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Bedding begonias and Michaelmas daisies 

Excitable Boy

Well, I rather LIKE some of the municipal bedding displays - remind me of the seaside when I was five or six! Wouldn't have them in my garden, of course, but there is a place for them.

The plant I dislike more than any is Pyracantha - firethorn. Horrid shapeless thing with nasty sharp thorns which break off in your skin. It also grows ridiculously fast. might be Ok to keep burglars away from office buildings but should have no place in domestic gardens.


hmm, i hate forget me nots and the annual poppies. they spread everywhere. the bees love the poppies. i dont mind the bees feeding on the poppies, but they can get very huge overnite and crowd every other plant in their way. my favourites though are sweet peas and lilies, that is, if i can get the lily beetles away from them.

Not keen on Rhododendrons, Azaeas, Lupins, Cyclamen and Petunias. Favourite plants are anything that resembles a Daisy, especially Echinaceas. Also grasses and jungly plants.

Pampus Grass.





auntie betty... i have to agree with you on hyacinths.. they smell terrible to me.. and wintersong.. your right.. i had to think about it and now i have read some of the replies here.. i have found a few more i do not like

i must say i do not actual hate the plants in themselves.. sometimes it is just the way they smell i think.. but then some it is the way they look or the way they grow really not sure what it is that makes us hate one plant but not another..

i do hate plants that have been bred to be a totally different colour than they are meant to be.

 I also dislike poppies..but more for the fact that they seed everywhere and the large opium ones get covered in blackfly.. so they get pulled in my garden while young.


LOVE plants that are in control & I can keep tidy - HATE my neighbours pertruding plants & trees that mess up my well-tendered garden - agh!!  A question:  Why oh Why do people when they plant trees plant them to the edge of their border? Surely they should be very aware that the tree will thicken in an even diameter around the trunk & therefore should be planted more like at least 2 metres from the said border, IF I WANTED TREE BRANCHES IN MY GARDEN & DROPPING LEAVES & FRUIT FOR MY DOG TO EAT & GET ILL FROM, THEN I WOULD PLANT MY OWN TREE!!!!  Haha, glad I got that off my chest - Love all trees & huggers really, just my way!! xx

plant pot mad

carn't say i hate any plants love all of them but some less than orthers my top ones i like are Lillie's dahlias geraniums sweet peas lupins wallflower's cosmos garzenias  tulips roses  meny more ect   gone of marigolds and box hedge when it's wrong.

plant pot mad

loved seing every ones comment's been a good topic


I'm amazed  by some of the lovely plants that people hate. I like most plants, but I'm not keen on shrubs with prickly leaves eg mahonia and, although the flowers are beautiful, I hate bindweed because it smothers everything else and I can't get rid of it. Not too keen on nettles either, but I do have some in a wild patch for the butterflies.


What a shame some people hat Busy Lizzies!


Dis- like lupins Not sure why but have always avoided getting any- something to do with childhood gardens I think.

Also don't like Mahonia or Vinca. In previous garden spent years trying to get rid of it

Most htings I like and find I want everything........

Gaultheria shallon - highly invasive pest of a plant. 

Muvs Dashwood

I have criteria that plants have to meet for me to buy them.

They must have scent, the more the better

They must be easy to grow. Self-seeding is a plus or easy to propagate.

They must have flowers.

If the flowers are poor the scent must make up for it.

If the scent is poor the flowers must be copious.

Everything has be attractive to wildlife.

I don't grow flowerless shrubs, I rarely grow shrubs of any kind, they are a bit bleurgh to me.



Rose lady

Anything beginning with Mahonia and Ivy!! reminds me of the shrubs outside city council buildings.

Love ALL Roses, be it Rambling, climbing, bush.....and  all varieties of lavender and any Anemonies....pure bliss!!

Caz W

I love the foliage of Alchemilla Mollis, especially when wet, but absolutely hate the smell of the flowers.   

Rose lady

Oh and ALL hedges....especially when they are shaped to look incredibly well 'almost unnatural...sorry to those who have them


Just read all these comments and I'm astounded how many plants people hate! I can't think of a single one that I dislike that much, as most plants are great in the right place. Admittedly I don't enjoy having thorns in fingers but it would not stop me from buying roses, and although I have not got a Berberis, my neighbour has and I admire the colour when in full bloom. As a florist I look at plants differently, especially foliage plants. Even Aucuba and the dreaded conifer can look fantastic in the right arrangement. I'm sure people have learnt to dislike plants that are difficult to  control, but it's sad to rule them out totally. Grow some in a pot where you can restrict their size.

And as a final word, just stop and take a really close look at one of those hated flowers. It's miraculous how perfectly the petals are formed into the flowers; each one a masterpiece!

hollie hock

I really hate that creeping buttercup  weed/plant