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Talkback: Plant envy

I know exactly how you feel, Andy. I have just fallen and bought Heuchera "Midnight Rose" while at the shops and have been worrying where t...

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I know exactly how you feel, Andy. I have just fallen and bought Heuchera "Midnight Rose" while at the shops and have been worrying where to plant it all the way home. "Lime Marmalade" was easy and the caramel coloured ones looks superb among the bluebells. But very dark purple with pink spots? Perhaps i can pick up the pink in the spots among my primulas. Just like painting really. Perhaps art classes are the answer.
 Reluctant Gardener
I know what you mean, Andy and Marion. Gardener's World is a major culprit: after seeing Monty D planting a wall with roses and clematis the other week, I did some incontinent spending, both on-line and in the real world, and ended up with climbing plants galore. 2 clematis went in the garden, and 'Golden Showers' and 'Morning Jewel' roses are now planted by the allotment fence, with another clematis about to climb the shed. It's the names that seduce me more than the colours. So I've overpopulated my allotment with raspberry canes: Belle de Malicorne, Malling Admiral, Polka - how could anyone resist?!
I have long lusted after a Cyperus papyrus. Why do I crave such a demanding diva, an expensive, high maintenance beauty? Every time I see one I feel as though I should have booked an appointment and worn something more elegant than wellies, jeans and a fleece jumper with holes .
Go for it Andy! I love abit of orange and like you said it looks like it could work perfectly with the sculpture. Good luck!

I have just bought a Heuchera midnight rose and would like to know how to split or divide it,    



Heucheras split quite easily cedric. Just do the same as for any perennial and cut through the root ball into as many pieces as will be viable. I'd wait for now though as presumably it will be flowering soon. Do it after they finish and pot up them up to let them grow on a bit ready to plant out again in spring, or, if the conditions are suitable and they're strong plants just get them into their new places 

Heucheras are easy to split and grow fast when replanted.  One tip.....plant deeply.  Heucheras have a habit of "rising" out of the ground so deep planting makes better plant.  

Corny maybe but I have Heuchera raspberry jam with a dwarf ...white/pink.....Japanese willow and blue salvia patens in my "private" garden.

Plants are constantly so tempting aren't they?  I have so many large cannas, salvias, echinaceas, grasses, etc etc in pots.  I always find a place for them but they have to be in the perfect one.  Shall have to make yet another bed.

I used to sell plants ....sold everything I grew.....and knew that arrangement with other plants made them irresistible to buyers!


Morning Verdun, have just looked up your Heuchera raspberry jam and came across this site, but maybe you know it already. Wish I lived in UK, would be buying each of them!

Never knew that there were so many varieties!


I want roses everywhere!!! got a craving for very pale pink.

Ginagibbs.  Roses aren't my favourite ....cos I can't grow them. Zephyrine drouhin though was wonderful over my archway.  The scent and masses of flower ....lovely to walk through.  Not a pale pink though but it is thornless 

As I said before my plant envy has to be for Meconopsis baileyii.   


Oh Verdun, sorry you cant grow them. I have 3 arches with Wedding Days and Kifsgate rambling over, but they are white. Proudest moment... my rose cutting from 2 yrs ago is now about 1ft high and in flower (followed Montys advise!)

Ginagibbs, lovely feeling that to make a new plant from nothing.

Hi ginagibbs, Been talking on another thread about roses, I have Mortimer Sackler that's a lovely ice pink climber with blue/green leaves, flowered well into November last year. Albertine is another lovely climber, more of a salmony pink which pales as it gets older, which looks lovely against the neat dark pink buds.

On the heuchera front though, at GW live bought Dark Secert, been after for a while, dark purpley/green on top and magenta under the leaf!

I have a theory though, if growers name a plant after confectionery or drinks ... then we buy them ... Mocha, key lime pie, cappacino, berry marmalade ... or is it just me??

can anybody tell me if there is a poppy called the crown of thorns



Hello, roy healy. The crown of thorn plants ia a  succulent Euphorbia milii



fidge.getbones,I found the real name of the plant i was looking for posted a photo .answer,opium poppy

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