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Talkback: Nettles, caterpillars and butterflies

Kate you are a romantic softie. who else would love caterpillars.

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Kate you are a romantic softie. who else would love caterpillars.

A clump of nettles in a pot so they don't spread is ideal for any wildlife friendly garden.......easy enough if you don't let them seed.........highly recommmended

gardenning granny

the righrt ones are worth looking after - they give us the most beautiful butterflies

I have many butterfly friendly plants in the garden - just as important aas looking after the birds

Lovely story, well done to you!
Re gardening grannies point about looking after butterflies (& I take it insects generally) as well as birds.
I am thinking that feeding birds all year round will encourage a larger population of birds than my - and my neighbours' - gardens will naturally support. This larger population will also impact insects and caterpillars more by feeding on them!
Therefore I'm considering reducing or stopping feeding the birds - in the summer at least - so they don't overbreed and eat all the caterpillars, etc!
I have plenty of grasses with seed as well as any in the feeders


About two years ago I was 'babysitting' two of my grand-daughters. I use the term lightly as they were about 13 and 17! However, I too, collected some caterpillars and put them in a big plastic tub, with the leaves they were on, and topped up regularly with the same. A short while later they turned into fully fledged butterflies, and I have some wonderful photo's of brand new ones on the girls' fingers, sun shining on them, and the new butterflies flying off to enjoy their new lives. It was a fascinating study, with the girls even getting up early every day to see if any more had hatched, no mean feat for two teenagers!!
I would recommend this project to anyone, with or without children!!
  1. I would love to see your photos she'll 53  any chance of putting them on here.I'm sure others would too.
  2.  don't know what ive done to get these numbers on ,can't seem to delete them either !  This Kindle has a mind of its own!¡!


Thomas Wilkinson2

There is a massive swarm of black caterpillars just outside where ~I work. I will have to get a photo and find out what they are. I also saw a slug munching away on a poppy i'd not long planted.. But I didnt have the heart to stop it! after all its just a little thing trying to get by like me! Probably too much of a softie for my own good...

Ive seen that too Thomas, u did take a pic, but cant post from my phone! There were so many they looked like nettle flowers dangling down (they were on nettles) amazing thing to see!
I also leave the slugs etc, good job Thomas!

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