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I love all your work its amazing. Me and my friends love you so much we made fan club.
I really enjoyed this article. It could have been me who wrote it! I feel entirely the same way. Orchids are beautiful and great value for money.
Over recent years I have collected about 19 Orchids of different types. Some have been bought for me as presents, but mostly I buy them from my local garden centre when they are reduced! They give me much pleasure, but I too am running out of space! I stand mine in an old dish once a fortnight with 2 pints of room temperature rain water for about 1 hour with a little feed added. Liked the article on Orchids in a recent magazine.
I also thoroughly agree with your comments and have had orchids in flower for five months. With so little maintenance required and such vibrant colours, they make an ideal gift for somebody less able to be continually watering etc.


WOW, nice to think that others enjoy this magnificent plant. I was given one the year before last at my sisters wedding and it has not stopped flowering since. Only two weeks between flowering and then they last for what seems ages. Any advice on Propagating Moth Orchids. Robbie
Moth orchids aren't easy to propagate Robbie. The commercial nurseries use a tissue culture technique to raise thousands of identical plants, but amateurs can't do this. On one occasion, when I trimmed back a faded flower spike to a nodule on the stem a new stalk developed with a complete plant at its tip, with roots and leaves. When quite large I cut this off and potted it up. So, you can gets new plants for free, even from orchids.
I am addicted to orchids they are the most beautiful plants don't you agree. The first time I got interested in plants was when my aunt got me an Orchid for a present now I can't stop admiring them and getting another unique one every time I catch my eye on a nice one.

Are there any other plants you can recommend for me? Thanks Adam, Jakie

I love Orchids, I think they are the most magnificent plants. I love the one in your picture how many have you got?
I was given a Cymbidium Orchid for christmas the flower has died and I cut it off. The plant seems too big for the pot can I split it if so when and how. Appreciate any advice. Valerie
My comment is really not wheather to dig or not, but a question to you expert allotment holders. I cover my allotment for the winter in late autumn with a very large weed-control fleece. This is lovely in the spring as when it's time to dig, I find that there are no weeds to dig or pull out. While this is good for me, my husband on the other hand says that I am depriving the soil of all nutrients and that the worms will not want to churn it up. Someone out there must know. I wait in anticipation!
My daughter loves potted orchids and buys them regularily. When they stop flowering she throws them away. Now forgive me, but they seem to expensive to throw away after flowering. I have been told that they will flower again. I have brought two home with me to see if I can bring them back to life. She says she only waters them very occasionally. She thinks that if she waters them to often they seem to die. I have cut them back to about 8inches from the soil, stood them in water for an hour or so. They are not potted in normal soil are they? What should I feed them on. I have left them in my dining room, which is north facing. Bright enough without any sun. Would this be ok. I love orchids but are generally too expensive for me. Maybe having these two sorry looking plants will give me the bug that all Orchid lovers have. Would be obliged if someone could help me out with my queries. Thank you.
I have a moth orchard (pure white) it has 2 new stems with flowers but the first 3 flowers have a little knobs instead of stamens and the other flowers are normal what would they be?
I too love orchids being a retired florist there wonderful, great colours, they are undoubtedly the most beautiful plants on the planet!


I have recently started collecting orchids too, they're great! I have 2 phalaenopsis and a 3' cymbidium so far and as I work at a garden centre there will surely more to follow. I found this orchid website with some useful information, hope it helps!
I too am an orchid fanatic . I first got hooked after visiting Madeira where they grow so easily all the year round and outside! Can you suggest why my three cymbidiums have chosen not to bloom this year? They are 3 years old and have bloomed before. I put them outside 9in a shady spot all Summer till Oct, but new bulb growth but no flower.Hope you can help. THANKS J
I agree, orchids are lovely but I seem to be unlucky in getting them to flower. I have three and they all had lots of lovely fat buds which all dried up and dropped off! I feed them every two or three weeks, from the bottom with a little feed added. They look healthy and new leaves are always forming but no flowers! Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
I have had three Phalaenopsis orchids for some years, two of which have flowered again from a bud on the flower stem, but not for at least a year. However the stems on all three have since gone brown and completely dried up, and so I have cut them down near the base of the plant in the hope a new flowering stem will appear, but so far no luck. Have you any advice please on how to make them flower again? The leaves are however very healthy and producing new ones from time to time. They are watered with a very little tepid water weekly and sometimes Baby Bio added. Hope you can offer some suggestions.
Hi, I've just bought my first phaleonopsis and I'm a bit scared I might kill it. although it didn't cost me loads I'd like to keep it going for as long as i can. Can you give me any tips on how to look after it? thanks