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Do you find gardening is an excellent way to sample other's home-baking, I wonder? I certainly do. The link to the garden blog below details - amongst other things, gardening included -the possibility of blueberry muffins on offer tomorrow. The life o a jobbing gardener, eh? rambling bloke blog
We all experience gluts of courgettes. I just love eating them steamed with nothing on (the courgettes have nothing on - not me). This year I have planted a late crop. The 2nd crop are just starting to produce courgettes now. They should last into the Autumn. Yum
As a very much newbie gardener I am finally seeing the fruits of my labour, and I cannot believe just how much I have grown! I highly recommend growing courgettes to anyone who is new to growing veg!
As a very much newbie gardener I am finally seeing the fruits of my labour, and I cannot believe just how much I have grown! I highly recommend growing courgettes to anyone who is new to growing veg!


Thanks for the recipe Ruffy - sounds very simple quick and tasty. I tried Sophie G's risotto the other night and it was fab - I can totally recommend it! It's got loads of fresh herbs in it and very little parmesan so it's fresh and light - a perfect summer risotto in fact. PS I too love them nude Matron (there's a carry on joke there, isn't there?) but Paul's not so keen - it will have to reamin a private pleasure so to speak!
All the rain and sunshine has produced a huge crop of courgettes, beans, tomatoes and chillis. My favourite recipe is ratatouille,which is basically a french vegetable stew.

Soften onions, garlic, courgettes, mushrooms,aubergines,in olive oil.Add in lots of peeled and chopped tomatoes,about 1/4 bottle of red wine, some water depending on how many vegetables you have, salt and pepper and simmer for an hour with lid off pan to let it thicken and reduce.Sit back and enjoy rest of red wine. Perfect for barbecues,especially when you have to resort to eating inside because it is raining and cold! Freezes well! I have also added in runner beans and leeks when available.

I disguised yellow courgettes in "carrot" cake. make as for carrot cake and don't tell the courgette detractors! They won't notice the difference.

This week I am mostly eating courgette pakoras.

How I envy you all, my first sowing of courgetts got eaten by the snails, they were quite a nice size by the time I put them out too. The next lot I sowed have been very slow to do anything, I kept them in the greenhouse in pots because the nights seemed so cold and have been taking off the male flowers to help (I thought) save the strength to go to the little courgetts, then I saw Jamie Oliver on TV, and his gardener said he would not get any courgetts if he took all the male flowers to cook in batter! now I am leaving them and at last a few are getting a decent size. Be warned!
Courgette chocolate cake:

Ingredients 180g good plain chocolate 200g plain flour 1 teaspn baking powder 1/2 teaspn bicarb. of soda 1/2 teaspn salt 125 g caster sugar 2 large eggs 6 fl.oz vegetable oil 225g peeled weight courgettes 60g chopped walnuts

Method Preheat oven 180C. Grease and flour a 2 lb loaf tin. Sift all the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Beat the oil in to the eggs Finely grate the courgettes collecting any juice Melt chocolate over hot water Mix eggs and oil into dry ingredients and then add the chocolate and courgettes. Stir to combine everything well and then mix in the nuts. Pour into loaf tin and bake for 50 - 55 mins. Leave in tin for 5 mins before turning out onto a wire rack. Serve sliced with vanilla ice cream! You could also divide the mixture into 2 x 8 1/2inch sandwich tins and then sandwich together with choc. butter cream.

(NB It does not taste of courgettes they just add to the moistness.)
why does all we grow like courgettes not grow someething is eating things in my garden . now it the cabbages that was going to plant out , got net over them can anyone help?
Chop a red onion into a pan, sweat it but don't fry it, add thin strips of zuchinni sliced lengthways (I use a potato peeler for this bit), add some fresh coriander leaves and a small fresh chilli pepper. Allow it to completely cool down then smother it in lime juice and good olive oil and top with either pine nuts or sunflower seeds. It's especially nice eaten cold as a salad. A mate of mine also uses them in cake (in the same way you would make a carrot cake) which is also nice.
my courgettes have flowered but there are still no fruits not sure what to do any advice
my courgettes are flowering but a lot of them don't have fruit on them.. i too need advice


I have a lovely recipe for courgette and feta cheese soup its lovely and freezes well helps me use some of my glut of courgettes
My courgettes, Butternut squash and Pumpkins seem to have been attacked by 1/4 inch long cream grubs that eat the roots. What are they and how can I stop them?
Yesterday I fried a sliced courgette to eat with my dinner and was horified at how extremely bitter it was. It was inedible. Any ideas why ?
Jane - have you tried an ancient Austrian recipe for zuccini (as they call them)?

Sweat some chopped onion, add garlic and sweat some more until cooked. Then the finely sliced courgettes (so fine you can nearly see through them)plus pepper. After 5 minutes turn off heat, cover and let cook in the steam. Keep an eye on them and serve before they go soggy.


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