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I am a first time gardner,, and have got quite a few good veg that have popped up, i have 5 courgette plants of which 3 have started flowering (most flowers are quite big) The problem im having is the flowers keep falling off (From what ive heard that is bad, as it wont fruit.. how can i prevent that from happening??
I also have a problem with something biting off the courgette flowers. Who is it and what to do?
my courgettes are coming on well and already have finger sized courgettes on them but i have something biting holes in the leaves what is it how do i control it ? and is it a good idea to grow courgettes with pumpkins because i am
What are the raised brown spots/scabs on my potatoes that I have just dug up. The whole potato bed is the same. The variety is Arran Pilot. Is it Potato Scab?
I managed to get a courgette plant from someone at work and planted this in a growbag on my balcony. Managed to grow 3 male flowers which all dropped off and now have new buds growing closer to the centre of the plant. My concern is that something is eating my leaves but as I live two floors up it can't be slugs! They look like big bites (caterpillar size!) but I can't find anything. I found a few small black things which I squished but the leaves continue to disappear. What can I do to stop this invisible bug?


My courgette plant leaves have turned a pale yellow green colour and the courgettes are coming out white! What am I doing wrong?
I planted 2 courgette seeds in a pot at the beginning of July (too late really) One didn't germinate. It is currently on the kitchen window sill. I am wondering if I should keep the pot indoors through the winter or should I take a chance and plant outside. The plant is now approx 9 inches high. If I plant outside now, will I get any fruit this year and will it survive the winter
I planted 8 Sacks of the Potatoes as advertised on many sites. I harvested my first bag last week and got 2lbs 5 oz of Potatoes. there should have been about 20lbs or so. What have I done wrong I did follow the instructions to the letter, I wondered if anybody else has had the same problem
I have not grown courgettes before, I have 2 plants and they hhave loads of flowers on, but only a few have the fruit on them, most of the flowers are just growing wild on the end of a stem,,,, should I cut these off?? please advise
I have a couple of pumpkin plants and was wondering if its ok to prune off some leaves and there seems to be alot of male flowers should i prune these off not sure what to do
hi i am new to growing veg in pots/propegatore in greenhouse.i have got some courgette seedlings grown about an inch but some of leaves on individual plants have gone dry how do restore them to health .

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