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A friend once said how he hated that awful shrub Ceanothus, I told him to wash his mouth out and that it's a beautiful plant with gorgeous blue flowers. Years later I planted one in my small garden, it grew into a monster and a thug off a plant. I remembered his words and I now also hate this shrub. After we dug it out, and it wasn't easy, I vowed I would never, ever have that thug in my garden again.


Ground elder, ground elder, and erm, ground elder. 

I don't get much time in the garden and spend over half my time pulling it out. Hurrah for winter when I can pretend it's gone away.

Hate dahlias i know they are very pretty but whilst i worked in a florist back in the dark ages it was my job to empty the buckets that had had dahlas in them all week. The stink was awful, i can still conjure up the smell now. That and bindweed

Hates dodder (is there anyone likes it?).

Loves pansies and delphiniums.

I love blue flowers. Trying very hard to grow a mecanopsis still only got leaves


I'm amazed at how many plants people seem to dislike! I don't really hate any plant only plants in the wrong place. I have bluebells growing in my front very narrow borders. Whatever else I plant there are generally smothered by the bluebells. Cannot get rid of them as it would be quite drastic having to dig everything up and kill the bluebells and leave the borders for a while. However, love bluebells in a woodland setting.

In each garden I've had I've found the previous owner has planted a spiraea. Why???  I don't get them.  The gardens have been small, only allowing a few plants. Why choose spiraea?  They have boring leaves, washed out flowers and look awful in winter. I'm wondering if it's just not the right area to be growing them (clay soil) and maybe they look wonderful elsewhere?  Or maybe it's just me - I'm not keen on "shrubby" deciduous plants.


I love Ceanothus, dahlias and spireas (hated plants on this page). I don't like too many prickles, except on roses.

The potty gardener

I hate brambles. Not a problem where I am now but when I was a single mum with a full time job and 4 children to look after the dreadful stuff got totally out of control. It kept appearing all over the place including in the lawn.

The previous owners of my house grew loganberries. Ive still got a bit of that coming through my lawn. It's the most evil bramble ever - vicious thorns that just cling on.


I also found a sprirea in the garden when we moved here. I hacked it to pieces and it still grows but i must admit the hacking did it some good and it is rather pretty now. I also have the tiny daisy Erigeron and that grows everywhere which i love.It looks lovely all around my front door. Ive even noticed it has spread round the corner in to the next road.


I've been thinking about this.

My first reaction was Tellima grandiflora, which I accept is fine in certain shady spots but too much of a self-seeder even for me! I have reluctantly grown to appreciate it, & now cut off the flowers as soon as they start to go over & NEVER put them in my own compost bins, council recycling for them.

Large orange bedding begonias, so unnatural to me.

Paperwhite narcissus- ugh, the smell.

I do however wish that Anemone Honorine Jobert liked me/my garden.   I have tried several times with it, but no joy. Easy to grow other Japanese Anemones, but not that one. J.

I also like Alchemila aka Ladies mantle. Seeds everywhere but it looks lovely with drops of water on the leaves and we do get plenty of drops of water

Right then Maud, next Spring, the spirea gets it!


sedums,yuk,looks like broccoli which while yummy don't want as decorative.we had spirea too,dug it up to accomodate lawn


Pampas grass


I hate bindweed which winds itself all round my most loved plants. And stinging nettles which do their best to get me before I've noticed them.


I've learnt to live with wild poppies, a case of I had to, their seeds lay dormant in the soil for up to ten years .


Sorry but Aquilegias are big no for me..they seed everywhere and folage is awful.  Euphorbia fireglow is a rampant thug as are many of the artemisias.  

Spireas are quite nice if you go for yellow or orange folage colours otherwise they are boring.

Bindweed?  I love it.......or rather the well behaved cneorum and maritima

Long day today....just a quick check on forum before I visit the land of nod