promote love, not hate! We must plant, plant and plant. This action will save the Earth! With love Kate from Tbilisi, Georgia
Can someone tell me why the good Lord put Acuba Japonica on this earth? Not for my pleaasure.
Wow, thanks for all your comments. I'm glad I'm not alone in disliking crocosmia, Tony, and it's good to know that pink, frilly daffs aren't many people's cup of tea either. But it's great that we love and hate different plants, otherwise our gardens would all be the same! Kate