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I too noticed that the pigeons had been at the greens on all the plots that had failed to net. What a shame after all that work.Even the leaves that pushed up my netting had been eaten.
pigeons got my purple sprouting broccoli too! One day they were thriving - next day just skeletons - the broccoli, not the pigeons!
Six or eight woodpigeon breasts in a casserole with some onions,garlic, diced celeriac and a handfull of small salad potatoes make a good Winter meal. (Only the breasts are worth cooking, the rest is worthless) We're plagued with them, but the occasional shoot scares the rest off for a week or two -----
we also have a problem with the turkeys sorry pidgeons well there as big as before christmas they ate most of our sprouts even the net dont do much any advice
has anybody got any advice on how to stop cats using my rose bed and any other part of my garden as their favourite toilet?


I heard that a hotel in York was using fake Owls to scare the pigeons away. I'm going to give it a go when I find one and will let you know if it works.
About those cats, try water pistols. There are varieties available with motion sensors that shoot a jet of water when a cat passes by. Hilarious to watch as well. Or you could try a gravel mulch, just make sure the pieces are not too small. I had a gravelled front garden which was a favourite local cat toilet until the gravel was changed to a larger, sharper type.
Push a couple of dozen short twigs into the soil around the base of the plant, about four inches apart. That will keep cats off.
water pistols don't work they might run away but as soon as you turn your back they are back, I've only got to turn the key in the lock of the back door and they scoot but only to the other end of the garden to wait for me to go back indoors. yes the sticks work very well but I know people that have cats and they build runs for their cats in their own gardens, thats what I call a resposable owner.
I have lovely big purple sprouting broccoli plants in my garden but only one of them has produced florets. They look healthy and I can't see any evidence of either whip tail or swede midge. What can I do?
My purple sprouting broccoli has grown beautifully tall with lots of yellow flowers! Shall I pull them out? Are they going to seed? This is the first time that I've managed to grow them this far, I'm so disappointed what have I done wrong & shall I discard them to the compost bin? Advice much appreciated. Many thanks, Odelle.
I have just read your comment on purple sprouting broccoli, i sadly have had the same fate. It is the first time i have grown a variety of veg and was delighted with my purple sprouting brocolli, alas they have kept the pigeons alive through the recent snow falls. Does anyone know if there is a chance they may recover? Or is it time to pull them up.

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