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We have a small pond with goldfish and frogs. It is a bit wild but obviously healthy as the goldfish breed.

Although for the past five years we have had no frogspawn. I put it down to the fact we moved the pond at that time and maybe they cannot access it as easily. In moving the pond we found a couple of newts that we had never seen before, or since.

This year, however we have lost everyone of our goldfish. I don't think a heron is likely to be the culprit, as the pond has been overgrown with weed, and they were impossible to see. If there was indeed too much weed and the fish died, we should have found their bodies at least, which we didnot. What I did find when clearing the pond, was lots of young newts, which I have never seen before. Also lots of the ramshorne snails appear to have holes in their shells, or are crushed and I did not find one of the common pond snails of which we used to have thousands.

I am assuming that since I am now seeing the young newts, there must be more than previously. Is it possible that they could be responsible for the disappearance of fish or snails? I know they eat tadpoles, but fish? I cannot think of any other reason. Has anyone any ideas.

Newts will also eat fish eggs and fry but not fish as such.

My pond contains goldfish, Newts and Frogs  as well as Dragonfly larvae, beetles, etc.and they seem to co exist happily enough altho I have to say I have only had this particular pond for 2 years.

I have experienced a couple of "mystery deaths" of fish last year but the bodies/part bodies were floating on surface - part eaten in one case. 

Altho Herons are numerous here (they go for the elvers in the river ) and they have decimated a neighbour's pond, I can't blame them but don't know the actual cause/culprit..  

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