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"I see something that I know really well but cannot for the life of me remember what on earth it is called." Oh yes. I can relate to that. :)
my first garden was in my mothers. it was not a big garden. i always wanted a fish pond. at the time i did not have the money to pay fore a liner. well i worked on the building so i built a concrete pond. it was 10ft x9ft x 5ft deep. i used waterproofing pouder in it. when that was done.all the kids in the around came in and used it like a swiming pool fore a vew days. then i planted it . i now live in my own house and got a pond ther. maid with a liner. but i still think that concrete pond was the best one.
My Dad let me have my own border in his garden, back in the 1950s, which I filled with pansies. I still love their little faces today and always have at least one tub of them somewhere in the garden. As for forgetting things it's called a CRAFT moment - Can't remember a flipping thing!!! I have them all the time. Lorrie
I was allowed to look after some alpine strawberry plants and eat the fruit but they all got concreted over when the extension was built. :-(
I bought my first house when I was 28(after a tenement flat) and it had a huge back garden - that's where I got the gardening bug. Selling the house to move in with my hubby wasn't a hardship - not being able to take the garden with me was :-( If ever there was proof how much I love him ... I've told my hubby that with this garden there's no way I'm ever moving - too much blood, sweat and tears has gone into it (ok, the tears are just down to my hayfever)


im 55 and just got my 1st garden and i love it having lived in flats all my married life this is our first house due to ill health im not able to do much myself but i enjoy just pottering about ,not realy knowing what im doing ,just wish i had a garden years ago keith
Some London Pride in the school garden, alyssum at home and some pink lavatera which I absolutely adored.
I was sitting here having a CRAFT moment then Ruby jogged my memory. Yes I to grew London Pride, Alyssum,Sedum and Candy Tuft. My Mum worked at Carters Tested Seed Company at Raynes Park, before I was born, and my dad was a part time gardener, so I've always had the bug, from as young as I can remember. Umpty tumpt years ago. Now I love all flowers , shrubs etc.
my dad let me have my first plot! I remember planting radish,spring onions and lettuce as for my first garden it was probably hardy geraniums which were a gift I find them very forgiving
i currently have my first garden. it is the big family gardenn and at the age of 13 it's a big challenge! it is ridden with a lot of weeds but i have made a start. with many elaporate plans i hope to have completed my grand plan in a year or so but it's more likely to take 2!
6yrs old at home alone after school (back in the day when that was okay) watering my own Gladiolas (thought fairies lived in them) with hose water every where. Big trouble when folks got home from work, not for the mess, but because their was a drought and water restrictions in effect.
I planted some 'love lies bleeding' seeds in our seaside garden. I must have been about 11 because that's how old I was when we moved from our 2 up 2 down cottage to a terraced house with it's small front garden. I have recently retired and got my own garden for the first time. Thank you for reminding me about my first gardening efforts..must add love lies bleeding to my list of seeds for next year.
my first garden was when I lived at home I was 10 years old and we had moved from a 2 up 2 down with a back yard to a semi with garden front, back and side I had a little peice right on the front corner of the house to the side of the drive. It was edged with rocks which I kept very white by white washing them regualy, it had white rock plant and different sedums in it.I loved it and I've never looked back I've been very fortunate in haveing a garden for all my life but 8 months when I moved to a town house and their I had some pots, as for forgetting names of plants I have a stack of books that I regualy trawl through. the worst thing is when I'm blogin and can't see the f or the p or what ever on the keyboard.
The first thing I planted in my mum's garden in Co Antrim was a pink saxifrage, but when I started my own garden in Fermanagh, I kicked off with pots of thyme, rosemary and lavender in the sunny spot outside the French window. Hard workers!
When I got my first garden I had to have new turf laid as the previous occupants bred dogs and obviously exercised them on the lawn. When the landscaper came to lay the grass he asked how large I wanted my borders and I said I didn't want any. That's how much I wanted to garden - changed days now when I can't get enough of it!!!


I have begun gardening this year and I have all my plants in containers. Frankly, I haven't got the faintest of how to bring them through the winter. In Edinburgh where I live we are having 2 degrees Celsius already. I have two hydrangeas vannille fraise, a eucalyptus gunnii, two acers, a kaffir lily and a crocosmia. All of them are still Ok, as far as I can see, but I don't know if or what I should bring indoors. I mulched the top of every container - is it enough?
Roxanna: All those are pretty hardy and should be fine whatever Edinburgh throws at them.
i planted snowberry 20 years ago not knowing that it was invasive. it was at one side of a deep stone path, but at the other side is a path of grass. it has been trying to take over, so when i cut the grass it just gets beheaded. the roots advance every year and if the shoots are not lopped off will take over. it is a good wind bread, but if i had known its habit would not have planted