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25/11/2009 at 16:46
I must admit,I do like crocosmia'Lucifer'. I also love Roses,but unfortunately,I cannot seem to grow them in my garden.The soil is good loam,with plenty of leaf mould and other such goodys going on it at various times of the year.I also love Weigela 'Bristol Beauty'.
25/11/2009 at 18:28
I'm with thistle bunny - what is it about hostas that makes them so popular? I really don't like the leaves, too big and rubbery, with flowers that look out of balance with the leaves, AND they are slug magnets! I have a very shady garden, with a north and east facing border, and everyboy I speak to about plants to grow recommends them to me - I'd rather have bare earth!
25/11/2009 at 22:16
strawberry plants and coliflour horrid
26/11/2009 at 10:15
I don't hate any plants - however, I do get very exasperated with Dandelions and Thistles. Then I have to forgive them when I see the Butterflies and Bees feeding on them. Live and let live, I say.
26/11/2009 at 19:42
Nobody hasmentioned fruit trees. No reason why you cant have them in your garden. I have espalliered 2 apples and a red currant on 3 long upward growing shoots like I saw at Wisley. In my allotment I have yellow plums and blackberries - all there when I took it over and I have added black currant and red goosebeies ( only some one pinched them all just when they were nearly ripe, I hope they got belly ache!) There's nothing better than wandering round eating a fruit here and another there.
27/11/2009 at 05:38
I hate asparagus - makes your pee smell odd!
27/11/2009 at 18:17
Teasels and nasturtiums I have courtesy of a neighbour and can't get rid of. The plants that is not the neighbour, now there's a thought.
28/11/2009 at 13:57
there is a place in our large garden for all plants but two I wish I had never planted in my cottage garden are alchamela molis and columbines both seed everywhere and are impossible to get rid of.
28/11/2009 at 23:38
Columbine!How could anyone not like columbine(Aquilegia vulgaris).they are just so beautiful. I would also love to have a Makus'Golden Hornet', in my garden,but in the ened what with having 3 Japanese flowering sherries in there already,the garden would look crowded.As for Tulips.In the last 2 days I have plants almost 300.they are jusyamazing bulbs!
30/11/2009 at 17:33
warm-hearted answers i like it
02/12/2009 at 17:48
I don't dislike any plants, just like some more than others. And planting in the right situation helps too. Not that keen on the grasses though, the tall ones, not the lawn kind. Try looking at some of the ones you dislike through a magnifying glass - gives you a different perspective on them. Even grasses!
11/01/2010 at 14:36
Hahaha,,this made me laugh!.( lol ) Now what do i HATE!?....NOTHING! Unless you count the hard work and backach etc we all get from looking after all these wonderful flowers/gardens.... I feel blessed to have a garden, and any flower in it..some are less fortunate. Feel Blessed!
13/01/2010 at 11:22
Thank you Ellen! I totally agree with you,I have no favourites and no dislikes,I find great joy in all plants,even weeds have their place,I have a small garden and cram in as much as I can,I do tend to lean towards cottage style,my garden is a picture when in bloom and the heady scents take me to wonderful memories of chilhood,times spent with departed loved ones and family,yes you can tell,I'm nuts about gardening,its my piece of heaven and cant imagine living in a world without my garden or the beauty of nature around us.
13/01/2010 at 20:46
I dislike any plant that takes over the garden and plants that look scraggy and make the garden look untidy
12/02/2010 at 12:04
I don't dislike any plants, but I'm not too keen on conifers especially when they get gi-enormous in a small garden, why on earth do people let them get like that??!
14/02/2010 at 00:14
I love my Rudbeckia out in my front garden and the Bog sag that lives happily with.Strangers always comment how my garden constantly changes from year to year.Thankfully dogs are good enough to stay away from it.I love foxglove.I can sit and watch the bees at work on them all day.How about wild flowers? The delicate Scarlet pimpinel,Such a pretty little plant.
26/02/2010 at 17:32
Like a lot of the previous comments I just love gardening and of course love some plants more than others. Ground elder is the bane of my life, I am constantly digging it up. My favourite flowers are Delphiniums, cleome, big dahlas and pelargoniums and of course paintbox pansies. My neighbour has 4 very tall plain trees which shade my greenhouse in the summer, that is my real pet hate. They are nice people but just not gardeners.
25/06/2010 at 10:55
"Nasty black flies" on Nasturtiums......Are they good for something if left alone or should one try to erdicate them. The black fly that is. Worry is that the plants are really nice to look at,(if you like that sort of thing) but they are next to my favourite tree a Magnolia Grandiflora ("Blanchard" I think). The tree seems to be getting on very well at present.
14/08/2010 at 13:59
grow garlic near plants effected.No more trouble with black fly.I you are worried about the smell of garlic there is no need.
11/03/2011 at 01:59
Nagyon erdekes, koszonom
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