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Peaches do not like rain water on them so water with tap water, move them under cover but watch out for red spider mite, keep the little tree sprayed with water to keep the red spider mite at bay.

Re: Gardeners World weekly email: It seems very unhelpful to tell us to spray peach trees with Bordeaux mixture, when it is no longer available! I have recently bought a young nectarine, which is now covered in leaf curl, and having seen Bordeaux mixture has been withdrawn, I turned to your email, hoping it would list an alternative, but no such luck!

Please can you suggest an alternative?

I had to spray my peach tree after fruit had formed can i still eat it 

I would NOT peter.

my peaches...2 small bushes......were fine at fruiting time.

as I understand it,  PLC is best prevented by preventing rain on newly formed leaves in spring. Covering in some way is the ideal solution.....shouldnt get PLC in a greenhouse for example.

I cover in spring....spray in spring before any leaves unfurl and again on new leaves.  Again, if necessary but well before any fruit starts to form.

my bushes are uncovered when fruit is forming but by then the leaves are resistant to PLC

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