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Do the people moving into the house mind you taking the garden too ? It's just a thought as when we moved I dug up as much as possible of my...

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Do the people moving into the house mind you taking the garden too ?
It's just a thought as when we moved I dug up as much as possible of my plants and shrubs .I too , had sentimental and many memories with what I had in the garden.I had expensive taste of shrubs e t c always wanting something different.

When I saw my ex next door neighbour a short while after she mentioned that she had told the New neighbours they would have a beautiful garden all year round as we had spent a fortune on our much loved garden and we had a lot of different species of plants.
I didn't have the heart to tell her that no they wouldn't because it had or most of it moved with us !
Though I did leave the garden presentable I had thinned down some what.this was ten year ago hope they ate not still patiently waiting !

You have to make it clear when you are selling your house that the plants they see in the garden are going to be removed

Fleurisa is correct.............if you are intending to dig up and remove any plants actually growing in your garden when your property is viewed by any prospective purchaser, you will have to point this out.

Plants in containers are not a problem altho sometimes if it is a large container with a large plant in a strategic spot, it is also worth saying it isn't included in the sale.  Some people do tend to assume that you plan to leave everything and it never hurts to over clarify in this situation

That's alright then as we had already moved before we put it on the market .the house was empty .so we just kept popping back to cut the grass   e t c . We didn't actually tell the buyers ,,our estate agent did know though didn't make much of it.



Sorry touched submit reply by accident.

When the estate agent came round we had explained some of the gaps in the deep borders due to clearly moving shrubs  e t c . He didn't make anything of it , didn't think anymore about it until speaking to our ex neighbour.


I think it's not always so much the  Estate Agent you need worry about's the lawyer who follows on........particularly if you are selling to someone who knows what they've initially seen and expects it to be there when they move in.

Thankfully, not every purchaser is blessed with "nous"..........I was once asked if I intended to remove "my rubbish at the bottom of the garden" aka my well aged compost heap.   I'd thought it may be useful to the new purchaser but was only too happy to oblige......saved me starting again from scratch........their loss, my gain

Shrinking Violet

We are still hoping to move - the housing market has been very slow in West Somerset!  In the meantime, I have split plants/taken cuttings and potted them all up.  Any potential purchaser is told that, if it's in  pot, it's moving with me.  No ambiguity, so no problem.  And by taking cuttings etc the main body of the garden will be left in tact - if the purchasers want it.  I dare say they'll wonder why on earth I had plant x next to plant y, and shift things around.  But that's the joy of gardening - putting your own stamp on it.  And I am taking some of my beloved memories with me (one of which started in my mother's garden over 50 years ago!).


If the plants had already been moved before the buyer came round then you've got no problem. 

If they saw a lovely garden and moved in to find it gone - then there could be a problem

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