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I have a bad infestation of blister mites in my tree,is there any treatment you could recommend as the scale is too large to break off affected leaves. regards janet
Alina W

You can remove the affected leaves, but there's no treatment that I'm aware of. Although it looks awful, it shouldn't affect the crop.

I purchased four pear trees in their dormant stage, they have been in a polytunnel for 3 weeks, as the leaves appeared they were blistered, and mainly pink, I believe they have pear leaf blister mite, but the garden centre say it is leaf mite stipple, is there such a thing, I cannot find any reference to it, also, will this spread to other pears which were also purchased from the same garden centre, what can I use to erradicate the pest?
Nikki Scott
try this:
Nikki Scott
try this:


New leaves on my pot grown pear tree are growing with black tips and eventually curl up and die. What is causing this and what is the solution to prevent it.

Help please!!! My lovely Buerre Hardy pear tree has blister mite  ( Eriophyes pyri) I have searched for remedies, but every comment seems to suggest that I completely de-nude the tree which is drastic. Also this year the tree didn't produce any blossom. It usually flowers earlier than the apple tree, which is now in full blossom. Does anyone know what could have caused this?

An American gardening site suggested that I spray the infected leaves with a light cooking oil mixed with washing up liquid and water, does anyone know if this will help or do I have to dig up the tree and burn it, I am so desperate this is the second spring that it has become infected.

We've recently moved into a cottage which has a pear tree in the garden.  This seems to be suffering from either blister mite or scab!  Also there are masses of pears some of which I assume should have been removed as the branches are hanging really low with the weight.  If we remove some of the pears now is it too late for the others to grow larger?  We also have a large plum tree without any plums whatsoever!

Would this mite damage fruit?

The Conference pear tree in our small garden has been mildly infested during the past 2 - 3 years with the leaf blister mite, but this did not materially affect the relatively large crops of fruit, apart from a small number of mis-shapen pears.  However, this year the whole tree appears to be infested and the few pears that have developed all appear to be mis-shapen and deformed.  This seems to disprove comments by some experts that the fruit is not normally affected.  If there are no substances available in the UK for the control of this pest, would it help if I were to drastically prune/lop the tree during the next dormant season, thus removing their overwintering sites?  John P

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