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Whats wrong with my apple tree? last year was the first year we had any fruit, its 3yrs old, this year hardly any fruit, what fruit we have is misshapen, the leaves are dry and curling but i havent let the tree dryout I water it mornings, before the sun gets on it, and again in the evening. What am i doing wrong is it because its in a large pot? Please help.. appllesue
I have a miniture peach and apricot tree which both have peach leaf curl. Last year was the first year of planting and the fruit went mouldy, shrivelled up and fell off the branches. I have since repotted both trees into large pots and placed in a nice sunny position. I bought a fungicide last week but after reading the instructions I should have used it before the buds and blossom started to appear. Some of the new growth is already showing signs of going reddish brown. Should I cut any of this growth back? Please could someone suggest a remedy? Many thanks, Poppy'sMum PS. What is Bordeaux mixture?
Dragon 87

Hi Poppy's mum.

Expert i am not !     But i understand that Peach leaf curl is caused by a virus ? spread very early in the year by cold wet rain !?   I've planted & lost grafted standard plants (good that you had fruit !)

I left them & are now growing back from the original rootstock (quite different !)...I'm waiting to see ,, but some flowers have opened....Maybe wait & see ?

Here en francais it's used as a general fertiliser e.g .   vines, & is approved as Organic   .. GUESS WHAT ?     IS GOOD FOR PEACH LEAF CURL TOO

Regards David

Dragon 87

PS  i forgot to mention that Bordeux mixture also helps with APPLE SCAB !

I'm battling peach leaf curl on a well established dwarf peach tree (10 + years old) that has increased because of a particularly wet spring here in San Diego California and I need help! Because the tree hadn't been sufficiently pruned in a few years (it is in my mom's yard and as she declined which lead to her passing last year, was unable to consistently prune). So I heavily pruned in January of this year and got a spray recommended by Home Depot to stop potential leaf curl and covered the tree. Flowers and leaves budded and opened beautifully but now the tree is heavily covered with big ugly leaf curl. There are a lot of tiny peaches too. From what I've read it says to spray to treat the curl before leaves and flowers bud. So is there *anything* I can do now to save this year's crop and help the health of the tree? I'll be just sick if the tree dies. The tree had some leaf curl in the past but never as bad as it does now. Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated! :) Jamie in San Diego


OK I know how to garden but am not that computer savvy .... I have 4 messages from my peach leaf curl post but I don't know how to read them 

Dragon 87

I can only suggest for now that you follow the instruction for the treatment ! for your  climate/conditions !?  (early/mid summer @ the latest! )

But starting treatment  early  in the year, is best!!

HYGIENE is very important (& like Roses , clear away/burn any infected leaves & cuttings ...To prevent problems next year

Good luck David

Peat B

Two peach trees, bought two years ago Last year they flowered. Fruited sparingly. This year, nowt, except for one measely reluctant blossom on one tree. Bright green new leaves, but starting to curl inwards, tightly. Is this a case for the wonder-drug, Bordeaux mix, to be sprayed liberally, in addition to pruning off the curled leaves ?

Peat B

I forgot, last year, I gave a red card to a reluctant plum tree, pulled it up unceremoniously from it's spot, and put it in the 'sin bin' oop top of lotty. Here, in shame and isolation, in the same season of its' exile, it PRODUCED FRUIT !!! I think it should be called 'Contrary Plum' !

Alina W

Pete, yes, Bordeaux mixture should be sprayed three times, just before the leaves drop, in mid January and early February. In the meantime, gather all infected leaves and burn them. If you do any pruning, sterilize the secateurs between each cut or you will just spread the disease.

Is there a non-chemical cure for peach leaf curl please?
I have a miniature tree this year which has had lots of blossom and now in full leaf. In the last couple of weeks some of the leaves have shown signs of curly leaf fungus. What can i do? Thank you, Tony
Alina W

Not a lot at the moment other than remove the affected leaves. You can spray with Bordeaux mixture just before leaf fall, again in mid January and February.

Thank you, i shall give it a try, hopefully some of the fruit will survive.
Can you tel me how to make Bordeaux mixture


Moogue Butler

I have just identified that our old almond tree has developed peach leaf curl following a vigorous pruning back last November. Everything I have read has been about treating the problem in January/February.

What can I do, now that it is June to limit the problem. There is still a lot of new growth coming through. It is only a single tree and we don't "harvest" the fruit so loosing a crop is not a problem. But I would like to limit any damage so that the tree can recover fully.

Any advise greatly appreciated.
Moogue Butler


So do I remove the affected leaves/sprouting growth?

Can Bordeaux mixture be used at this time of year?????????

I am only a novice gardener..(my lupins are rocking!)...but dont want to kill the tree off by over pruning it during its growing/fruiting season.

Many thanks

Hi I have a nectarine which I grow in a large plastic pot in an unheated greenhouse. I have had it for about 4 years which has never yet fruited. I don't put it outside and it grows beautiful healthy leaves but thats as far as it gets. I have tried pruning off everything but 3 main stems and feed with Tomorite. I used to grow it outside but it suffered from peach leaf curl. Problem solved by growing it inside greenhouse but would like to know how to get the fruit to develop please?
Please help. Many thanks.
I have a new peach tree which has developed peach leaf curl. Would the tree already have been infected when I received it?


Peach leaf curl is caused by rain...the spores in the air are brought into contact by rain to infect the plant.  In spring and early summer plants need to be covered...greenhouse, umbrella, parasol, etc.  in summer the leaves have resistance.  I have 2 peach bushes and currently they are in greenhouse and will be taken outside in june.  Bordeaux mixture is ineffective if infection exists. Peaches can be trained against a wall with polythene sheets draped down.