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I'm plagued with an infestation of tiny black flies in the peat free compost I am currently using to grow tomatoes in. The flies are not affecting the tomato plants but are multiplying at a rate of knots! The tops of the plant pots are covered in fly eggs and there are swarms of these tiny flies. I'd like advice about how to safely get rid of them please. I am growing the tomatoes indoors in an upstairs bay window and would not want to use anything which might contaminate the tomatoes particularly as my daughter is pregnant.
I have exactly the same problem as chrissiec post no. 22. Black flies living in the compost of my tomato plants which fly around the room and always manage to escape my attempts at grabbing them with my hands. They're a real pest. I've tried mulching the top of the compost with a good layer of horticultural grit and I've also got yellow sticky traps stuck in the soil (which end up looking like a fly graveyard) but they are still everywhere. Please does anyone have any ideas ? I still have quite a lot of tomatoes on the plants so don't want to spray them with anything harmful to the tonatoes.
Organic pest control is the way to go. It is best to avoid the use of chemicals at every chance. It is best to keep an eye out for pests so that damage is avoided i.e for termites. _____


I invested in a pheromone trap - it was covered in dead moths in no time but all my plums are still riddled with maggots. Maybe it lured all the moths in the area to the trap and my tree!
Kate, when di you hang the pheromone trap in your plum tree? You really need to get it up BEFORE the moths are active, so the very first males to hatch out are lured to the trap. It sounds as if you may need two traps!
Found appropriate blog here. Well, I suggest if you are looking commercial or organic pest control sydney then, easyonearth is providing pest management programs.
In order for the pheromones to work properly they must be changed on a regular basis. I operate a pest control company in the UK and where we fit pheromone traps into food processing plants we have to change them every three months
I refer to a comment posted to you on the 4 sep, 2009, regarding black flies in compost, I have the same problem, but with my house plants, can anyone help, I have tryed soapy water repotting them, but they are still there, these are plants I have had for years.
Great info. I like all your post. I will keep visiting this blog very often. It is good to see you website.
where can I buy Apple Codling moth trap. Also why have my apple trees not fruited this year. neither have the trees of my two neighbours. As I live in the warm south east I cannot blame the frost.

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