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Just moved into a new house. Totally bare garden, but soon to be a veg plot, currently under 3-4 inches of snow. Can't wait until weather improves and days lengthen.
hi, i have been very lucky that the weather has been lovely today. i was able to go out into the garden while my partner took on our household chores. our youngest , aged 3, and i dug and tidied up and put plants in that have long looked neglected and unloved. after about three hours we came in, muddy, cold and dirty but much happier. our garden is much more rewarding than dusting, hoovering, ironing. we cant wait to get out again! happy new year to all x
I'd like a few ideas of easy veg to grow on a small plot, a mix of greens, peas, beans, hanging toms, salad onions, and the like, thanxs.
I too have promised myself a healthy New Year so I started today by gardening all morning to try and tidy up the little patch I have. I then spent the afternoon topping up my Gardeners World scrap book, and my calendar with To Do things for my garden through the New Year. Following that I have also signed up for the Designing with Plants course. Phew, that was an enthusiastic start for 2008!!!

I am now sitting with a glass of dry white wine by my side - well, you have to take enthusiasm slowly at times don't you?????

Hi I'm trying to grow veg for my lizard. I was told to grow collard greens and mustard greens, also turnip greens were mentioned. Can you please clarify what theses are, as i have had mixed reports and replies to postings. Thanks


I've just acquired my own allotment plot & am completely enthused. I was digging new year's day after seeing the new year in only a few hours prior!I can't wait to see fresh shoots!
I've been back to our "allotment" at school over this weekend, just checking out the broadbeans and raspberries that we planted pre-Christmas. What was nicest was the greeting I got from our friendly robin, who never fails to turn up and pinch any worms I dig up. She always sings so nicely. :)

As we'll be starting our seed planting and some hardwood cuttings in January (what else can you do between 3.45 and 5.00pm in Jan at an after school club!!??) I've spent the Christmas hols putting up a second (donated) greenhouse to keep them all in. I have been stopped in my tracks today with the bitter winds and snow, but I am looking forward to getting the veggie seeds going asap. We'll win that town horticultural show this year if it kills me!! Godo luck with your fitness and veggie eating .... I've developed some impressive biceps digging in ours.

since christmas my hands having been itching to get outside and start digging again, and even after all that rain and walking backwards and forwards from the allotment at the bottom of my garden to feed the chickens and sliding in the mud i am even more frustrated.

But lord and behold the sun is finally out and my plans for the future growing season in my head and spade and fork at the ready i'm out their till i can't see what i am doing and the kids are moaning they want their tea. I love the start of anew season as its the chance to start again like being an artist with ablank pieace of paper and to learn from last years mistakes. sorry if i'm going on abit but i am enjoying myself and there are not enough hours in the day and i know their is more bad weather on the way before we can really start.

i started an allotment in april i got that one going. i started the second one going. for every one to lern on. that was in may. now i am doing the third one .for all the kids. all i whant to do is my own.but may be i carnt say no to eny one or his it i gust love garding.

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