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I have a large area which for the last 8 months has had 30 chickens messing on it every day. The chickens are now off to a new home and I was wondering if it is okay to use this area to plant veg straight away or should I leave it a while in case the soil is too toxic.
if i dig freash manure in to my beds, leave to weather and rot down, then seed out a month later, would the flowers and veg still grow?
That is precisely what I do, mulch with horse muck. I'm fortunate in that we have many stables nearby with free horse muck. Nor do i worry about how well rotted the stuff is. As long as the fresh stuff doesn't actually touch the plants, I wack it down by the bagful. I must have added over 150 bags of fresh muck to my garden in the last few years and never had any problems. I also agree with the 'No Dig' theory. Just mulch the surface and let nature get on with it.

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