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Talkback: Plans for a garden

Hi Kate, I plan to plant more perennials into my front garden this year. The last three years I've planted Petunias, Busy Lizzies etc. I've ...

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Bunny ...
I have geranium mourning widow alongside a white one in full shade , hellebores, ferns, campanula, anemone , also pale pink clump geranium , shrub sabucca Niger and bamboo all together ...I then put cosmos in amongst to fill up gaps .

i would love to have a wonderful front garden in the summer, but the bloody neighbourhood asbo cats keep using the garden as their toilet. i guess its only going to be pots and bulbs in the grass.

Bunny ...
Ohhh franco6832 I have that problem , however yuck yuck my lab thinks they're a delicacy to be sampled ...ughhhhh.
Highland Jeannie

Today I collected 14 "presents"  from the local moggies + 1 which might be from an owl? (not exactly an expert in animal c...c...c....droppings!) As the ground was still frozen at the back it was easier to pick up.  (Probably didn't do the grass too much good, though.)

Bunny ...
Owl def different ! Furry often here in forest .



I am planning a better fruit and veg garden this year, over the years I have been growing red gooseberry, bluberry, and strawberry plants, but thanks to the Janurary's  GW fruit offer from DT Brown seeds  I am going to grow the 6 fruit collection of blackcurrent, redcurrent, raspberries, rhubarb, green goosbery and strawberry.  I have also sent off for the free potato kit and onion sets.  I had a productive greenhouse last year with chillies, tomatoes, sweet peppers and aubergines, so will grow them all again and also try courgettes and cucmbers.  I failed with my carrots last year, so am going ot try thrm again.  I only planted 10 seeds so have plenty to spare. 

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