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Japanese anenomes for me,they are everywhere,spreading across the gravel path and marching steadily towards the lawn,it,s a constant battle between me and them,just when I think I,ve won,up pops another.


A recent thread about jap anemones and their invasiveness suggested they were almost impossible to eradicate.  Glyphosate worked well for me.  I think a dull day opposed to a sunny important for glyphosate. Too sunny/hot and the leaves seem not to absorb chemical properly.


Thanks for the tip about the dull day Verdun,will give this a try.


Hawthorn. Self sets all over my garden from next door. If you don't get them out when small it requires the grafter to dig them out.


Bay plants.. hve them popping up everywhere.. and perrywinkle.. comes in from next door and drives me mad..



Gosh, it shows how climate and soil can change things. Japanese anemones don't do at all well here, too hot in summer perhaps, aquilegias don't seed themselves (and I like them and I think their leaves are pretty!) My euphorbia Fireglow died and I've planted convolvulus cneorum 3 times and it didn't survive the winter! Verdun must have acid soil and a damper climate than me. I have limestone and hot dry summers, though at the moment it's unusually very wet!

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