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GW has been dumbed down beyond recognition and can only be described as a programme for children - we're beginning to suspect that the next presenter will be a teletubby. We both enjoyed GW under Monty and Alan but this new series is a sad illustration of the depths to which the BBC has sunk. The Top Gear "cool wall" ripoff is nothing short of cringeworthy TV and we've already removed GW from the TV planner - no doubt, many other dissatisfied viewers have done the same. It's sad to see such a previously highly regarded cornerstone of British television turned into a washed out shadow of its former self, assuming that it's viewers have little or no modicum of intelligence.
As a 'newboy' I was motivated by the gravitas; humanity; empathy;experience and communication skills of Geoff Hamilton, Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don to start recording Gardener's World.Tragically, I have obviously missed the boat. Monty is gone and the 'number twos' have taken over. One over-enthuses, one has no charisma and the other is a neutral 'front man' who could be introducing a programme on undiscovered sewers of London every bit as much as a gardening programme. All very nice people I hasten to add. However, from Percy Thrower onwards the whole point of Gardeners World is to feel that safe, warm, secure feeling when a charsmatic bloke that you would share a Ploughman's and a pint with shares his experience with you.Please try to bring it back. Keep it simple.
I disagree with most of your comments re GW. As a relatively new gardener I find that I now understand more than I did previously. Though I did enjoy watching AT I didn't have a garden, so could put nothing into practice. I do admit the shelf in this weeks programme wasn't my cup of tea, but the new garden looks interesting with lots of good ideas coming up. Give it a chance
Plant supports? try Dr Growgood he seems to know whats what. always at the garden shows
To my way of thinking, Titchmarsh was the last GW presenter who knew anything about gardening. After a series of television gardeners (Percy Thrower, Geoffrey Smith, Peter Seabrook, Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh) who were genuine professional experts, we now have a bunch of individuals whose knowledge of practical gardening is probably inferior to the average enthusiastic amateur. Gardening is now being superceded by poncy "garden designing".


Back to the orginal plant support post... I've just recieved an order I placed at Chelsea Flower Show from a company called Dr. Growgood who sell plant supports. I've always been a little weary in the past of staking my plants but I must say these are fantastic! They are a dark green colour which blends wonderfully with my plants and Its all galavanised so fingers crossed wont rust! They are also very well priced and excellent value for money and get my full reccomendation! The website is and I can't encourage one enough to get them!
I want to raise my greenhouse but am not sure what to do with the door frame as it is all attached but dont want to 'step over' and 'step down' each time I go in and out - do you think i could cut that section and screw the galvanised frame into the thermalite blocks that I am intending to get my husband to build for the greenhouse. As per Toby's suggestion about raising greenhouses to give them more 'air'?
re-drgrowgood. I like some of the names given to their plant support range: 'Foresters Ring' and 'Garden Crook'. I presume the double-meaning is intentional! I use the green plastic-coated metal stakes and the usual green twine. The stakes virtually disappear against the green of the plant leaves and, provided you're careful, they last for season after season, so they work out cheap.
For years, Gardener's World used to be a programme to look forward to on a Friday night. Now I find myself shouting at the screen! What have they done to it? Wooden dialogue,content verging on Ground Force/Blue Peter. And how many times can Carole Klein use the word 'exciting'?! Shame to see the 'flagship' of gardening programmes losing its way.
I have been a devoted veiwer of GW for at least the last 20 years but cannot bear to watch this current drivel any longer. It has become a constant cause of irritation and is no longer aimed at serious gardners. Carol Klein drives me nuts with her gushing, frequently repeated enthusiasm for taking cuttings and as for Alys - Please!!!!!!!!!
I am desperate to get hold of some willow for plant support in my garden in London. Is there any suppliers local to SE london?
I have to agree with the majority views above. I now longer watch GW basically because I can't be bothered to. I always used to and did give Toby et al a real good try. However, I could bear it no longer and have not watched the latest series at all. Why has the BBC started treating us all like infants? Give us a serious gardening programme again PLEASE!
I have jasmine "clotted cream" growing in my conservatory, but most of the leaves are looking a bit droopy, with most of the bottom leaves turning brown. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?

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