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i have an issue with pest! partically pea moth, my peas are all gone. i have been advised to use lime in my soil after the season, this will help kill them off from the soil? but my Q ? is can i use bog standard lime from a builders merchant, or do i need a certain type alcalie lvl etc??
Peat B
It's a dirty business, but somebody's gotta do it ! I hate the thought of killing things that have a right to a life as much as I do, BUT sometimes sacrifice to the gods of growing need to be made. It is HOW the sacrifice is done. Scrabbling around on the ground has now become part of the ritual. I crawl along the paths in the lotty, peering under leaves, plucking with distaste at the tiny crawling pests and shuddering with horror at the wild life and death struggles going on in my food plot ! I find that there is really NOTHING I can do about pests. If I want organic garden produce, then I find that one for me and three for them is the casualty rate.
My broad beans have been nibbled severely for at least the last three weeks, so much for 'the adults emerge in June and July'! They have destroyed the growing tips of several plants and they are not going to survive even though they were good strong specimens to begin with. Have I done something wrong or am I just unlucky?
what can I use eg spray/powder to kill them
what can I use eg spray/powder to kill pea and bean weevil on my allotment



I tried planting out but it is very labour intensive. Best thing to do is sow peas in October and then they will be reasonably large plants by the time the weevil comes and wont suffer so much. Also, keep them under netting so the moth can't lay its eggs in the actual peas, pick off and kill any weevils you see and the best tip i can give is to spray it with a solution of water with boiled down rhubarb leaf juice in it as an organic deterrent - this is meant to work quite well.


I know some people don't like killing the little blighters and some wont like the thought of spraying mildly poisonous rhubarb leaf juice on their peas but you have to think; which is the lesser of two weevils? 

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